Thursday, February 26, 2009

a boring day~!! Thursday_26Feb09

3:18 PM 2

2day dam sien~~

cz my home pc die jo~~

no line~~no tv~~no work~~no scu..

=SieN dou SEI~~~!!!

so wat can i do..

go yum cha wit fren lo..

my fren Mickey fetch me go taufufa wit thm at oug..

v jz eat, i thnk about 30min++ gua jiu san band le..

den me,louis,keith n albert go dagei at Esteem~~!!!

so dam sien...

so i blogging at here~~

nw here raining pulak..

heavy rain tim..

duno hw 2 go bk home d..

cz my 2bro thy sud hv gendang practice bt cancel d n wen home d..

din tel me..make me nw duno hw 2 go home...


so sambil i lengzai louis goh sambil kap wat i typin...

cz he aso vr sien..haha~!!!

wat kind of life is tis....

wan 2 end it fast fast..

bt duno wan stdy wat courses..


wat courses sud i choose..

graphic/interior design or event management...

so fan~!!!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Family~!!==

11:43 PM 0

nw Catherine-ErJie- d bf-Tommy- cum our houz stay 4 few week...
sad cz he slpin my place..==!!
tat nt d worse de worse is....

tis hv make my grandparent dun lik Tommy~
cz wen Tom work he use my sis car-Waja-
den 1day my xiao susu stomach pain such as cirit-birit gua...
den my grandparent wanted 2 go balakong find him..
bt no my grndfather start 2 scold sumting nt nice 2 Tom..

*tat dog ar..
*na ge you lu mei jia de ren ar..
*ham ka chan
*n many la...i aso 4gt d...

den tat day valentine-14Feb09-
he wan 2 use Christina-DaJie- car..
bt tat day v r planin 2 go sunway..
bt he so annoying~!!!
scold scold scold Tommy...

so Chris knt tahan d..
n say fetch thm 2 xiao susu houz..
bt he stil non stop scoldin d same thng..
repeat n repeat..!!
n Chris hv reply sumthng tat r nt gud 2 grndfather..
n my grndfather scold her aso..
duno scold wat ni bu yao xue dao jiang dog hua ar...--!!
all aso bcoz he hate Cat gua..
n frm tat day my grandparent dun talk 2 my sis..
my sis dun bother bout thm aso..
lik dun noe each othe..--"

den my mum say myb is about d pass..
cz wen Catherine were born on d 1st month my mum 'zo yut' at wai po houz..
n celebrate Cat 1st mnth bday at my wai po houz..
thy bu suang gua..n say Cat is born 2 b unlucky gua..
n on Cat 1st mnth bday my xiao susu hv a accident cz his leg broke
bt nw ad heal walk n run lik normal ppl~~
n aso cz Cat bday quite near 2 xiao susu bday...

Beautiful Tones-East & West concert~~

2:55 PM 2

Beautiful Tones-East & West concert~~

Place~Stadium Chinwoo Sel & KL
Price~Rm33 adult pass

i think mostly ppl does nt noe wat d hell is tis..
cz even my fren tel me i aso duno wat lai de...
it is a group of ppl combine their voice 2gether -choir group-
n sing out sum vr nice song..if u r thr u wil noe hw wonderful their voice ar..
so unbelievable sia~~!!!
-actually dun blif Dx voice oni-

sum song tat i stil rmb n quite nice is**
*d 1st song tat sing by d kids..-4gt d name paiseh*-
*de boy group name~wo men zhe zhi de ge-
*yu hou cai hong -solo by their dearest teacher-
*a song tat singing wit a gal blow flute -4gt d name paiseh*-
*candleLight Carol & Angel Carol
-d member holdin d candle light while singing hv create an atmosphere so guai romantic-
*down the river -if im nt wrong-
*d 2nd last song -i hv 4gt d name i thnk is start wit a M-
*d endin song... -4gt d name paiseh*-

bk 2 hw i got in tis situation...
Dx de person at d pic...
he told me tat he wil hv a choir concert at tis saturday..
n wish i could go n c his performent..
so i decide 2 go..
bt d problem is i duno hw 2 go n go home..=="
den Dx say he wil cal Dz-Dx twin bro- met me at Maharajalela monorail..
n wen d concert end Dx wil fetch me home..
so on tat day i worry wil late so i gt rdy at 4++ almost 5pm..
so i wait Dz msg..he say wil b at monorail at 7.10
so i decide gt out at 6~
den he msg me n say beter rch b4 7pm scare 2 rush..=="
make me rush..
bt lucky i no ned wait 4 d bus n monorail..

wen i rch Maharajalela i saw Dz sweatin..
he rch thr early 2 gv uniform 2 Dx..
den v walk almost 15min+ gua 2 rch Stadium Chinwoo~
so tire n start 2 sweat abit..
cz it is quite far..n ned 2 walk up a hil...=="
d main point is nt tire o far o sweat..
is i wearin a high heel..==!!
-Dx hapi mou i climb hil go in sea jz 2 c ur concert le~!!-
wen v rch thr it is quite crowded..
bt i feel vr all ppl i duno..
even Dz i aso duno him at all..
i macam org luar la..o.o!!
cz i sittin wit Dz n all his fren tat i duno 1~!!
aiyorr~bt 4 Dx ok lo..

