Friday, October 12, 2018

Bukku Cafe

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Hellooooooo long abandoned bloggy and invisible reader if la I really got reader or viewer. Hahahaha sad and pathetic Frk!

Anyway, quick and short post. Last weekend went to Klang just to visit this small and cozy cafe in middle of very new area in Klang, Bukku Cafe.
The cafe itself is quite small but they have 2 floor and outdoor area. If you’re an instagram feeder, this cafe is the right place.

I got myself a flat white and Matcha croissant, Mr C got himself a black coffee.
Their coffee just coffee if you ask me nothing to hype off. But I love their cutlery minimalist style and clean. 

The croissant is daboom!!! Very nice not too sweet just right and the croissant is very crispy on the outer and soft in the inside. The match sauce surprised me, if I’m back to Bukku I definitely will order again. 

Coffee rating : 2.5/5
Croissant rating : 5/5

We were there for brunch and our brunch; Big breakfast & beef burger and very disappointed.
Looking at the picture I’m sure you know what I mean right!?

The sunny side is already enough to disappoint me, why got crust on the edge and not those soft type?!? And quite oily see the yellowish liquid on it? That’s cooking oil it is cooking oil. The beef sausages is so Ayamas if you get what I mean and why is the sausages come with wrinkles LOL?! This is not pan fry but deep fry or too much oil while fying? Idk

I’m expecting for special sausages or maybe German sausage?! Why?! Ayamas Why? and quite hard and chewy if you know what I mean. The tomatoes super oily and only pan fried on the from the back of the tomato was raw but it is okay not big deal. Sweet potatoes somehow idk feel like not very matching the whole breakfast.

But the softdough nice really nice. 

As for Mr C burger not appetizing at all, the bun is already soaky and not fluffy. The patty is not cook when order type but I think is it those packed patty form supermarket? Cause no texture and very very very chewable and hard, like frozen meat.

Foods rating : 2/5 or maybe 1.5/5 (cause feel like eating at home)

You might be curious why I uploaded this picture, not because it look nice or what but see below picture. 
Taaadaaaa, we had unwanted or uninvited guest joining out table.

The plantation at the window is not being treated well, it have worm and ants and some idk what it is white stuff. Really disgusting you know and the ants keep coming toward my drink and even enjoying my cookie.

My suggestion to Bukku if you can’t take care of nature plant then use fake plant or the dragon seed plan which selling at many supermarket kiosk, 1 pot cost around RM25. Because it is so unpleasant when you come to enjoy you meal and suddenly a lot of “guest” joining us. 

Environment rating : 3.5/5 (should have given 5/5 but the plant and ants and worms I really cannot.)
Services rating : 4/5 (-1 cause when we came into cafe all the staff is at the counter and Mr C asked twice we order here? But no one layan us)

Overall for Bukku Cafe; place is really instagrammable, cozy, comfortable and not hot. If weather is good I think outdoor will be more nice to take some shot. Food wise normal except for the croissant, coffee is just coffee not really wow to me.

If you ask me will I revisit my answer will be yes and no. Yes only for croissant.

Operation hours : 830am to 2230pm daily.

Address : No 1, Jalan Singgahansana, 4A/KU2, Klang. 

Okay goodbye signing off. 


Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Locker & Loft

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Randomly feel like updating what I did tonight or maybe yesterday since it is 3am.

So went for a girls night out to The Locker & Loft near Glo Damansara. It is so-called hidden bar but not very hidden, Penang hidden bar is more hidden. The entrance is quite obvious, if you went before Penang hidden bar you will know how hidden it is in Penang compare to TL&L.

If you ask me the vibe there is okay, the crowd was not bad after 10pm. Foods and beverages price is average, the price of normal bar or cafe. Their cocktails is quite unique, with weird mixing like durian cocktail and egg white mixed cocktails. 

What we ordered;

Sorry cause I really forgot what the real name and the price. 

