Friday, May 16, 2008


~love is vr sweet...
~never hurt sum1 u love.....u will regret

plz~dun oway dun tel me wat hapen~i vr sad T.T~
no matter wat plz tel me..我不是陌生人..
love sum1 should be ~>
protecting them,care them,never leave them alone
love is not just oni by kissing them or call/sms them...
N never ever hurting them...
never let them b sad..
never make them angry...
never let disappointed..
NevEr neVeR promise them wat u cant do..that call as lying!!!
sumtime ppl think giving freedom or
do watever they dun lik bt their couple lik it called love ..
NO~~!! that mean forcing..

hurt by someone u love is a worse den die..
it can made a gal or even guy cry for several month...
plz nvm hurt some1 u hurt urself 2...
if u hurt sum1 u lik u wil regret for sure..

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