Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Know

9:35 PM 2
recently mood not that good.
lazy to update my blog.
facebook look so dull and nothing to do.
my photography assignment and exercise is time to submit, but my thing just only 35%.
my Typography got a C+, never expect he will give me a higher mark.


stay at home whole day.
midnight call Vincent accompany me go for movie-Avatar-


when to LowYat with my parent and Nixon to take my Laptop.
i bought a new laptop, Acer 4736G dark blue*quite ugly color.
then when to Kenny Roger to have our lunch.
and shopping at Sg Wang.
bought a something like jumpsuit.
my mom did not buy anything, cause she never waste money in clothes.
she don't like to waste money, she wanted to buy clothes for Nelson but as we know guys clothes is more more expensive than the girl clothes.
sometime i really think i should earn my own money then give her some money and let her have a trip with my dad.

at night when to Angie house, cause is her Birthday
then, to Papa Rich have some tea.
that day also Vincent birthday^^


my GuaiZai WeiWei birthday^^
did not celebrate with him, cause he too busy with his friends.
did not go out. stay at home trying my new Laptop.
plan to go movie but everyone busy.


pack thing ready to come back to Genting Kelang.
but before that, when to Puteri Giant to take my Clothes from MayBoutique.
but it all the different look from what i see.
don't care i can sell it.*ANYONE WANT SILK TOP*
it was damn jam at Puteri this afternoon, and i late 15minute.
then, rush to 1Utama to watch Avatar 3D
i late 30minute, cause traffic jam at Damansara all the way to 1Utama.
then can't find any parking.
ter-force to park at a non-parking area=="

while movie-ing, damn worry bout my car being clamp and also worry bout 2Laptop and a DSLR in my car!!!
but lucky still there~^^~

i just realize that i have been far away from Notti Family.
many thing bout them i don't know, they recent activities i did not join.
and i think they will slowly forget bout this "CarrotZhu"

quite long did not contact my club and workmate.
if not Vincent told me, i also don't know that i already half year did not find them~

Collegemate, our connection just not that strong.
don't know you guys can feel it or not la.

and someone i thought we got an end.
but it wasn't.
because it never started before, so where come the end.
Funny ho~!! X(

Friday, December 25, 2009


3:05 AM 0
MERRY CHRISTMAS~ my friends and blogger in the world ~

i have finally finish the 2 most frustrating assignment
= Yarshi.T-shirt design + Clifford.Shoe design.
although done both of this, still have the last assignment =Photography =(

it was hard day for us to done this 2 hard assignment.
and today is Christmas Eve^^
the day we waited for so long, what we plan was steamboat at my house then find something to do.
but end up, when to 1Utama for movie - The Treasure Hunter -
this movie only 3 alphabet to describe WTH=="
not very nice, rated as 2/5 not worth to watch in cinema.
but if you are 1 of Jay Chow and Lin Zhi Ling fan then it worth lo.
and i fall a sleep about 10-15minute, it was my 2nd time to slept while watching movie in cinema.

after movie when to steamboat at GK Talipon.
plan changed, cause my house no table no chair no chopstick and no bowl~~^^"
after steamboat only when to my house to play + chit chat~
so this is how i pass my Christmas Eve with U4-er.
simple but fun~^^
this years is the first year i did not celebrate Eve with my Notti Family and also celebrated so simple and not a single feel of Christmas~
but i still enjoy it.

hope after final everyone available to go trip together lO~

this few week is a hard and tired week.
everyday rush this and that, not enough sleep even did not sleep just to rush assignment=="
my panda eyes become darker and darker
my pimples more and more~
haix~~how ar!!
and i got a Christmas present from LEE WEE HAN~!!
it is a few burn mark cause of hot OIL while steamboat-ing~=="

Monday, December 21, 2009


9:52 PM 0
I'm back

recently everyday blow wind only~~
very very big wind~look like showing bad thing happening=="

but still got many assignment to rush.
now i just resting awhile and eat my dinner [MAGGI].
finish have to continue my work again~haix!!
pity me~****

last thursday when to Maison with many people,
can't say everyone la..=="
got Reno and Kelvin gang. other table is Fishball Feng and Xiao Lang.
it was fun!! and Maison interior is way nicer and cool than Barcelona and Poppy~!!**thumb up!
music also nice, it was lucky that, last thursday they invite a pretty DJ to remix nice RnB music and a beatbox lady~she is damn COOL!!

