Wednesday, November 26, 2008

is 4 u[sL]~Sry

6:07 PM 2
broken heart~
u din cure it~bt hurt is more deep!!

reminder~~!! T_T

stil vr miz n luv u~!

de oni memory~

y do u wan lik tat??
evrytime v 'fen' u aso wan say bad me..

u jz cnt peacefuly 'fen' d ma..?
o b bk a bez fren ma..?

i actualy ad regret n wanted 2 bak wit u..
act i wan bak wit u on chrismas..
i aso ad tink wan gv wat surprise present 4 u on chrismas,valentine+ur birth...
if u dun blif u cn ask NG..
cz i gt cal her help me ask d price..
bt wat u do make me 'xin sui'...
nw wat u write in msn+fs make me sui de gen deep..
nt wat u say bout my fren hurt me..
bt wat u say bout me...
do i reli tat bad in ur heart!!

do u noe wo de xin zai bleedin..
nt normal bleed..
bt jiu lai mei blood le..

wo ye bu zhi yao zhen yang cuo!!
wo ye bu zhi yao zhen yang gen ni jiang..

d problem is nt on u..
bt is me..
shi wo pa ru guo wo men hai zai yi qi..
wo her ni d gan qing hui bian..
nxt yr wo jiu bu zai smkty le..
hui you ke neng mei na me tuo ji hui ke yi met le..
wo ye pa wo zhe zhi hui bian xin..
wo ye zhi dao wo shi cuo bu dao ni yao wo cuo d ting..
ni zhi dao ma..
na tien wo gen ni cao jia si..[31oct08]
wo shi zai ku zhe..
na tien after kh party i driv home i aso cry..
til wo ye bu gan hui jia..

ytd wo gen ni sms si..[monday]
wo ye zai ku..
wo ming ming jiu cai kan comedy movie..
bt tear yi zhi zai liu..
yi zhi liu bu ting..
nw lian wo ting dao shang xin yi dian d song yen lei jiu yi zhi liu..
na si wo zhen de hen xiang cao ke ren bao zhe da da shen de ku..

frm tat day i return ur ting 2 u i vr regret..
zhen de hen xiang na hui..
wen i noe i 4got 2 return ur hp..
i act vr hapi..
cz i noe i mayb stil gt chance 2 bk wit u..

ni jing tien mei sms wo..
wo qi shi hen xiang ni..
ke shi jiu shi bu gan find u..
pa ni hui ma wo or jiang shang wo d thing..
my hp ring wo dou hen xiang shi ni sms wo..

wo ye bu xiang fang qi ni..
ke shi ni write d ting zhen de hen hurt..
wo evrytime kan dao ur msg at msn+fs hai shi kan dao ni yong bad word ma wo..
wo dou hen xiang ku..

wo qi shi zhen de hai hen ai ni!!
na tien wo on fs..wo peng you gen wo jiang..
"dou mei hai fang ta d pic in ur fs for wat.."
wo ye xiang wang ji...hen xiang delete..
ke shi jiu shi cuo bu dao..
evrytime wo on fs wo yi ding hui view ni d profile lai kan...
ye bu zhi dao you se me hao kan..
kan le hai bu shi zhe yang..
wo on msn dou hui xiang ni find wo chat..
wo dou hui kai zhe ni d conversation box..

ke shi wei se me ni yao zhe yang jiang wo..
nan dao ni mei xiang guo ni jiang le hui shang dao wo ma..

~AlwaysLuv u~
1.30 am[wednesday]

Monday, July 7, 2008

sL~birthday [4 July 08]

11:30 PM 0
sL~so serious ply Titiwangsa^^~
Ferris Wheel~[EyesOnMalaysia]..-4July08-
mii~D.I.Y birthday card..
Present~Frm..mii <3>

4 July 08~~

sL [QingWei] birthday..
v when 2 Titiwangsa Ferris Wheel...
bt v hv a arguement...
bt jz4 awhile.....
den after awhile v hapi back d....
vr hapi wan sit Ferris Wheel wit some1 u love...


