Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Langkawi Trip 3D2N~~

on 21March-Saturday-
me n Dx plan 2 go Langkawi~
act wan go genting bt he say wan go langkawi cz wan c sunrise
v plan 2 go Kuala Kedah by bus n take ferry 2 langkawi~
Dx buy a 8.30am bus..n i miss tat bus..
cause of de NIA MA d traffic at d old aiport highway-smart tunel-
i jam at thr bout 1hrs+++!!!!!!
so Dx buy another bus at 9.30am..
i almost miss tat 2~==!!
v ride a double decker-dam slow-
bt d bus quite nice la..
in d bus for 7hrs+ ba...i cnt even slp for 30mint..
2pid~!!!bt Dx hao xiang vr tire..
he slp almost d whole trip~his slpin look dam funny~xD
wen v rch Kedah ad 6am++ n lef 7.30pm ferry...==!!
b4 d ferry start v stil hv man y time..
so while waiting d ferry Dx feel hungry n v go 2 a near by mamak eat lo~
den v travel 2hrs in d ferry==!!
make me wan vomit n abit dizzy cz nt enuf slp+din eat..
rch langkawi ad 10pm+ both of us ad tire 2 dead...
so jz wanted 2 go hotel n hv a great slp..
b4 v go hotel v met a felow force us 2 rent his car..
v thnk n thnk n decide 2 rent cz v kai price rm50 cz ad nite
+d las day v wil nt use many..
so he aso accept lo..
bt he gv us sentra on d 1st day den 2nd day he wil chg a wira 2 us..
bt on d nxt day v cal him,he say dowan chg jo~~myb he lazy ba..
din chg aso gud..v gt sentra driv..=P
Dx book Langkasuka Resort dam big de room~
2double bed-frige-tv-
toilet aso man da.. .
bt d door spoil ge~make v gt d cheap feel jo==!!
gt many facilities aso~pool+beach!!
vr nice de beach le..
nw i oni noe tat malaysia sky is dam BLUE d...
blue til vr fake le...vr vr nice~~cnt blif tat..o.0!!
1st nite me dam tire so rch hotel aso din do anythng jiu go slp jo~~
din even baf..--"
bt slp til 4am v plan 2 go c sunrise...
so v go 2 beach side wait for 3hrs d v reli wait til d sun cum out..
bt d sun cum out at d opposite place==!!
so waste jo our time lo..so jiu go bk continue slp..
d nxt day v slp til 12++ den go out fin thng eat
n eat le piza-lemon tea = rm18
vr nice le..so tasty~~de lemon tea dam cold suang le..
afte tat go bk hotel...Dx wan swim bt i cnt swim so jz go pei him lo...
n go 2 beach walk walk lo..
aftenon nth do so v driv out 2 c gt wat buy lo..
go pakto pakto lo..n eat diner oni go bk lo...
many duty free shop..vr cheap~
i sud buy a liquor..--" so 2pid din buy nw regret jo lo!!
bt gt buy abit of choco..
den gt bk 2 hotel n chit chat abit wit Dx den both aso talk til abit moody jo..
n both aso silent jo..den i nap jo awhile..
den wake Dx duno go whr jo..
dam scary alone at hotel room~
(BD DX leave me alone i scare ge ma!!)
den i jiu sms him lo..yuan lai he go 2 beach jo..
he cum bk n he feel hungry jo...
so v decide 2 go out n fin sumthng 2 eat..
driv til haf way car no petrol d..
so v fin petrol station n ask local ppl..
thy say nw all ad close bt d oni 24hrs petrol station is 30min frm our place..--"
so oni cn go bk hotel lo..
cz our room stil hv 1bread 2muffin he bought ytd..
on d way bk hotel Dx crash d sentra up 2 de road divider..
n d car a sctrach jo~
bt v duno izit reli v make de..
so v dun k n go bk hotel slp d lu~~
bt i thnk Dx din slp well...
on de last day of langkawi luu..
abit miz thr d beach+Sky tim...
at 10am Dx wake go swim..me continue b pig..xD
den go 2 d beach for a walk again..jz awhile~
den go bk hotel pack up n bath den go jeti lo..
wan go home jo lo..
so v return d car..den go eat KFC cz d oni thng cn eat at jeti
den jiu go in ferry lo~~
zhen de bu se de thr d sky+beach bt nt d weather~vr hot..
aso same 2hrs rch Kedah..
den take bus..nt double decker da gai 6hrs rch kl lo..
me n Dx slp wen v at d bus bout 1hrs ba..
afte tat v ply dam noisy v 2..
rch le KL sambil wait my dad sambil eat lo..
n v talk le sum situation n gt in a arguement lo..
n 2 aso diam diam n face black black le..
jiu din talk d..keep silent til gt home..
human is lik tat d la..
hapi sure vr hapi lo..
bt wen thng sudenly happen wil chg evrythng 2 d bad d..
bt vr hapi 2 go langkawi wit Dx la..
atleast stil gt abit memory wit him b4 he go INDIA~!!
--pic is wit Dx wen i gt it oni update lo--


dxlim said...

liquor liquor...yam sei lei ar!wat human like tat...u jiu like tat...
hmmm...yor memory oso quite gud xia ge wo....or juz rmb our thing??hahaha^^

[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...

yorr~~buy liquor bu yi ding drink d..i wan keep knt ar..if buy jo aso bu se de drink la...

u say le..><