Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do You Feel The Same~?^^""

1. duno wat kind of feeling is tis..
dowan 2 n never think of leaving u..
never wan 2 fen wit u...
很想紧紧的抱这你~tightly hug you~

2. when cnt see you..
我会很想你~very miz u~
很想跟你讲~我爱你~(I Love U)
make me wanted 2 see you now..

3. even i was sleeping..
i will always dream of u...
真美梦~(sweet dream)
when i was bored~无聊~
i will think of you...^^"~

4. if u are around me..
i wil~偷偷的看你~look at you..
when go out wit u..
我会有一点想亲你~kiz you~
很想时间停在快乐那时刻~time stopper~


wish me n sL cn 4ever...can always go out 2gethersL always happy...
dun always "si bea bo mood" ^^"~sry~if i oway gek u...
^^""~i noe u dun lik 2listen 'sry'...
我很笨不知 hw 2 make u hapi~Luv u~


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