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Thursday, February 26, 2009

a boring day~!! Thursday_26Feb09

2day dam sien~~

cz my home pc die jo~~

no line~~no tv~~no work~~no scu..

=SieN dou SEI~~~!!!

so wat can i do..

go yum cha wit fren lo..

my fren Mickey fetch me go taufufa wit thm at oug..

v jz eat, i thnk about 30min++ gua jiu san band le..

den me,louis,keith n albert go dagei at Esteem~~!!!

so dam sien...

so i blogging at here~~

nw here raining pulak..

heavy rain tim..

duno hw 2 go bk home d..

cz my 2bro thy sud hv gendang practice bt cancel d n wen home d..

din tel me..make me nw duno hw 2 go home...


so sambil i typing...de lengzai louis goh sambil kap wat i typin...

cz he aso vr sien..haha~!!!

wat kind of life is tis....

wan 2 end it fast fast..

bt duno wan stdy wat courses..


wat courses sud i choose..

graphic/interior design or event management...

so fan~!!!


YinG said...

don't worry girl....

you will soon know what you want as time goes by....

that's the dilemma while you keep on forcing yourself to choose....relax....

[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...