Sunday, March 15, 2009


My Result Dam TERUK~!!!

OMG~~!!!!!!--cnt blif gt so terrible result~!!--ngam ngam 5credit--lucky if nt ned waste time n $$ 2 stdy cert cos..--BM 4B--BI 3B--Moral 5C--Sejarah 8E--Math 8E--Science 3B--Seni 3B--Akaun 8E--Ekonomi 7D--afte take result dad bring me 2 Tarc 2 ask about d cos i wanted 2 stdy..--n decide 2 take graphic..--so dad buy d application form..rm10~---d whole cos is about 46k+++--2yr4mnth diploma..1yr8mnth advanced..n 3mnth cert~


YinG said...


don't worry, no matter how's the result...u still able to study the subject u wish to right?

just study hard next time~~~

all the best to you!!!!


[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...

lucky i stil gt 5credit..
al d bez 2 u 2~!!

YinG said...

ya...u r lucky gal!!!

so when will dx go to India???

[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...

i aso nt sure~~
myb end of mar o april lo..