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Friday, April 28, 2017

TONYMOLY x Pokemen - 28Mall.com

Pokemon was in hit for a moment and TONYMOLY actually came out with a range of Pokemon cosmetics/skincare for Poke lover, even Im not the Poke catcher I was super attracted by the cuteness of all the Pikachu cushions and masks!!

As 1st May 2017 - Labour's Day everyone gonna had their very day of so no more Monday blue but sorry for whoever working in retail.

Great news to Poke ladies, 28mall.com :
Grab em all!! 28Mall having 20% + 10% HongBao (UP TP 30% off) for their new items which is TONYMOLY products all the way from Korea. Entitle to FREE shipping cashback point if purchase above RM150 & get MYSTERY TONYMOLY gift if purchase above RM200.

What is HongBao? = Hongbao$ (HB$1 = US$1) is 28Mall.com points

View the products, each item has a $ and HB$ value, therefore at checkout, you can use HB$ to offset the item price. If you have HB$, you get extra VIP 5% discount.

Im gonna get myself the Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion - RM34.71
And Pikachu Cushion Blusher - RM34.71

Where to buy :

Click into the link to view the products : www.28mall.com/TONYMOLYxPOKEMON

Shop at 28Mall.com which guarantees the products are Genuine brand, Brand New, and Competitive Price with HB$ Cashback rewards up to 28%.

Register as NEW member for FREE shopping HongBao (known as HB$) of up to US$28 in value when you register from the first time. Grab your first HongBao at www.28Mall.com/s/P37

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Makeover with Shizens VISAGE Collection

Hellloooooo!! A good start with my #macamyestapibukan model picture. It gonna be makeup cosmetic makeup cosmetics, so exit now if you have no interest on makeup or cosmetics or me okay thanks bye.

Shizens new looks/products, VISAGE collection ; The concept is to boost your confident by bringing out your natural beauty in you. The range have 3 skincare products & 6 makeup products. Where I will talk only cosmetics and not much on the skincare.

The 3 skincare will be ; 
  1. Time Resistence Essence RM656 (apply before makeup), an anti-aging essence to keep skin firm, toned, brighten & Moisturized deep inside.
  2. Time Resistence Night Cream RM488 (apply before makeup), to moisturize skin & lock in essence for best firming result. 
  3. Ultimate Potent RM468 (After makeup), to lock your makeup while giving instant lifting & even skin tone.
The 6 cosmetic will be ;

Products that I receive from Shizens, thanks. The packaging is really pretty luxuries & elegant.

1) Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO : RM242 (come with the Kabuki brush)
Products I got from Shizens, 2 cushion pad and I was hoping to get the Kabuki brush so sad. The brush was so fluffy.
The foundation come in tube/stick form and the texture was okay easy to apply on and spreading it out is very easy. I was done with the makeup & taking photo under the hot spotlight and no fans nor air con situation and slightly sweating + my face is trying hard to squeeze out some oil but yet the foundation did a good job. Super light no sticky no dropping off no chunky and it was super easy to remove everything. Good thing is it contain Vitamin E & Jojoba oil
Left without and right with, the tone was slightly fairer than my skin tone but after spreading out it actually blend well with my tanned skin, and you can see very less different, apply like never apply as they are promoting the natural beauty concept.

2) Aqua Pore Perfection : RM298 (not in the photo)
Liquid foundation enchancement, bring radiance for a brighter skin & create perfect flawless skin.

3) Hue-Duo Eye Shadow : RM136 (Sepia Pink)
It come in 3 different combination, each palette come with 2 different shades (Sepia Pink, Mocha Glow & Khaki Glitz). Mine was pink and if you know me Im not a big fan of pink, Im more on bronze, brown, gold or black kind of people. This is somehow a big try and thanks to Shizens, I finally go myself a pink eyeshadow LOL!
With flash on & without spotlight/flash on.
The color already giving me a big shock, when Im doing my makeover at Shizens counter, their MUA (makeup artist) applied on my lids I was like WTF!! so pink like really pink and she keep on dabbing on to my eyelids like it is free, errr okay la it is free la and I actually look like this but pink version.
Okay back to topic, after all the drama what I wanna proof is Shizens eye shadow really really pigmented but it wasnt thick or heavy is just the MUA keep on applying for me -_-" idk why. I tried it at home and it was so smooth and not chunky and it can be use as blusher but be careful. What I did is I swap 3-4 strokes on the color and swap onto my cheek and deng! it was so pink hahahaha but lucky it got light when I dust away some. 1 strokes of the color can cover one side of your cheek.