Friday was holiday for most of the people.
so thursday night Maison was full of people~phew*
can't even move or walk thru the dance floor=="
seriously like go to sauna after i go in to the dance floor~!![HOT+SWEAT]

that night i fall asleep at their house=="
so damn paiseh~~i sleep jo their bed~^^"~
make them no place to sleep

then Friday when out to do Yarshi group assignment.
seriously, Fei= my dad Jf= my mom Shaun= my sis Jason= my bro.
know why?
because from Friday till today, i saw them more than my family~=="
T-shirt design have make use 5people to meet each other so frequently.
just like a family~
people Friday holiday go home~we do assignment=="

and i want to say sorry to "SOMEONE" is my wrong to voice out so loud~

tomorrow will be TTG presentation~~GG-ing.
Yarshi presentation~ Titanic MO-D5
and Webpage+Shoe on Thursday~ ==" speechless!!

the shirt last minute dirty jo~the stupid jean cloth 'lap' color!!! dye dou the white shirt jo!! i wan cry jo la~!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


11:29 PM 0
5 days did not post anything thing, due to my busy schedule=="
don't know where to start.
forgot most of the thing.
past few day just normal and very normal~=D

yesterday, a night trip with U4+Hazel^^
when there for photo shoot for assignment2, but i think it was a WRONG option.
because night shoot is DAMN hard to shoot.
almost every picture was blur.
we when there at 11pm, finish by 3.30am when to BRJ for a "Supfast" and reach home at 5am~*phew*

i still can't manage to control my DSLR=="
I'm so jealous my course mate who using D3000 Nikon or 1000D Canon, it was so so easier then mine D70.
i can't set the timer, don't know why.
my white balance is so weird, the ISO,F-number & Shutter speed is different then the other DSLR.
i still can't shoot any nice landscape. [I'M SUCK]

this morning woke up at 8am, because my parent n Nixon came to find me and Catherine fro breakfast=="
so i slept for 3hours ONLY!! my eye is damn pain.
then when to Typo and AT LAST i done my Typo Presentation~ *phew*
after my presentation, that pet pet NG sick came again.
start to "tou fong" then he run away 1hour early and told the other which did not done their presentation
you guys not serious at all, no need to present just submit if you don't want to then don't submit.
speechless for this kind of LECTURER.!!

then we when to 1Utama for movie^^
actually planned to watch The Princess and The Frog[Disney Animation]
but full==" can you BELIEVE~when i saw the seat i was shock = the movie is GOOD*
no seat, so change to JUMP[跳出去] and it was NICE^^ should watch.
feel sorry to Chipmunk, cause forgot to call him.=="

then when back for English class.
after Eng MO-D5 straight away have our dinner together and when to Shaun house for Yarshi discussion^^
after 30minute i fall asleep^^"
paiseh~~too TIRED d la.

thought after bath i can rest, but mana tau something happen in our condo Sri Pelangi block 128.
there are 3 Bangladesh's climb in to a unit at floor 11 thru the balcony using rope or wires.
and have rob the empty unit, and found by the neighbour, so they run away.
but they can't run far, cause many people was waiting for them.
cause this it make whole block128 so chaotic and every resident so excited+worry.
one of them is my Sis[Catherine].
she close all window and door, i almost die of suffocate.
at the end 2 was caught and beat till look like disabled to move.
the other have ran away. they were found at 11th floor but they Lock their door
so the guard have to violate the door to catch them.

heard from Junor::
the thief actually climb to 11th floor one of the Junor friends balcony.
unfortunately they been see and the resident shout then they climb to 10th floor.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


10:30 PM 0
hmm~what to say?
don't know~i just feel like posting something,but don't know post what~!! 8X
i think write recently la..xD

below is a picture of Meebo list.
my MSN rosak~so ter-force to use SUCK Meebo to on MSN~=="
enlarge the picture to see la~ =)

yesterday was my class Typo presentation.
everyone well prepare everything waited for turn to present.
end up, that BABI NG say is time to go, the other half people who haven present, next week!!!
WHAT THE~~~~!!!
i did not sleep to rush the thing and you told me next week~!!
if not because of him, keep on chatting with every presenter i think whole class should can finish present yesterday~~heng*

then, Webpage class.
yesterday, i saw my classmate Shoe Webpage design i feel so sad lo~!!
cause all using CSS only n 2-3people use HTML.
and my webpage look so SUCK~!! T_T
everyone so hard working to do the best in their Webpage.
when i look at myself i feel so SHIT!!
but seriously i don't understand a single thing about CSS~!!
it was so hard the coding and everything, but it was easier to create a nice webpage=="

yesterday, i was revision for today TAMADUN test till about 4am.
and someone wake up to do his revision and told me::
"wa~no sleep again. later become Hazel"
cause Hazel faint on Tuesday after her English class cause not enough of sleep=="
what he say really scare me~!!
cause i did not sleep on Tuesday night cause of Typo and Webpage!!
so i when to bed at 4am++.

today, i was late for the Tamadun test about 30minute~!!embarrassing!!
although i normally late to class la^^".
this is cause i sleep late!!
my alarm clock[my sis] when to schoold jo~ T_T

after Tamadun next destination is 1 Utama for Storm Rider II[we have plan to watch since November]
on the beginning it was only 5-9peoples,
at the final request it become 15PEOPLES~!!*CHUN!!!
the movie was 2hours and 30minutes, all expect it to be very nice.
but it was not that good==" many fake graphic~
3/5 for Storm Rider II
after movie, time to eat^^
discussing where to eat what to eat it make me DAMN no mood!~!!
it was fun to go out with a bunch of friends, but it also a trouble cause everyone have opinion to go where and what to eat.
when decide to eat this, sure got 2 or 3 reject~!!

