Thursday, March 26, 2009


not responsible seller~!! fuck her!@#$%&

THe broken len..
the crumper lenses just wrap wit 2pieces newspaper..!!
her friendster profile...
The FAQ she wrote in her profile~

sui ran dam rude bt aso muz scold d la..!!!
tat ci bai pu ki fucker seller...
nt responsible ge..
say wil wrap de len bottle wit bubble paper..
bt wat she do wit d bottles!!
jz wrap wit 2 pieces newspaper n it is 10bottle in 2 pieces newspaper..!!!
n de broken len nt my is my fren de...

she even say tat de len was broken by me & my sis..
ei~BITCH even a 3yr old kid aso noe tat 2piece wrapin 10bottle sure d bottle is nt protected
v dun ned her refund jz ned a explaination y she did nt use bubble paper..
she say tat v wanted 2 cheat 1more pair of de lens..SHIT HER!!
de lens is nt expensive jz a below rm30 lens y do i ned 2 cheat u..
if i reli wan 2 cheat her y dun i jz say i hv 5 o 6bottle len broke..
she dam 2pid as a pig..!!!

jz wan 2 help her own by givin many 2pid reason!!!
n blame all de trouble 2 me...
she is a cheap fucker kedekut d ppl...
jz wan 2 save her cos n nt usin de bubble paper..
even a aunty[my mum] say "thy shud use a box 2 pack fragile item..
y de seller so 2pid wrap wit oni 2piece paper"

my sis stil cn keng wit her so sopan..
if me i sure fuck her~!!!
i cal my sis jz fucker her...
cz frm early i ad noe she sure wont refund jo..
bt my sis say
"im usin ur msn chatin wit her do u reli wan me 2 fuck her,i doin tis cz nt 2 spoil ur reputation"
OMG~y my sis so noe she wil nt gv any gud explanation o refund

she say v broke it!!
+if reli v broke it how come oni 1bottle broke
she say de bottle is a plastic glass bottle i blif..
n if de bottle fall frm body lvl it wil nt broken i blif her aso..
bt if 1bottle far it may nt broken
bt if u put all 10 in a pack n crumper up macam sampah n fall do u thnk it wil nt spoil...
if u jz use abit of de bubble paper 2 wrap tis wil nt happen..

ei~MISS use brain la..
even my younger bro aso noe tat..
plz la~~talk/thnk use ur brain nt ur butt fuck!!

i thnk she hv been complain b4 in her fs comment..
bt she did nt approve d comment..
cz i tel her bout my broken lens by comment n she did nt k bout it at ALL~~!!!!

fuck her!!bloodly hell~nia ma~!!asshole bitch~!!her mom shud b vr sad 2 hv her~!!!!
so if any of u r a buy frm tis store 'mirror store' pls kful wit wat she do~
make sure she use fully protection wit ur lens by wrappin it wit bubble wrapper~
so if it reli broken aso u wnt so angry..==!!
im nt ask u all 2 nt buyin frm her..jz wan 2 warn u all [msn/fs]
fs link:::

i wil post out d msn screen shot nxt time~
de line 2 slow..vr susah 2 upload pic~==!!


dxlim said...

eh...dun spoil yor image becoz of her le...she not stupid,juz pretending...

[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...

treat tis kind ppl no ned image
guai mm zi she pretendin~