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Monday, January 9, 2017

Eye Makeup for CNY

I been quite busy and lazy since I changed to my new job and yes after 2 years I finally changed another job which another industry, bigger company and more colleague. Im quite enjoy my current job although quite tiring and have to drive here and there. Anyway, best thing is I can dress up myself and when Im early I can put on a bit of makeup. LOL

Talking about makeup, it is time to shop for some new cosmetics for CNY and I already got mine!! So excited and happy! Nothing can make women more happier than getting more cosmetics. Where to get more variety cosmetics? Of course Sephora! You can get anything and everything from there, many brands to choose from and also having their staff to help you too. Plus most important you dont have to walk out of your house to shop in Sephora cause you can get it online!!! YES! Shop till you drop.

I got myself a new eyeshadow, eyeliner, curler & lashes!!! Gonna review a bit and please Im not professional beauty blogger is just my own opinion, you can read or just close tab.

1st item : ZOEVA Naturally Yours Palette 10 x 1.5g
Price : RM134

The price consider a worth buying for 10 colors, this range is really suitable for beginner as the nude basic colors will never goes wrong.
Zoeva shadow is really great, it amazed me. Super pigmented, easy blending, matte metallic finish and wont feel heavy. These color suit tan skinned like me, Im a yellow tan skinned and it look natural.

It is light and thin compact easy to bring around but no attached mirror & brush but never mind cause I always have a mini mirror with me. Please click onto the product name to get it.

Tips : I prefer using eyeshadow on contouring my nose compare to those contouring cosmetics cause they contour/define my nose way better and long-lasting. Of course dont use the one with metallic/glitter one, unless you are ok with it then go ahead.

Price : RM19 each pair

RM19 for a pair of lashes is quite expensive cause I normally buy those 10-12 pairs per box, cheap lashes for RM15-25 each box. But recently I couldnt find any lashes that I really like so I keep recycling my old lashes cleaning them and take very good care of them. Till I saw this 2pairs on Sephora and I wanna give it a try and YES they are DABOOM!!
Comfortable and not heavy, especially Tink really really really super loving it!! Lavie is my new love brand for falsie. I dont really wear thick falsie cause it never comfortable to wear on for more than 3hours and they are always heavy and burden but LAVIE falsie is really AMAZING!! Trust me buy 1pair try it and you will love it for sure. As for Kate it is really thin, super natural look but quite troublesome to paste it cause if you didnt apply it nicely it might look double on top your real lash.

Tips : Use a tweezers to hold the falsie instead of your fingers for easy apply, after you place it nicely gently press the falsie and your real lash so they will stick together closely, with your curler or fingers anyway will do. Me myself prefer using fingers but be extra careful not to poke your eyeballs especially ladies with long nails.

Im wearing Kate here, not sure you can see it cause I took this using my phone nto that clear. Short and natural falsie, with very thin band.

This is Tink, I was just trying it on so ignore my naked brow and the length I didnt trim it to fit my eyes shape. Thicker band but easy apply.

Price : RM95

The packaging paint can is cute, the small traveling/sampling tube is more cute & the angled brush is the reason I bought this! hahahaha It come in 2 color ; Black & Bronze. Cream liner new thing, I tried gel, pencil & liquid but cream?! this is my first time.
I was looking forward to try TARTE product and it wasnt as expected as what I thought but not that bad as well. Just not in love with it and not hating it. It come in a squeeze tube and the tip is a tray? palette? or dish? anyway just a round shaped so you can dip your cream liner before you put the whole chunk on your lid.

The bronze one look natural and the black one just normal. I have no comment on them yet just normal, the black one idk if compare to my current liner I still prefer my current one. I forgotten to test waterproof or smear free. The brush is really soft and it is easy to use, I can handle it on my 2nd use.

Price : RM105

Same as the liner it come in a paint can but pink, a mini mascara & the best seller curler which everyone talking about. Im not those blingy kind of person but the curl OMG cute I cannot control myself just have to get it.
Let talk about the mascara first ; Lash paint / Mascara peinture. Seriously I dont really like the mascara or maybe the brush is the biggest problem. Idk why they have to make the brush so long and so pointy, it actually poked my lid.