Saturday, June 14, 2008


2:00 AM 0
vr vr sry....!!!
i duno i wil make u n ur fren lik tat...
i noe tis few day u vr no mood...
eventhough,u sometime smile infront of me...
i cn feel u r vr no mood
bt i cnt do anything
n i hv add ur sadness...
i oway gek u..make u more unhappy..
i reli duno how 2 make u more happy...
n duno hw 2 make u n ur fren relation back lik last time
i feel guilty...
even sometime ur fren wil say
"aiyOo..QINGWEI ~wan roti dowan hotdog jor.."
u r stil smile n laugh..
act u vr bo song d..
u say u n ur fren argue cz me...
i duno i should happy o sad..
happy cz 為了me..u 吵架wit ur heng dai..
sad cz i saw u lonely..n hw ur fren threat u..make me很心痛_T.T
just lik 2day i over slp n sin go sch...
i vr scare u wil alone when ytd i promiz nt 2 leave u alone...
i vr wish u n ur fren cn lik last time...*hengdai*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do You Feel The Same~?^^""

10:21 PM 0

1. duno wat kind of feeling is tis..
dowan 2 n never think of leaving u..
never wan 2 fen wit u...
很想紧紧的抱这你~tightly hug you~

2. when cnt see you..
我会很想你~very miz u~
很想跟你讲~我爱你~(I Love U)
make me wanted 2 see you now..

3. even i was sleeping..
i will always dream of u...
真美梦~(sweet dream)
when i was bored~无聊~
i will think of you...^^"~

4. if u are around me..
i wil~偷偷的看你~look at you..
when go out wit u..
我会有一点想亲你~kiz you~
很想时间停在快乐那时刻~time stopper~


wish me n sL cn 4ever...can always go out 2gethersL always happy...
dun always "si bea bo mood" ^^"~sry~if i oway gek u...
^^""~i noe u dun lik 2listen 'sry'...
我很笨不知 hw 2 make u hapi~Luv u~



8:15 PM 0
Naruto Horoscope...~~Kawaii neh~

SCORPIO - THE VIRGIN (10/23-11/21)
Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Loves to help people in times of need. Best kisser. Good personality. Stubborn. A caring person.

Very high appeal. Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak. Spontaneous. Great at telling Stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to.

GEMINI--HARD TO LOVE (5/21-6/21)
Outgoing. Lovable. Spontaneous. Not one to mess with. Funny. Excellent kisser. EXTREMELY adorable. Good personalities. Loves relationships. Addictive. Loud.

Trustworthy. Attractive. Great kisser. One of a kind. Loves being In long- term relationships, if you can actually get them to stick around. Extremely energetic. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Normally not a Fighter, but will if neccessary. Someone loves them right now, they jut dont know it.
LIBRA - THE PIMP (9/23-10/22)
Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. High appeal. Has the last word. Good to find, hard to keep. Fun to be around. Extremely weird but in a good way. Good Sense of Humor. Thoughtful. Always gets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet.

Great talker. Attractive and passionate. Laid back. Knows how to Have fun. Is really good at almost anything. Great kisser. Unpredictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Attractive. Loud. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Good when found.

EXTREMELY adorable. Intelligent. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Energetic. Predict future. BEST kisser. Always get what they want. Very Attractive. Easy going. RARE Find. GOOD when found. Loves being in long relationship. Talkative. Romantic. Caring. NOT one to mess with.

LEO - THE SEX MANIAC (7/23-8/22)
Very talkative. Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, Fun and SEXY. Have own unique appeal. Irresistible. Most caring person you'll ever meet! however not the kind of person you wanna mess with...they will kick your ass... u might end up crying...

ARIES - THE PLAYER (3/21-4/19)
Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners Very Good in bed... Lover not a fighter, but will still knock you out. Trustworthy. Always happy. Loud. Talkative. Outgoing VERY FORGIVING. Loves to make out. Has a beautiful smile. Generous. Strong. THE MOST IRRESISTIBLE.

Love to bust. Nice. Sassy. Intelligent. EXTREMELY SEXY. Predict future. Loves being in long relationships. Has lots of friends. Great talker. Always gets what he or she wants. Also not a fighter, but if they have to, they will also knock the lights out of you if it comes down to it.Cool. Loves to own Geminis' in sports. Extremely fun. Loves to joke. Smart.

Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always Wants the last word.Rare to find. Caring. Smart. Sweet. Loud. Loyal. Beautiful. Goofy. Easy to talk to. Everything you ever wanted. Easy to please.Loves to smile.Beautiful laugh.Patient.Amazing in the you know where..!!! Bit of naughty.The one and only.
did i rite about u..
do u blif it..~~^^
1. 最多女强人:双子
2. 最少女强人:巨蟹
3. 最会逗人开心:天秤
4. 最会投机取巧:双子
5. 最不会投机取巧:山羊
6. 最没有肚量:山羊
7. 最有肚量:射手
8. 最不会讨人欢心:狮子
9. 最会讨人欢心:双鱼
10. 最有异性缘:金牛& 天秤& 天蝎& 处女
11. 最理智:山羊& 处女
12. 最易被骗:双鱼
13. 最不易上当:天蝎
14. 最吹毛求庇:处女
15. 最大而化之:牡羊& 射手
16. 最不肯吃亏:处女
17. 最会讨价还价:处女
18. 最输不起:天秤& 狮子
19. 最感性:巨蟹
20. 最知性:处女& 水瓶
21. 最理性:水瓶
22. 最性感:天蝎
23. 最有正义 感:牡羊& 狮子
24. 最有同情心:双鱼& 巨蟹
25. 最没有同情心:水瓶
26. 最可能晚婚:处女
27. 离婚率最高:双子vs 处女
28. 最痴情:巨蟹
29. 最有求知欲:处女
30. 最爱往外跑:射手
31. 最爱在家里:巨蟹
32. 最没原则:双子
33. 最难理解:水瓶
34. 最不会计较:巨蟹
35. 最会计较:处女
36. 最没有秘密:狮子
37. 最易被理解:狮子& 牡羊
38. 最神秘:天蝎
39. 最不相信人性:天蝎
40. 最拘谨:处女
41. 最客观:天秤
42. 最主观:狮子
43. 最喜欢刺激:射手& 牡羊& 双子
44. 最爱好和平:金牛& 巨蟹& 射手
45. 最易羞涩:金牛& 巨蟹& 天蝎
46. 最喜欢独处:水瓶
47. 直? 踝钭?~ 双鱼
48. 生气时最可怕:天蝎
49. 最会看人脸色:双子
50. 最敢与众不同:水瓶
51. 最迟钝:金牛
52. 反应最快:双子
53. 最优柔寡断:天秤
54. 最不重视纪律:射手& 水瓶
55. 最不体贴:双子
56. 翻脸最彻底:天蝎
57. 最重视考试:山羊& 处女
58. 最想出头天:山羊
59. 最不修边幅:射手
60. 最势利眼:处女
61. 最会攀关系:双子
62. 最不势头眼:双鱼
63. 最不会内疚:天秤
64. 最冲动:牡羊& 牡羊& 狮子
65. 最大男人主义:天蝎& 牡羊
66. 最值得信赖:山羊
67. 最会记恨:处女& 天蝎
68. 记忆力最好:双鱼
69. 最不会记恨:天秤& 射手
70. 最公正:天秤
71. 最念旧:双鱼
72. 最矛盾:双子
73. 最多重性格:双子
74. 时常最正经:金牛
75. 最不喜欢交朋友:天蝎
76. 最有耐心:金牛
77. 最没耐心:射手& 狮子
78. 最喜欢交朋友:射手& 天秤
79. 最容易交到坏朋友:射手
80. 最会讲电话:天秤
81. 最温柔:金牛
82. 最体贴:巨蟹
83. 最不会看脸色:射手
84. 最讲义气:天蝎& 狮子
85. 最不讲义气:水瓶
86. 最懒:水瓶
87. 最好辩:双子 b& 水瓶& 牡羊& 天秤& 双鱼
88. 最雄辩:天秤& 水瓶
89. 最受不了被批评:山羊
90. 最易感觉满足:巨蟹
91. 最固执:金牛
92. 最守秩序:金牛
93. 最可能当黑马:水瓶
94. 最会临时抱佛脚:双子& 射手
95. 最怕浪费:金牛
96. 最怕肉麻:山羊
97. 最有上进心:山羊
98. 最大胆:牡羊
99. 最重视外表:天秤
100. 择偶条件最高:处女
101. 最多壮身材:牡羊& 金牛
102. 最多女性娇小:金牛
103. 最会突发奇想:双子& 射手& 水瓶
104. 最会做生意:山羊& 天蝎
105. 最不会做生意:巨蟹
106. 最喜欢烹饪:金牛
107. 最悲观:双鱼
108. 最乐观:射手
109. 最重视传统:金牛& 巨蟹
110. 最多金嗓子:金牛
111. 最怕改变:金牛
112. 最勇于改变:牡羊
113. 最禁的起玩笑:射手