Sambal Pork (Tapas) : This is surprising nice or maybe we just too hungry. The toast was so chrunchy and the sambal is really appetizing, the meatballs is just nice. 
Lamb Skewer (Skewer) : Taste is okay, but the meat a bit over cook? Too chewy which you can choose to swallow or split it out. The naan is nice but naan never taste bad la.
Pasta Masak Lemak with Bacon : This is really nice, the coconut milk scent is so strong but not too greasy. Must try!!
Cocktails : But I don’t remember what the name. The one with pot is Tea Garden and the one with a bamboo straw is Teh Ow Ais Limau. Tea Garden is quite Insta feeding.
Overall :

Foods : Good foods but serving is too too slow. Is like they only have 1 cook in the kitchen. 

Beverages : is normal nothing special to hyper about but the pot is quite instagramming. 

Environment : quite chilling and a place for a good chat. 

Service : Consider bad, not as in their service is bad but I think they lack of staff. We have to keep wave to get their waiter to come over. 

It is really easy to spot, cause the shoplot is like all close and you will spot the light is still on, on the 2nd floors. Just waze The Locker & Loft, it will bring you directly to the location.

If you wanna walk in make sure do it before 9.30pm as the crowd started to come in after that.

Total damage ; RM180+

Okay, I’m having my hot Maggie cup supper. 
Good night and have a nice weekend peeps. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

A:CONCEPT - All in One Brightening a Cushion

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Today review on a set of cushion I received it from ; A:CONCEPT All in One Brightening A Cushion. A:CONCEPT is a trendy and innovative cosmetics brand, their product are all stylist, compact. with creative packaging, functional and compact.

I actually bought one just to tired it but till now I haven even open it. And now I get another one A:CONCEPT black box set really much thanks to Althea. 
This is how it look like, what come together is ;
  1. Full size Cushion #23
  2. Red Lipstick
  3. Coral lip & cheek
  4. Cushion refill #23
If you plan to buy this set, really sorry but I checked on their website, seen like it is no longer on stock but if you wanna check out on A:CONCEPT products you can still go to

Let get into the details; box opened and this is how it look like.

The color of shade 23# is matched my skin tone but I normally get 21# slightly lighter than my own color cause after applying all other cosmetic it actually blend into my color. But there's once I go on obstacle run and exposed under hot sun hours and got tanned shade 21# is not so suitable.

The texture is fine and easy to blend out, but coverage is just normal. If rate from 5 as very very good then this probably a 1 half, it doesn’t really cover much maybe minor spot yes but not for scars. It have a powdery scent and not sticky at all, it suit for whoever going for natural looking makeup. It do help a bit on balancing uneven tone.
Before applying
After applying ; I try layers of application but it only fade out the color a bit but if you notice it actually cover up the smear area.
As for the lipstick & lip and cheek stick; easy apply with 1 stroke it quite pigmented and not oily or greasy type nor matte type. It is more likely a crayon/cream kind of lipstick.

The red is not really bright red but more on natural one and for the coral color if it is for me I feel too nude it might make me look like Nicky Minaj lip. But for cheek as blush yes it is really natura as I normally use Coral blush, natural and not too much just right. 
The packaging for cushion is very plastic and light, compare to many others brand of cushion consider average not premium but the concept is there; light and easy to bring anywhere. You can bring both cushion and the lipstick out because they are attachable and removable. Really a travel friendly items;

Plug in the lipstick to the hole beside, when you open the cover it will roll out and if you close, it will roll back in. 
And that’s all for today. Although you might not able to get the cushion now probably Althea gonna bring in other news A:CONCEPT products. So stay close to Althea and be surprised by new and cool k-cosmetic.
Bye and good night  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Where to do My Nails

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It is a must to get your nails done before CNY and 1 month before Chinese New Year. I used to think where to do my nails and how much it is and what design and what color.