The mascara make chunk/clump on my lashes and very hard to even it. I have Too Faced mascara(which I got it from Sephora) which have exactly the same brush but shorter thinner version and same it is pointy as well but it never give me the chunky/clumpy problem, because of Too Faced I actually like pointy brush but Tarte nope not really liking it.
The Queen of curler is here, really try it love it and cant stop curling my lashes! The price is expensive but it worth paying that. Girls please get this although it cost 100bucks but this really a RECOMMENDED items!! It wont pinch my lid and the curl well shaped fit our eyes.

The bling bling stone grip super gorgeous not disturbing nor difficult to use and not pokey not painful. It surprised me it was very nice to hold on and the clipping movement really smooth with the bouncy spring.
A video ; Overall of the Queen Curler!

So let see the overall of me putting on those products above on half of my face. LOL! Just playing around. Eyeshadow + Bronze liner + Tink lashes, lipstick just to finish up the look. The light goes wrong too bright it quite difficult to see but bare with it. hahaha

Every eye products above purchase thru www.sephora.my, free postage if above RM80. You can click into HERE for more brands and variety of eyes products!! Grab some great stuff before CNY or before run out of stock.

Shop for new eye make up : http://bit.ly/2i5AxCp

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Little Secret

Do you drink coffee? Where do you go for a good coffee? Too be true I seldom drink coffee but I do really like how the hot brew coffee fragrance. My family like coffee but somehow I'm an exception but I love how it smell, the strong roasted bean.

I do have many friends who love coffee and I can see they like to go for cafe hopping at least twice a week and do you know how much it cost? RM12-15 per cup twice is RM24-30 and in a month it is RM96-120.

That's the cost of your coffee for a month! If half year it is RM500+++, do you think before that with RM500 you can be your own barista at home. Yes you can and RM500 is more than enough!! You don't believe me!! Scroll down and see for yourself.

Nescafé Gold Blend Barista Machine the new barista, it is RM239 with 1 Nescafé Gold Blend 200g jar & 1 refill pack. You could get 2 with the RM500 you pay outside.

What so special about the machine?

  • Easy peasy with just pressing the button and you get your cafe-like coffee.
  • No worry about the capsule cause no need capsule anymore, all you need is water and NESCAFÉ Gold Blend coffee, milk if you want a latte.
  • You can enjoy 5 different types of coffee just at 1 touch.
So how does it sound?! Good? Wanna get yourself 1 too? Where can you get it? You can get it from ; 

LAZADA selling at RM239 with 1 jar of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend coffee 200g + 1 refill pack 170g. 

And Qoo10 - RM229 with 1 jar of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend coffee 200g + 1 refill pack 170g

It come in 2 color the red one or full black and guess what? LOL I got myself a red one, if you know me I Love red like a lot! Hahaha and it look nice with the red at the side compare to full black look so bored.

I haven start using it as I was too busy with my new job but I unboxed it to check how it look like. My parent is so excited and was planning where to put the new barista. Im so excited as well and feel like Christmas came early!! If you're my Snapchat follower you should have already watched my unboxed, remember follow me on my Snapchat (carolinelzt) I updated Snapchat first then Instagram.

The best thing I like about NESCAFE Barista machine is the without capsule idea and I don't have to keep on clean after using for the coffee powder/bean deck because I'm lazy hahahaha. Thanks to Nescafé for invented a machine just right for lazy people like me.

And of course the design and the light weight machine for easy shifting it around. The easy step for a cup of good coffee, put in the bean, water and press a button according to which coffee you want.

Next post about Nescafé Barista will be test on the machine. Be patient and wait for it. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What for breakfast?!

Nowadays people getting more and more rushing/busier with work or studies and tend to forgot the importance of first meal. I seen people either skipping their first meal or just ate grab and go meal for breakfast. 

Breakfast is like petrol and we human are the car, without petrol car can never move around. We human need to have good nutrient to break an overnight fast to start our busy routine.
Nutritionists advise ; Breakfast should be eaten within 2 hours of waking. Did you have your first meal correctly and in time?

I know people always say "Eat like a king for breakfast" but the meaning of "King breakfast" is not in term of portion but in term of the nutrients.

I seldom miss my first meal and I influence my bf to start having good habit of having breakfast even running late he have to get his breakfast before going work. Im doing a good job and he been doing it well until now and I gave him a bit of tips how to not skipping breakfast, not grab&go unhealthy meal and filling up but not too full.