4) Aqua Eyeliner : RM95 (Brown)
It come in 2 color : Brown & Black. Out of all products this is the most unique one(my opinion). This is not your ordinary liquid liner nor your ordinary gel liner but aqua liner!! Why do I said so scroll down and see.
It come in small jar which look like gel liner but nope it is a liquid but water base liner, get it? Aqua liner. It was watery, inside a sponge soaked all the liquid liner and whenever you wanna use just dab onto the cushion and swap across your eyeline. What the best thing about Aqua liner is super quick drying like super quick!! I wasnt use to it yet I have to apply like many time before it dry out to finish one side of my eye but it come in handy for the other eyes quick and easy.
Since it is promoted as smudge proof & can last up to 12hrs! Damn power 12hrs liquid liner fuyoo, so I tested it by go through water then start rubbing it.
And this is the result of water and rubbing, I shall say it is really smudge proof. Because it does fade off  but it doesnt smudge around so A++ for this products. One thing that I worries about this products is, it might dry out quick after open seal as the concept is like bb cushion type I do have some cushion which dry out after remove seal. *Fingers crossing* That this products will not.
The finished eye look, I apply the pink as base and a bit under eye. Outer corner with the wine and gave myself a cat wing cause it make my eye bigger and longer! #Idontcare if you want me to draw a natural makeup I just like winged liner. hahahaha

5) Smack Lips : RM89 (Orange Tango)
Smack Lips come in 4 shades : Orange Tango, Red Cherry, Plum Wine & Cherry Blossom. The lippie contain Coconut oils & Sunflower butter to lock moisture & prevent skin peeling.

I was allow to choose either Cherry Blossom which is super Nicky Minaj Pink or Orange Tango which is orangy redish. Both my lips biggest enemy color but I go on choosing the more secure color Orange Tango as it is still closer to red. LOL!

I was eyeing for Plum Wine and I somehow regretting to not choosing the Cherry Blossom as I will not purchase super pink lippie but I already own an orangy lippie. Super big regret.
 The swatch on my tanned skin and it make me look more tanned, so sad.
The texture of normal apply, super matte & super dry as well not as moisture as I thought. It was moisture on the first stroke but after it dry my lips started to dry up and look slightly cracky as you can see picture on top. Click in to have a better viewing.
Then I try to dab a bit and spread it out with my finger (Finger is my makeup best friend I prefer finger than brush, okay it sound wrong but anything) Is it less drying and put on some balm to prevent cracking. The color come out to be as good as the normal apply but more moisture way.

Out of all products I tried at their roadshow at Fahrenheit the Lip Tattoo - RM179 was my biggest favorite!!
It help to moist my lips and it change color according to individual PH & temperature. It can be use for lips and also for cheek as blush. I applied on it turn very natural rosy color and juice looking lips. Super liking it, if you are trying their products remember try Lip Tattoo, you will definitely like it.

End of the makeup journey with Shizens VISAGA collection!! But this is not the end for Shizens fans or my reader.
Shizens VISAGE Challenge 2.0 has started (15 April – 15 May)! RM17,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! 3 lucky winners and weekly winner to be selected. Shizens management reserves the right in judging decision!
  • Grand Prize: RM2000 cash + Shizens products worth up to total RM6000
  • 1st Runner Up: RM1000 cash + Shizens products worth up to total RM4000
  • 2nd Runner Up: RM 500 cash + Shizens products worth up to total RM3500
  • Weekly winner: Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO worth RM242
How to join? Details as below (Remember to scroll all the way down to get the unique code & which stores to visit)
  1. Visit Shizens outlets and experience a VISAGE makeover.
  2. Snap a selfie after you get your VISAGE makeover.
  3. Scan the QR code and follow Shizens on WeChat.
  4. Submit your picture with your details (name, IC, and contact number)
* Reserve your seat in Shizens major stores & show them this unique code [VISAGE01]
  • Shizens Pavilion Flagship Store
  • Shizens Mid Valley
  • Shizens One Utama
  • Shizens Sunway Pyramind
  • Shizens Gurney Plaza
  • Shizens Genting Sky Avenue
  • Shizens Isetan KLCC
  • Shizens Isetan Garden
  • Shizens Parkson KLCC
  • Shizens Parkson Pavilion
  • Shizens Sogo KL
* Scan this QR code
If you are camera shy or shy to share your photo to Shizens but wanna try their products, no worries. They are having a great promo which you can get 6 products for only RM199 instead of RM1503. But for limited time only, available from 1st March to 31st May 2017, can get it at any Shizens major stores.
  • Smack Lips - Plum Wine & Orange Tango
  • Aqua Eyeliner - Black & Brown
  • Hue-Duo Eyeshadow - Mocha Glow
  • Shizens professional brush set ( 6 brushes)
By the way, Do check out Shizens VISAGE Collection official launching roadshow in Mid Valley, East Entrance Lobby - from 24 to 30 April 2017.

Okay the end of my long winded post. Good Night & Good Bye

Monday, January 9, 2017

Eye Makeup for CNY

I been quite busy and lazy since I changed to my new job and yes after 2 years I finally changed another job which another industry, bigger company and more colleague. Im quite enjoy my current job although quite tiring and have to drive here and there. Anyway, best thing is I can dress up myself and when Im early I can put on a bit of makeup. LOL

Talking about makeup, it is time to shop for some new cosmetics for CNY and I already got mine!! So excited and happy! Nothing can make women more happier than getting more cosmetics. Where to get more variety cosmetics? Of course Sephora! You can get anything and everything from there, many brands to choose from and also having their staff to help you too. Plus most important you dont have to walk out of your house to shop in Sephora cause you can get it online!!! YES! Shop till you drop.