me and Fei search so many place for shoe but all was too too expensive and not the kind we want=="
then back to college for English.

after English, when to night market~^^Yeapii
long time did not go night market.
our purpose was search for cheap canvas, but it look like we begin to search for dinner^^"
i bought salty steam chicken and Korean rice cake~YumMy
i thought Catherine will be at home so i can share with her.
but she when for midnight movie with Tommy!!T_T
so i have to eat all by myself~*lonely*
Korean rice cake= 1st bite Delicious 4th bite YumMy 9th bite no feeling d 15th bite OMG, WHO CAN HELP ME FINISH THIS STUFF!! *enjoyingsuffering* x.x"

have to done many assignment in this few week.
it already week 11!! time passed so damn fast~
it going to Christmas and New Year coming=="

assignment in progress::

*Yarshi T-shirt = 0.00%
*Photography = 35% [have to retake=="]
*Typo = 99.5% [waiting for presentation]
*Webpage = 33.5% [don't understand CSS~T_T]
*Webpage[Shoe] = 0.00% [still searching for cheap shoe]

so if any Genting kelang, Wangsa Maju or Tarcian friends PLEASE let me know if your saw anywhere have cheap canvas shoe selling in these area~!!^^"
i will appreciate your kindness~

below is the sample of canvas shoe i searching~

this sem we did not have time for badminton, due to assignment mountain-ing!!
so i have decide to walk stair from G floor to 8th floor everyday after school~^^~

and my hands and legs have some red spot and it is itchy!!
it look like bite from something=="
but not sure is what~

i have not enough sleep recently cause rushing assignment every minute and hour~
everyday sleep late and late to school or skipped lecture.
when late, forgot to bring water to school!!

just now suddenly my chest feel PAIN again.
if quite long did not feel that pain d.
maybe not enough sleep and over tired over use my battery.

and often headache + dizzy.
everyday feel sleepy.
my panda eyes very very dark.
meal time very messy, harm my stomach. sometime diarrhea, sometime
"jing fong"
suffer le~!!
my hair fall many it look so not normal!!
when i comb my hair it will fall at least 5strings.
and i think i ate to many snack and Eclipse~!!
and my nose feel terrible at night and early morning~T_T

i did not go back Puchong about 2 or 3weeks d.
this week should go back?
miss my family, my parent cook!!
but i still have many assignment in rush=="

my resit exam payment bill is OUT~!!
i can see RM80 flying away from my saving account!!

this month many people BIRTHDAY~fuu!!
that is::

Fishball Feng = 3rd Dec 09
38 EVonVon = 5th Dec 09
Kelvin Kor = 7th Dec 09
Kok Leong = 10th Dec 09
Kai Zai = 12th Dec 09
Joker Kevin
Soong Kit
Pretty Yuki = 13th Dec 09
Zing = 15th Dec 09
Johnathan Wong = 17th DEc 09
Gila Jane = 18th Dec 09
Noisy Seff = 20th Dec 09
Sok Kuan = 22nd Dec 09
Shuai Chung = 23rd Dec 09
Lao Yang = 24th Dec 09
Mey Yie = 25th Dec 09 [Christmas gal]
PressPig Angie = 26th Dec 09
ZaiZai JianWei = 27th Dec 09

see what i mean by MANY~!! this is the summary list d.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


4:55 PM 0
as what the picture show~!!
i damn hate him, from the beginning of sem~!!
every time consult slow slow, like to talk rubbish.
then, last 10minute no consultation~!!F*CK~
u talk so slow, every people consult also use 20minute.
when only my turn orh!!
always threatening us with those SUCK stamp.
Mr Ng:: this is office want ge. to see your attendance.
don't lie la. you though we 8years old ar~
you want to force us attend your lecturer and tutorial je~!!
still want so damn stingy, give half if you don't like it!!
die la~like people banyak suka want take the stamp.
i saw your face also lazy to beg for that stupid STAMP ar!!
you brainless~don't know why you got FEASIBILITY to be a concept lecturer.
always consult as your mood, see people "teh" than what also can!
what also you say, people can use i can't use.
u go DIE~!!
what we know is assignment 2 follow the font you given.
assignment 1, 3 and 4 is free font we want.
but when i consult, WHAT THE FUCK you say~!
Mr Ng:: i already say in lecture, assignment 2 to 4 use the font given.
you very wrong ar. sure didn't listen lecture, or talk with your friends when lecture~!!
you better go DIE~!!
i double triple CONFIRM with my friends
all also say "No ar, only assignment 2 follow the font he gave"
if tomorrow u accept the design i do then i going to agrue with you 99!!!
[i gave my design to other group friend to let him consult as my friend work]
every time call us show pre-printing. than, abit wrong print again~!!
you thought we rich like you ar. WASTE MY MONEY!!
if i can i sure SLAP yOU!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009