Thursday, March 26, 2009


Langkawi Picha~!! [memory]

Zt draw ge~xD
21Mar-sit in bus bout 7hrs~~==!!
Dx~zT on d way 2 Langkawi~in bus
22MAr-7am..plan 2 c sunrise bt fail (wan 2 noe y read my blog ba)
Dx~dao gei face..xD
Langkawi sun vr nice when take pic~bt vr hot~!!
goin pool Dx wan swim~~
drivin out~~
take picha b4 go out ~~
prepare 2 go out buy thng~~
last day at the beach luu~~
last pic in de room~
after check out~
at de bus station waitin dad fetch~
on de way bk by ferry~
park at de main entry of the hotel~
The decoration in the hotel
beach water & our leg~
The Langkawi city~
duno wat liquor lai Dx say d bottle unique
Langkawi sky~so blue..& fake
The pool
Langkasuka Resort Beach~
The bridge a cross d pool~
The road 2 the beach & pool~
eat till gan gan jing jing~!!

Langkasuka Resort room~big~!!
in the bus~


YinG said...

wow...the scenery looks really nice in the pic....

wondering is it the same in real!

sure you have enjoyed it~~~nice holiday trip!

dxlim said...

no even 1 leng zai pic ge ho??

[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...

thr reli vr nice..
it is d same as de pic
bt thr vr vr hot lo..

sure enjoy my holiday bt oni ply 1day==!!

Dx~wo dou jiang le..
ren shuai how aso shuai d..=P