Dz fren say "yorr~kan Dx zai biao yen hai yao yam siu"
vr funny..
cz nt oni me think u r yam...xD

afte d concert start i thnk 1hour gua..
it hv a break about 15-20min..
all Dz fren wen away 2 toilet n duno whr..
bt he din go away..i thnk im vr susahkan org la..
-ying gai shi cz dowan throw me 1org at thr gua-

at d end of de concert many apluase..
i thnk d performer shud b vr hapi ba..^^~
cz i cn c all of thm r so hapi..
by end tis concert so chen gong~
even it end at 9+ almost 10pm..
i wait 4 Dx til 11++cz his teacher gvin speech..
n he so mafan so zhi zhing..
wan go toilet..
cum bk n say wan chg shirt..
finish chg shirt say wan chg pant..--"
den say wan eat his supper n den he say dowan la..
cnt u jz eat finish ur thng n go toilet sun bian chg shirt n pant 2gether ma..

waste so many time..--""

***seriouly vr nice concert...
cnt blif Dx gt those manly voice..xD
cz normaly oni heard his yam voice...0.o~
***n Dx in his black formal look + d yellow tie dam yeng zai le..
hen shuaii o~!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nvr Wil 4gt_[Thxx~Dx]

5:28 PM 0

{14Feb09}_Valentine~hapi 4 d couple..
wat cn a single do on tat day..
i hv thnk so long wat 2 do on tat day..
so i jz wait 4 ppl o fren date me out~ho lin a...
lucky tat a fellow-Dx- date me out jek..
if nt sure alone again lo...zhan ho lin~!!!
bt v end up doin nth~~dam sien~!!
tat day i wen 2 Sunway wit my sis-Blong- sun bin wait Dx lo...
i pui her walk so long 2 fin a shop jz 2 print out her couple pic...
n aso think wat 2 buy 4 her lovely bf-Dav-
so i suggest her 2 The Dotz jz buy a pen n craft their name on it..
so v wen 2 de Sunway new wings avenue park...
n de shop sale gal say their shop din craft at their othe shop lot hv..
n d shop lot at d 2nd lower ground near d old Sunway...=="~2pid!!
make me pui her walk d whole sunway jz 4 her pic n pen...
swt dou~!!
while wait 4 her pen 2 b craft my she wanted 2 qing me eat Sushi King..
bt tat time Dx ad rch Sunway..
so my sis say qing mai him...^^~
tat time i gt abit jue de my sis gt abit spotlight tim....^^""
Dx look lik abit paiseh aso...
3 aso diam diam d...
afte fin eat n pei my sis take her pen den v pit lat her d..
bu suan pit lat la..
she wan rush bk home make up rdy 2 go celebrate her valentine...
afte pit lat her v wanted 2 watch mov bt all mov ad full...==!
so v end up doin nth at d cinema entry...dang wan dou!!
nth do so i wen 2 ply Ez2Dancer 1round oni...
afte tat Dx say wan 2 ice skating==..
bt d skating court was close n decor by worker..
den v realize thr goin 2 hv a wedding ceremony....
tat groom so dam romantic jek...
bt aso vr clever...
cz on d cum year he cn jimat on d wedding aniversary n valentine present..xD
so mov knt watch n ice skatin aso cnt...
so v go Gasoline 2 yumcha...
even Gasoline ned 2 wait 4 place.!!
at Gasoline v chat many thng...
he aso gt say bout he goin India soon 4 his stdy..
act i ad blif him wen he cal me n tel me..
me yum til 10++pm..
i go fin my fren at bcln...
b4 v pay d bill he say cn hug awhile b4 leave....
huggin him make me m se dak him..
make my tear aso cum out...T.T-2pid Dx-!!!
den he pui me walk 2 bcln...
den he go bk by taxi..
b4 valentine he tot me he din buy any gift 4 me..
bt on tat day i saw him holdin a thng
""wo jue de ying gai 4 yao geh wo d ba..
bt he din gv me til my sis wanted 2 go home he pass it 2 me n cal my sis 2 take bk home..
myb is my sis wit me so he paiseh gv me gua..-ben dan Dx-^^"
tis is d most preciuos memory~!
i wil nt 4gt u celebrate 2009 d valentine wit me...
thxx Dx~~
n aso thx 2 JL 4 ur 手鏈 -bie lei gek sei-....