My nails are very fragile especially after gel manicure it will sure broke after 2weeks max. My nails just too thin or I’m just too careless, anyway getting pretty nails still a must and I like doing my nails cause it is the same as going facial.
This year I decided to go Enchanted Siblings; I tried out quite a lot of different nails saloon like almost every year or every time I wanted to do my nails I go to new place because they didn’t have what I really want either service not good or outcome just not that good.

Enchanted Siblings are quite famous in their industry, You will be asking why didn’t I go straight to Enchanted Siblings but keep hoping to different salon. It because I’m cheapskate want to pay less for more thing. 
Why I choose Enchanted Siblings

1. Their service is really good; I went for my first trial after their 2nd anniversary, accompany by my bf. Normally the manicurist will not layan (care/service) the bf/hubby and will just let them sit at the waiting area. I’m serious some don’t even have waiting area; damn pity for the guys. hahaha but ES staff is really friendly they prepare a chair for my bf to sit next to me and even service him tea. The manicurist not only interact with me but also talk to my bf, really friendly.
2. I don’t have to worries what to do what color or how and how. Just reach there earlier and choose from the chart and yes they have a chart where you can see almost all color all design or you can just go to their IG can have a quick look before going. Most importantly they will recommend and giving a lot of suggestion. Even tiny stone they are really careful in choose will it not match your color. And many manicurist don’t really give opinion they just do whatever u want even it is not nice or not suit you they just do it. #reallyhateit
3. Their workmanship is really really really good, so far the best I had did before. I always go for stone design and I tried once the dumb stone scratch my shirt and it is my favorite top!! Dammit. I even try before somewhere in Puchong Puteri nearby Old Town (not gonna mention name), my stone drop after 3days! Yes 3days and my sis wedding nails cracked after 1weeks. When I text them to redo for us it took them forever to reply and even after redo the stone still came off after 1weeks. 

And it last up to 2months which stone came off or crack. The surface is smooth and the crystal are really shine for the whole 2months. Impressive
4. The price is all stated out clearly all you need to choose and pay. And if you intro your friend over you will get free services. 
After pros there’s always cons, nothing is perfect.

1. Really hard to get a parking, in refering Sri Petaling branch. Because I cheapskate I don’t wanna payfor my parking but anyhow after 2-3rounds I will still go to parking area. LOL

2. Like I said I’m cheapskate, their price are slightly high compare to other place I been but what you pay what you get. That’s why I’m back to ES and not other places.

3. Peak season cannot do both mani and pedi on the same day and very hard to get a good slot. Anyway their CNY appointment started, if you wanna do Nails be quick before full slot. They have T&C once you confirm appointment they will send you the T&C.

And that’s for today, trust me it is really a good place to get your nails done no regret. Do refer you friend over to get fre services, you can put me as your referrer I won’t mind to get a free services. Hahahah

They have 2 branches 1 at Sri Petaling another at Publika.

Do call before you go over to prevent disappointment.

Sri Petaling :
No 11, G flr, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling.

Publika :
Lunaria Palaca, Block A1-G2-08,

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2018 Resolution

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Morning everyone, it is a cold rainy day better wear more clothes.

Let have a short 2018 resolution before I restart my blog; Due to I’m still haven get a laptop for myself, I was plan to get 1 before CNY but then I think of million of thought should I or shouldn’t I get a new laptop. *sharing laptop with bf but wasn’t use with apple*

1. Write more (Blogging)

If you realize my blog layout have been changed, thanks to MyButterflyProject for the make over and it used to be like this. 
I ask myself why should I get and what is the purpose of getting laptop, 1st thought is because I need decent laptop which allow me to start over my blogging *fyi writing is my hobby not my job, I don’t earn from blogging* 2nd thought is to us Adobe, somehow I’m used to be designer and my family or friends will still ask for help in designing or giving me part time project but I was unable to accept the offer.

But if for blogging I can actually blog with my phone, although it is not very very convenient like laptop but for short and fast blogging yes it still does the work. But designing for job still I can’t help it but if editing for blog post some phone apps still can help. And when I’m at work I will be facing computer whole day so when I get home I won’t on my laptop/computer *if I have 1* i will rather using my phone since I can do almost anything with it. Movie, Facebook, online shopping, reading and blogging so why do I still need laptop. 