Tips I gave my bf 

He was asking for an affordable, fast and easy breakfast, because he always running late to work and lazy plus doesn't know how to cook. So I gave him this;

Milk and bread with peanut butter spread.
I don't know why some people hate milk; Milk is full of protein and taste good. My bf used to hate milk, he only drink coffee but after my guidance he start drinking fresh milk every morning for breakfast.

Why milk or out so many beverage?
1) Milk is a quick, protein packed breakfast beverage. 
2) A glass of milk in the morning help provide 275mg of calcium, which meet your daily calcium requirement. 
3) Milk contains 85% water, it an effective thirst quencher after a long sleep. 
4)  Whoever with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 1 cup of milk and it's even easier to digest when paired with other foods. 
5) Milk contains essential nutrients ; Calcium, protein, Vitamin (C, D, A & B), manganese, phosphorus and selenium.

Calcium insufficiency can result in ;
Bone thinning, weak teeth, weak muscle, lost of height, curved spine & risk of chronic disease.
This is why we should not stop drinking milk, some people say Im not a baby I dont need milk. Eh hello who say only baby drink milk?

Milk is good and effortless kind of breakfast, you just grab and drink then taadaaaaa all nutrition is in your body, good for diet lady who always refuse to eat anything cause wanna look sexy skinny and it even good for digestion. I did a 7days breakfast with milk(you will notice it if you're my follow in IG), but it doesn't go smooth cause I was food poisoning + fever (thanks to M** fast food) for like 2 days plus I could not take any dairy products.

My 7 days breakfast with milk

Day 1 - American breakfast. ( 2 sunny up eggs, 2 sausages, half baked tomatoes, 1 slice of toast & many mushroom)

Day 2 - Mashed potatoes with diced tomatoes, hard boiled+diced eggs, cheese & milk.

It is really easy just boiled, peeled & smash your potatoes. Heat your pot/pan with 2 tablespoon butter then pour in 1 cup of milk till it almost boiled put in the smashed potatoes and start stirring till they mix together. Then mix in cheese, tomatoes, eggs and season a bit with salt and pepper.

Day 3 - Eggs + kimchi sandwich

Im a big eater I eat 2 sandwich which mean 4 slice of bread, trust me this meal can at least fill your tummy for many hours.

Day 4 - Peanut butter & raisin toast

Spread peanut butter put many many raisin on it and toast it for 1-2 mins, this is really heaven.

Day 5 - Bananas and milk or you could make banana smoothies.

for creamier smoothies use frozen banana ;  1 peeled banana blend it and add in milk and honey. Optional you could add in peanut butter for different taste and much more creamier.

Day 6 - Scramble eggs, enoki mushroom, brown mushroom & kimchi

Scramble egg with milk ; beat eggs with milk and pepper salt. Heat up pan with butter, pour in eggs and stir till eggs is set.

Day 7 - I was in a super duper rush so the only thing I grab was milk, I always try not to go out with an empty stomach. Grab to go UHT milk is really a life saver.

So what you waiting for!? Grab a milk and start your day with healthy breakfast.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hermo x MOLPay Cash

As title Hermo x MOLPay Cash ; Most people who addicted on online gaming should know MOLPay as for people who don't here a short intro for Hermo & Molpay.
Do I have to intro Hermo!? LOL Hermo name came from ‘HERMOSA’ means Beautiful in Spanish. Hermo is an online shopping platform which provide 100% original beauty products and oversea hard-to-get products to the ladies or gentlemen. 
MOLPay Sdn Bhd is part of the MOL Global Group, one of Southeast Asia’s largest internet companies with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, US and Brazil.  
MOLPay is the first payment gateway in Southeast Asia enabling online purchases to be paid physically with cash at popular retail chains, outlets or via online using global credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, e-banking, and e-wallets.
MOLPay, Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider and 7-Eleven Malaysia, the country’s largest convenience store chain come together for an innovative payment option. Consumers can now pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets for items they bought online.

The feature, MOLPay CASH, will be available at selected 7-Eleven stores in Klang Valley, with more stores joining soon.

Which mean you can now enjoy online shopping without having credit/debit card or whoever still doesn't trust e-paying/e-banking(trust me I got many friends who dont use online transfer)doesn't matter at office, in house or away from home as long you got your internet you can now shop and pay later at any 7-Eleven stores nearby you.