114. 最重视精神层面:水瓶
115. 最不重视精神层面:射手
116. 最有保护欲:狮子
117. 最可能有收集癖:水瓶& 双子
118. 最自信:狮子
119. 最不怕上镜头:牡羊
120. 最有人情味:巨蟹
121. 最不浪漫:山羊
122. 最浪漫:双鱼
123. 最重视真凭实据:处女
124. 最有崇洋倾向:天秤
125. 最我行我素:水瓶
126. 最有服务欲:双鱼
127. 最积极:牡羊
128. 最会伤人心:射手
129. 最胆小:巨蟹
130. 动作最慢:金牛
131. 动作最快:射手
132. 最粗鲁:牡羊
133. 最守时:狮子& 处女
134. 最不守时:双鱼
135. 最悠哉:天秤
136. 最会利用时间:金牛
137. 最会丢三忘四:射手
138. 最阴险:天蝎
139. 最喜欢热闹:狮子
140. 最怕吵:天蝎
141. 最需要自我空间:水瓶
142. 最会口是心非:天蝎& 双子& 处女
143. 最不会口是心非:射手
144. 最深谋远虑:天蝎
145. 占有欲最强:天蝎
146. 最会拖时间:水瓶
147. 最不会拖时间:处女
148. 最不正经:双子
149. 最爱烦恼:巨蟹& 山羊
150. 最不会烦恼:牡羊& 射手
151. 最多帅哥:射手
152. 最多美女:水瓶
153. 最多帅哥美女:天秤
154. 最适合做 007 :天蝎
155. 好奇心最强:牡羊
156. 最会告白:牡羊& 狮子
157. 最不可能主动告白:处女
158. 最善变:双子
159. 最墨守旧法:金牛
160. 最不快乐:山羊
161. 最快乐:射手
162. 最易神经质:双子& 双鱼
163. 最易紧张:双子
164. 最时髦:天秤
165. 最拿得起放得下:双子& 射手
166. 最爱出锋头:狮子& 天秤
167. 最不爱出锋头:巨蟹& 金牛
168. 最暴躁:狮子
169. 最爱干净:处女
170. 最会自我解嘲:双子
171. 最好逸恶劳:天秤
172. 最好色:天蝎
173. 最爱撒娇:双鱼
174. 最诚实:射手
175. 最有人缘:双子
176. 最顾家:巨蟹
177. 品味最古怪:水瓶
178. 最喜欢指挥别人:狮子
179. 最爱美:天秤
180. 最有艺术气质:金牛
181. 最善良:巨蟹
182. 最有书卷味:双鱼
183. 最圆滑处事:双子
184. 灾难中最冷静:水瓶
185. 灾难中最不冷静:狮子& 牡羊
186. 最易犯罪:射手& 牡羊
187. 最女性化:水瓶& 金牛
188. 最阳刚味:牡羊
189. 最易致富:山羊& 处女
190. 最好赌:射手
191. 最不好赌:金牛
192. 最易养成说谎习惯:双鱼
193. 最爱装傻:牡羊
194. 最会吃:金牛
195. 最善于分析事情:处女
196. 最易分心:双子
197. 注意力最集中:山羊
198. 最会追求感官享受:天秤
199. 最怕无聊:射手& 双子
200. 最怕寂寞:狮子
201. 最不怕透露隐私:双子
202. 最会学第二语言:双子
203. 最致力学课本外的东西:水瓶
204. 最重自尊:狮子
205. 最有时间观念:处女
206. 最贪睡:水瓶
207. 最爱看电视:处女& 天秤
208. 最会胡思乱想:双鱼
209. 最爱幻想:水瓶& 双鱼
210. 最实际:处女
211. 最不会判断是非:射手
212. 最会运动:射手
213. 最易与人一言不和:牡羊
214. 最勤奋:金牛& 山羊
215. 最会保密:天蝎
216. 最不会保密:双鱼
217. 最有判断力:处女& 天蝎
218. 最会聊天:水瓶
219. 最爱用功:山羊
220. 最不爱用功:射手
221. 最纯洁:处女
222. 最喜欢穿彩色衣服:狮子
223. 最佳工作拍档:处女vs 山羊
224. 最可能国际联姻:双子
225. 最多嫁入豪门:双子& 双鱼
226. 运气最好:双子
227. 最会花钱:天秤
228. 最自恋:狮子& 天秤
229. 最喜欢大自然:水瓶
230. 最会肢体语言:双子
231. 最喜欢黑色:天蝎
232. 最多夜猫族:双鱼
233. 最常作鬼脸:双鱼
234. 最光明磊落:狮子
235. 最会检讨自己:处女& 巨蟹
236. 最无性别概念:水瓶
237. 最会挖秘密:天蝎
238. 最有个人魅力:天蝎
239. 最让人觉得是怪人:水瓶
240. 最爱钱:金牛
241. 最看不起钱:水瓶
242. 用情最专一:巨蟹
243. 最不懂人情世故:射手
244. 最礼尚往来:金牛
245. 话最少:天蝎


