Friday, May 16, 2008


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~love is vr sweet...
~never hurt sum1 u love.....u will regret

plz~dun oway dun tel me wat hapen~i vr sad T.T~
no matter wat plz tel me..我不是陌生人..
love sum1 should be ~>
protecting them,care them,never leave them alone
love is not just oni by kissing them or call/sms them...
N never ever hurting them...
never let them b sad..
never make them angry...
never let disappointed..
NevEr neVeR promise them wat u cant do..that call as lying!!!
sumtime ppl think giving freedom or
do watever they dun lik bt their couple lik it called love ..
NO~~!! that mean forcing..

hurt by someone u love is a worse den die..
it can made a gal or even guy cry for several month...
plz nvm hurt some1 u hurt urself 2...
if u hurt sum1 u lik u wil regret for sure..


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Calvin Chen Yi Ru~~

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Name: Chen Yi Ru
Nick Name: Chen Yi Ru (only the surname is diffrent but same pronauciation
English Name: Calvin (normally his friends call him by this name)
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65kg
Birthday: 10th November 1980
Horoscope: ScorpioHighest
Education: Vancouver Simon Fraser University major in economical
Blood type: A+
Shoe Size: US 10.5
Measurements: 37, 31, 36
Family members: Father, Mother and 1 elder sister
favourite colour: Blue and White
Interest: work out, Tennis and Singing
Character: Humorous
Specialty: Respond fast (in other words, his reaction is fast)
Vocals: Pretty good
Eyesight: love watching the tv when I was a kid. Both eyes are 550 degree.
Hairstyle: It's a bit curly. In the past I dislike having curly hair and admires people who have straight hair. But now I found out that having curly hair is not that bad and it can produce good hairstyle.
Phrase that used regulary: None.
English ability: The overseas research institute's ability (which means pretty good I think)
Acted in which Music Video: "難以抗拒" (inresistable in there such a word?? =X)
Advertisements: A pile of advertisement in Vancouver SunShine Boy public welfare activity advertisement. Around 5 of them.
Type of females that he admire: (hmm.. its hard to translate this. personally I think that its the kind of girls who are kind of classy)
Comments made by his Family of him being an celebrity: His family were not happy that he became a celebrity. Because he has a high education. Thats why now I need support from others and have a good achievement to prove to his parents.
What does he likes to do normally: Have a gathering with friends. No matter where they go. Because he values his friend
fav movie genre: As long as the movie is good, no matter is comedy, action or love stories movie I would love watching them.
Favorite movie: Lots of them. But he like Nicholas Cage movie If I'm not wrong in the translating.
Likes which kind of music: Hip Pop(??) and R&B
Likes which actress: -Likes which Actor: Daniel Wu and Liang Chao Wei
Likes which Japanses celebrity: Mu Chun
Favourite Manga/comics : what type of manga guys normally like, I like it too...i.e. Slam Dunk and Dragon ballfav.
animal: Dogs. I love dogs. I have 2 dogs when I'm in Vancouver.
fav. food: Japanese Food and Western food..Junk food
Likes reading books or goes to books store: In the past when I'm at overseas, I enjoy drinking coffee while reading books in books store.
Likes shopping?: I love shopping. When I shop, I look like a girl. Friends who went shopping with me, cannot bear my ability of shopping. They think that I really know how to shop.
Afraid of?: I Don't like things that would make me feel sad like ending of a relationship and quarrel with friends.
Dressing style: Some times very casual and some times quite formal to make himself look more handsome.
Most memoriable events: Live in Canada, alone, for 7 years.What are the most tiring case that he have accept: Filming during the summer is very hot.
Wish to do what with the fans: Have more chance to be with the fans and get to know them. I will try my best to remember their names. If you see me but I can't remember your name, just remind me once and I will remember it. Basically I have a good memory.
What does he do before he became a celebrity: I studied in Canada. Attend research institute and I worked as a school university teaching assistant.
First relationship and kiss: With the age of 16How many relationships he had before: less than 5
Dislike which kind of person: Person who have 2 sided faces
Dream: Have a good achievement as an celebrity.
Calvin famous saying: Shakespear says: To be or not to be, that's a question. ha ha


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Ti amo Te Quiero
你想着你 沉入梦境
一张眼 一清醒

Sa-rang hae And I Love You
少一天 就会遗憾

Sunday, May 4, 2008 mii..!!

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live without 'lui'$$ is vr cham...
im bankrap....!!!no work...isk~isk..
im so poor...oni left RM1..
can u blif..i oni have RM1..
even i wan 2 buy school shoe aso cnt
want 2 cut hair aso no money...
AiYo~my birth cumin tim..
my fren cal me out aso no money...
wan tuition no money..dowan 2 take frm my parent..
no finance support..!!
wan 2 work bt bos say nw vr few customer..
+if gt work aso giv those are full-time worker..
part-time lik me muz wait..
wan 2 work wit my sis aso cnt..
her job muz go 4 a basic training..ZaDao~~=.=
basic training all aso at weekday mornin..
how i go..i gt study le..>.<~!!
so muz wait 4 holiday..haix~
nw wat aso cnt do..
cnt dance n tuition cz no finance support
cnt buy stuff i wan..cnt cut my hair..
most importtant is Cnt Go Out~!!
so sienzZ~oni cn stay at home..
live is difficult...SPM tis fan~!!
alot of project cnt finish..
homework 2 many lik a mountain..
open book aso faint...
cnt study..brain full of [[ PLAY ]]
when oni i can b rich...=.=~~