I got myself a new eyeshadow, eyeliner, curler & lashes!!! Gonna review a bit and please Im not professional beauty blogger is just my own opinion, you can read or just close tab.

1st item : ZOEVA Naturally Yours Palette 10 x 1.5g
Price : RM134

The price consider a worth buying for 10 colors, this range is really suitable for beginner as the nude basic colors will never goes wrong.
Zoeva shadow is really great, it amazed me. Super pigmented, easy blending, matte metallic finish and wont feel heavy. These color suit tan skinned like me, Im a yellow tan skinned and it look natural.

It is light and thin compact easy to bring around but no attached mirror & brush but never mind cause I always have a mini mirror with me. Please click onto the product name to get it.

Tips : I prefer using eyeshadow on contouring my nose compare to those contouring cosmetics cause they contour/define my nose way better and long-lasting. Of course dont use the one with metallic/glitter one, unless you are ok with it then go ahead.

Price : RM19 each pair

RM19 for a pair of lashes is quite expensive cause I normally buy those 10-12 pairs per box, cheap lashes for RM15-25 each box. But recently I couldnt find any lashes that I really like so I keep recycling my old lashes cleaning them and take very good care of them. Till I saw this 2pairs on Sephora and I wanna give it a try and YES they are DABOOM!!
Comfortable and not heavy, especially Tink really really really super loving it!! Lavie is my new love brand for falsie. I dont really wear thick falsie cause it never comfortable to wear on for more than 3hours and they are always heavy and burden but LAVIE falsie is really AMAZING!! Trust me buy 1pair try it and you will love it for sure. As for Kate it is really thin, super natural look but quite troublesome to paste it cause if you didnt apply it nicely it might look double on top your real lash.

Tips : Use a tweezers to hold the falsie instead of your fingers for easy apply, after you place it nicely gently press the falsie and your real lash so they will stick together closely, with your curler or fingers anyway will do. Me myself prefer using fingers but be extra careful not to poke your eyeballs especially ladies with long nails.

Im wearing Kate here, not sure you can see it cause I took this using my phone nto that clear. Short and natural falsie, with very thin band.

This is Tink, I was just trying it on so ignore my naked brow and the length I didnt trim it to fit my eyes shape. Thicker band but easy apply.

Price : RM95

The packaging paint can is cute, the small traveling/sampling tube is more cute & the angled brush is the reason I bought this! hahahaha It come in 2 color ; Black & Bronze. Cream liner new thing, I tried gel, pencil & liquid but cream?! this is my first time.
I was looking forward to try TARTE product and it wasnt as expected as what I thought but not that bad as well. Just not in love with it and not hating it. It come in a squeeze tube and the tip is a tray? palette? or dish? anyway just a round shaped so you can dip your cream liner before you put the whole chunk on your lid.

The bronze one look natural and the black one just normal. I have no comment on them yet just normal, the black one idk if compare to my current liner I still prefer my current one. I forgotten to test waterproof or smear free. The brush is really soft and it is easy to use, I can handle it on my 2nd use.

Price : RM105

Same as the liner it come in a paint can but pink, a mini mascara & the best seller curler which everyone talking about. Im not those blingy kind of person but the curl OMG cute I cannot control myself just have to get it.
Let talk about the mascara first ; Lash paint / Mascara peinture. Seriously I dont really like the mascara or maybe the brush is the biggest problem. Idk why they have to make the brush so long and so pointy, it actually poked my lid.

The mascara make chunk/clump on my lashes and very hard to even it. I have Too Faced mascara(which I got it from Sephora) which have exactly the same brush but shorter thinner version and same it is pointy as well but it never give me the chunky/clumpy problem, because of Too Faced I actually like pointy brush but Tarte nope not really liking it.
The Queen of curler is here, really try it love it and cant stop curling my lashes! The price is expensive but it worth paying that. Girls please get this although it cost 100bucks but this really a RECOMMENDED items!! It wont pinch my lid and the curl well shaped fit our eyes.

The bling bling stone grip super gorgeous not disturbing nor difficult to use and not pokey not painful. It surprised me it was very nice to hold on and the clipping movement really smooth with the bouncy spring.
A video ; Overall of the Queen Curler!

So let see the overall of me putting on those products above on half of my face. LOL! Just playing around. Eyeshadow + Bronze liner + Tink lashes, lipstick just to finish up the look. The light goes wrong too bright it quite difficult to see but bare with it. hahaha

Every eye products above purchase thru www.sephora.my, free postage if above RM80. You can click into HERE for more brands and variety of eyes products!! Grab some great stuff before CNY or before run out of stock.

Shop for new eye make up : http://bit.ly/2i5AxCp