Friday, May 16, 2008


12:46 AM 0
~love is vr sweet...
~never hurt sum1 u love.....u will regret

plz~dun oway dun tel me wat hapen~i vr sad T.T~
no matter wat plz tel me..我不是陌生人..
love sum1 should be ~>
protecting them,care them,never leave them alone
love is not just oni by kissing them or call/sms them...
N never ever hurting them...
never let them b sad..
never make them angry...
never let disappointed..
NevEr neVeR promise them wat u cant do..that call as lying!!!
sumtime ppl think giving freedom or
do watever they dun lik bt their couple lik it called love ..
NO~~!! that mean forcing..

hurt by someone u love is a worse den die..
it can made a gal or even guy cry for several month...
plz nvm hurt some1 u hurt urself 2...
if u hurt sum1 u lik u wil regret for sure..


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Calvin Chen Yi Ru~~

11:06 PM 0

Name: Chen Yi Ru
Nick Name: Chen Yi Ru (only the surname is diffrent but same pronauciation
English Name: Calvin (normally his friends call him by this name)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65kg
Birthday: 10th November 1980
Horoscope: ScorpioHighest
Education: Vancouver Simon Fraser University major in economical
Blood type: A+
Shoe Size: US 10.5
Measurements: 37, 31, 36
Family members: Father, Mother and 1 elder sister
favourite colour: Blue and White
Interest: work out, Tennis and Singing
Character: Humorous
Specialty: Respond fast (in other words, his reaction is fast)
Vocals: Pretty good
Eyesight: love watching the tv when I was a kid. Both eyes are 550 degree.
Hairstyle: It's a bit curly. In the past I dislike having curly hair and admires people who have straight hair. But now I found out that having curly hair is not that bad and it can produce good hairstyle.
Phrase that used regulary: None.
English ability: The overseas research institute's ability (which means pretty good I think)
Acted in which Music Video: "難以抗拒" (inresistable in there such a word?? =X)
Advertisements: A pile of advertisement in Vancouver SunShine Boy public welfare activity advertisement. Around 5 of them.
Type of females that he admire: (hmm.. its hard to translate this. personally I think that its the kind of girls who are kind of classy)
Comments made by his Family of him being an celebrity: His family were not happy that he became a celebrity. Because he has a high education. Thats why now I need support from others and have a good achievement to prove to his parents.
What does he likes to do normally: Have a gathering with friends. No matter where they go. Because he values his friend
fav movie genre: As long as the movie is good, no matter is comedy, action or love stories movie I would love watching them.
Favorite movie: Lots of them. But he like Nicholas Cage movie If I'm not wrong in the translating.
Likes which kind of music: Hip Pop(??) and R&B
Likes which actress: -Likes which Actor: Daniel Wu and Liang Chao Wei
Likes which Japanses celebrity: Mu Chun
Favourite Manga/comics : what type of manga guys normally like, I like it too...i.e. Slam Dunk and Dragon ballfav.
animal: Dogs. I love dogs. I have 2 dogs when I'm in Vancouver.
fav. food: Japanese Food and Western food..Junk food
Likes reading books or goes to books store: In the past when I'm at overseas, I enjoy drinking coffee while reading books in books store.
Likes shopping?: I love shopping. When I shop, I look like a girl. Friends who went shopping with me, cannot bear my ability of shopping. They think that I really know how to shop.
Afraid of?: I Don't like things that would make me feel sad like ending of a relationship and quarrel with friends.
Dressing style: Some times very casual and some times quite formal to make himself look more handsome.
Most memoriable events: Live in Canada, alone, for 7 years.What are the most tiring case that he have accept: Filming during the summer is very hot.
Wish to do what with the fans: Have more chance to be with the fans and get to know them. I will try my best to remember their names. If you see me but I can't remember your name, just remind me once and I will remember it. Basically I have a good memory.
What does he do before he became a celebrity: I studied in Canada. Attend research institute and I worked as a school university teaching assistant.
First relationship and kiss: With the age of 16How many relationships he had before: less than 5
Dislike which kind of person: Person who have 2 sided faces
Dream: Have a good achievement as an celebrity.
Calvin famous saying: Shakespear says: To be or not to be, that's a question. ha ha