So conclusion is I will not getting a laptop for now but but I’m gonna get a iPad mini, which is lighter and easy to carry around and function almost the same as computer.

And I will be focusing more on cosmetic review, at least something I like but I’m not good at it. My make up I just put everything one to my face and I just like to buy cosmetic but not using them. Hahahhaa

2. Back on Track (Diet)
If you know me; I used to be very active in marathon and gym almost everyday plus hiking almost every weekend. But still not thin but consider healthy and fit with a bit of fat. Recent been slacking, I think I’m aging; The old I am the lazier I am.

So wanna go back to marathon, gym and hiking. Most important cutting down size with the help of my bf and my personal trainer of course. Which I have to take care of my diet within 1300 calories per day and I don’t think I can make it for 3months. 

3. Spend like Crazy (Earn & Saving)
I have been working until current company for 7-8months and everything is good at least my income is way better than the previous one. Both sales but different field but better income. It is enough to support my car and support my overspending life but still not enough, my plan is to get a house before 30 if I can.

4. Punch my Teeth (Bracelet)

Can’t find any picture with my mouth open!! Lol

Yes!! I’m finally going to face the dentist for bracing my ugly crooked teeth which everyone thought it is tiger tooth but nope.

I’m dumb enough to reject all the offer from my school to give me free bracelet when I’m young, just because I’m scare they pluck my teeth and now damn regret and I have to pay all the bill by myself.

I plan to get it right after my birthday which is May and hopefully it can be done within 1.5years but I know it will not be as expected. Also lesser the pain and torture. By the way, I haven really decide which dentist or any better recommend? I was planning to go for 32T Dental Dr Neoh in Puchong; I saw many good review about him, I even ask my new dentist friend he said Dr Neoh is a very good dentist. 

So if no recommendation I will just go there.

5. Turn my Face Around (Whitening)
I’m the darkest, sad. 

This is almost impossible, I been tan since kindergarten? Probably since I know who I am and I had never really complain about my tan skin till now I still don’t but I really wanna know can I be fairer, maybe 20% fairer I will be satisfy.

I don’t born to tan skin, it was all because when I’m young I like to run around outdoor and in school age I’m active in outdoor sport like track run, basketball, volleyball & and other balls balls sport plus I’m in 24season drum and we always perform under hot sun *damn torturing*, till I’m out of school I’m still actively with outdoor sport and I don’t really take care my skin like normal ladies do.

So the tan actually layering for few years and somehow it become permanently my skin tone. Then I’m not typical women who do scrub or put toner, serum, moisture, night mask, lips mask and etc etc which idk what they put la ha.

All I do for my skin routine is I wash my face with cleanser once at least, if I feel uncomfortable I will just wipe my face with baby wipes or wash with plain water, but if too oily or I feel very dirty I will wash with cleanser. Then toner and aloe vera, mask and lip mask is like once in a full moon. Then I go facial every month for extraction. I don’t event put on make up or sunscreen when I go work, I know many girls will be like “huh! You don’t sun block your face!!” Ya I don’t cause I’m lazy and I will keep washing my face and wipe my wash with baby wipes you know. And I’m LAZY.

So I will be a little more hardworking this year. 

Getting a tattoo
This is one of the tatt I hoping to get. 
I always wanted to get a tattoo but my family is very traditional kind of family. For them dying hair is bad, swearing even while joking kind of sweat is bad, smoking is bad & tattoo is bad. I still remember when I first dye my hair to brown gold on CNY me and my dad didn’t talk for 2 days. 

Anyway, I’m almost 30 I think I have the right to do what I want. And I definitely going to get 1 or maybe 2 or maybe addicted idk. 

Okay here the end of  resolution, but I know it will not all happen but at least 1 or 2 might just happen la.