How do I use MOLPay Cash in Hermo?

(Do enlarge picture for clearer view)

1. GO crazy shopping at Hermo.my. Go into the site and choose anything or everything you want and put into cart as following.
(remember check items & quantity)

2. Go to payment by clicking CHECKOUT NOW and you will have to select your mailing details and shipping method.
If everything is correct, continue on clicking CHECKOUT NOW and you will be at the payment section and choose CREDIT/DEBIT CARD. It just a step for you to choose MOLPay so no worries if you dont have any card. Then proceed on ORDER NOW and you will get your confirm order but status is UNPAID, click PAY RMxx.xx ONLINE.

3. Here the main part, do enlarge picture for clearer view. On the top right corner you will have to click Payment Options to select 7-Eleven as paying method.
This is what you get after choosing MOLPay CASH. If no chances then you may proceed to Pay Online and you will get the bar-code and code with all your details on. For easy purpose I snap a picture of the code with my mobile phone so I dont have to print it out(Im eco friendly supported). Do remember you have 2 days/48 hours to clear your payment.
**Bonus, just in case you forgot to clear your payment on time and the code will be invalid for payment you can go back to your histroy/order and repeat with the step "click PAY RMxx.xx ONLINE" again. If you had clear payment you can check the status at your acc in Hermo. 

4. Now you can head over to any 7-Eleven nearby you do your payment and remember to take photo of your bar-code/code or print it out(try not to print, be more eco). Just walk to the counter and tell them wanna pay bill using MOLPay and show them the code you receive from Hermo, they will know what to do.

5. You will then receive 2 receipt as proof(keep your receipt in case anything happen) for confirm payment, 1 from MOLPay and 1 from 7-Eleven. And you are done, you can now go home or do whatever you planning to while waiting fro your parcel reach your doorstep. 

I receive my goods 4-5days after payment(not so flash shipping after all). I bought 3 items ;

- I got myself NO.23 #Nude Beige, I read a lot review online which their shade is lighter than other brand cushion but I tried it on my hand and it blend in well and not sticky. I cant wait to try it on. The packaging design is so elegant and luxury I was so IN LOVE witht he cushion on the first sight. The puff was so bouncy compare to my other puff. Short clips from my Snapchat (@carolinelzt - follow me for more boring me)

- Two colors to choose from, I was planning on getting the #02 Coral but SOLD OUT but I was a bit crazy and the heart shaped stick so I just get the other color #01 Pink since it is just balm but I apply on 3 strokes and the pinkisk is quite obvious but not too bold and it is really moisturizing and it smell like strawberry candle a bit waxy.

- No photo because I was busy playing with the cushion and the tint bar LOL! I just bought it because my friend say I must set my makeup with some powder and after reading all review look like this the affordable and good one so why not go for a try.

My Experience on Hermo x MOLPay (own opinion)

- It is really good for people who dont own any cards or prefer cash payment, you can now shop online but pay cash.
- You have the hardcopy proof/receipt by paying with cash.
- 24 hours of payment convenience.
- 7-Eleven is everywhere near you, like my area I got like 2-3 stores(or more) 500m away from me.

- I went over to 3-4stores 7-Eleven and I couldnt make my payment in time and I have to redo the payment again at Hermo to get my new code.
- As I said 3-4 stores and I couldnt do payment because 7-Eleven staff have lack of knowledge about the MOLPay CASH. Their staff have no idea what the code is about and they ask me to go to another stores and try it again there. Another stores said the system down so I couldnt make it too.
- If you are living in a area which doesnt have any 7-Eleven nearby it will be wasting petrol to drive over or if you just so unlucky like me, you have to try every stores till you get it.

Something for my readers: Enjoy RM5 off with minimum RM60 purchase.
voucher terms and condition :

- Voucher discount valid from 01st September 2016 - 31st December 2016.
- A RM5 off minimum purchase of RM60 (excluding shipping fee) in single order.
- Not applicable to items as featured in OMO deals.
- Offer is only valid for one-time usage only per customer during the offer period.
- This offer is not valid with the usage of other promotion codes.
- This voucher is not applicable during any promotional events.
- Hermo.my reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without further notice.

For more details ;