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Ti amo Te Quiero
你想着你 沉入梦境
一张眼 一清醒

Sa-rang hae And I Love You
少一天 就会遗憾

Sunday, May 4, 2008 mii..!!

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live without 'lui'$$ is vr cham...
im bankrap....!!!no work...isk~isk..
im so poor...oni left RM1..
can u blif..i oni have RM1..
even i wan 2 buy school shoe aso cnt
want 2 cut hair aso no money...
AiYo~my birth cumin tim..
my fren cal me out aso no money...
wan tuition no money..dowan 2 take frm my parent..
no finance support..!!
wan 2 work bt bos say nw vr few customer..
+if gt work aso giv those are full-time worker..
part-time lik me muz wait..
wan 2 work wit my sis aso cnt..
her job muz go 4 a basic training..ZaDao~~=.=
basic training all aso at weekday mornin..
how i go..i gt study le..>.<~!!
so muz wait 4 holiday..haix~
nw wat aso cnt do..
cnt dance n tuition cz no finance support
cnt buy stuff i wan..cnt cut my hair..
most importtant is Cnt Go Out~!!
so sienzZ~oni cn stay at home..
live is difficult...SPM tis fan~!!
alot of project cnt finish..
homework 2 many lik a mountain..
open book aso faint...
cnt study..brain full of [[ PLAY ]]
when oni i can b rich...=.=~~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

undangTest~~+ SAD..!!!

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~Undang2 book...

~2pid fellow say my 'MyKad' cip sopil d..ned 2 pay RM10 4 tis..

~Digital photo..4 drinving licence...Rm10 aso..!!

~1st time Undang Test...(39 / 50)Fail~!! [ =.=!i ]

~2nd Undang test.....PASS~!! (42 / 50)..^^v~ [*peace]

OMG!!~~so hapi le..wen i say my mark..i reli hapi til jump le..

if tat day i wrong 1 more question i wil fail 4 sure n wil go home "am dam"

i was so lucky tat day...42/50 pass n i get 42/50~^^


i was sad..wanted 2 T.T bt "xing ku"...

wat he say is so hurt...myb he duno wat he say wil hurt tat bad..

between 2pm++ to 3pm++ at school..

my fren started 2 tink back her ting bout her pass <3>

she wanted 2 T.T..

wen she say her pass i aso start 2 think..

n make my mood bcum bad~~=.=!!

tis mornin i heard his name many time..

make me nth 2 say n my brain is empty n blank lik a white paper..



Friday, April 11, 2008

1st blog~Sad n Moodless Week

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My 1st Blog...

in 2007 everything are perfect nth 2 think..
bt when reach 2008...everything slowly slowly change 2 bad thing..
my clss[5Y]de "sot gang" which oway hapi,full of cheerful sound n non-stop craping hv bcum less..

all happen in 2008 april..
my fren n me v all hv start 2 hv our worst month..
most of us hv cry 4 almost everyday..
even my fren n his gf frm other form having de same problem..
they involve in a very very serious situation...
if wanted 2 noe wat happen go n c...[]

i hv suffer frm tis thing start frm sunday [6 April 08]...
i T.T~ in my sis room..til i almost cnt breath..
start frm sunday til ytd [thursday] i T.T..

monday me at school assembly
while other are singing 'Negaraku' me standing in my line n started 2 cry in silent...
after tat assembly i T.T again in clss til recess..
my eyes bcum panda = [Bengkak]..
after monday de following day til thursday i aso T.T in clss..

ytd my ''sot gang'' all r in bad mood..
n we T.T 2gether...
everytime after T.T my mood wil bcum better...
bt i think 2day me ad vr ''geng''..
coz i ''tahan'' n din T.T...

*Wish me n my fren life wil b more hapi...*

*nv T.T again...*