Friday, April 11, 2008

1st blog~Sad n Moodless Week

My 1st Blog...

in 2007 everything are perfect nth 2 think..
bt when reach 2008...everything slowly slowly change 2 bad thing..
my clss[5Y]de "sot gang" which oway hapi,full of cheerful sound n non-stop craping hv bcum less..

all happen in 2008 april..
my fren n me v all hv start 2 hv our worst month..
most of us hv cry 4 almost everyday..
even my fren n his gf frm other form having de same problem..
they involve in a very very serious situation...
if wanted 2 noe wat happen go n c...[]

i hv suffer frm tis thing start frm sunday [6 April 08]...
i T.T~ in my sis room..til i almost cnt breath..
start frm sunday til ytd [thursday] i T.T..

monday me at school assembly
while other are singing 'Negaraku' me standing in my line n started 2 cry in silent...
after tat assembly i T.T again in clss til recess..
my eyes bcum panda = [Bengkak]..
after monday de following day til thursday i aso T.T in clss..

ytd my ''sot gang'' all r in bad mood..
n we T.T 2gether...
everytime after T.T my mood wil bcum better...
bt i think 2day me ad vr ''geng''..
coz i ''tahan'' n din T.T...

*Wish me n my fren life wil b more hapi...*

*nv T.T again...*

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James Phua said...

In everyday life, there's an Up & Down... Most of everyone want to be happy in their life but no matter how there is also a sad n moodless day... It is no change of it, everyone need to grow through with this... Anyway, wish you and your friends to be happy always more than sad... Hav a delightfully day...