Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boring Day~!!!!

5:26 PM 0
yesterday night at 2am++ i have off my computer..
stop waiting for Dx online..
mana tahu~~~when i offline off computer and prepare to sleep
he miss call me..==!!*doink~
then i miss call back..he call back and scold 9 me~~~*slap*slap
cause before that he told me when he online he will miss call me..
actually i really have forgot bout that~~==!!
cause to happy that you call..forgot everything...*stupid

then chat awhile with him in phone la..
haix~~time difference 2hours very hard ARg~~
my 2am is his 11pm only....WTH!!!!!!
i can't sleep late playing dad scold me d~
if let him know i play till so late he will keep away my modem..*sad

LOL~i today dream i went to India~~dam funny..xD



yesterday night my dad receive a call from one of my grandaunt..
saying that don't know which uncle have pass away~
***wish him rest in peace~=U.U=
so tonight need to prepare dinner early..==!!
so they can go to his funeral..i think~o.0??

my junior bank account at OCBC don't let me bank in my cheque
as i know the manager say that I'm 18 this year
so i should have change my account to personal account~~
**halo~i still got 1week+ only full 18 le.....!!
cause they don't want to give me the account interest~~

my parent when to the bank to cancel my account from OCBC
and thinking of lend some my money to give Catherine[2nd sis]
to go Sarawak with Tommy[her boyfriend]...!!!
to visit his family~~==!!
nononononono~~~!!!my money...please don't do that~~~
that all is my salary....T.T

and also thinking to use my money to pay don't know what what debt~.~!!
now so worry my money~~parent haven came home...
don't know my dad was joking with me or serious
please pleaseee~~~~don't be serious............

kie~need to go cook dinner~~~
my miserable life~~~~T.T
dam lazy~!!!!

after prepare dinner need to think wear what to Barcelona~
I'm out of clothes can anyone sponsor me pretty dress~~~~xD


My Day Without u~~

12:21 AM 0

like normally..
i have nothing to do..
wake up~brush teeth~go eat
then walk around~~

today is the 3rd day you live at India
don't know how are you??
i quite worry about you..
also dam miss you!!!
really don't know how is your life right now...
every time i think of you..
my mood will decrease~~=(
the time at there slower than here 2hours..
pass 2 days,i just can't sleep early
worry you will call me at night..^^"
and also cause non-stop thinking of you~
wondering,what time you will sleep

in this 3 days i also online..
so when you online i will saw you
Monday n Tuesday you also got call me and online chat with me...
but today you didn't call me also din online..
make me more worry about you..
not sure what you doing..
don't know what happen to you~TT
maybe cause you are too busy bout your studies thing
or yours phone no more credit..
wish i just think to much~

my phone wallpaper was our picture~~
so when i miss you i will look at it...
my phone will stick with me where ever i go..
worry you will call me and i would not heard..

the watch you give me i not dare to use..
scare i will spoil it..
so i prefer keeping it and see when i miss you~~^^"
the ring~i believe you will take care properly...
and won't lost it..

just now i read your blog..
i read till can't control my tear again..
make me more worry bout you~~
please take extra good care of yours health
don't wish to see you sick..
and please eat~don't come back become thin jo...
wish everything will be alright there..
yours studies won't so stress..

i think you should very miss your bed ba..^^
and also all tasty,sweet and cold dessert here~
your hostel there got refrigerator or not??
you go the market buy some pudding
and put in the refrigerator ma got cold cold d dessert lo..=D

tonight Blong go midnight Movie with boyfriend no people accompany me till late late~haix
must sleep after this Blog...=(
now feel a bit hungry~!!!==
cause didn't eat dinner..
Blong not here no people accompany me eat maggie~~
so forget about maggie thing~~~BLI BLA BLI BLA*****
not hungry not hungry~~~
tomorrow Reno call me go Barcelona..
wish i will happier after tomorrow night..

just awhile i was chatting with Jcool one of my silly friend..
i always confuse of dessert and also desert..
so i ask him..''what the difference between dessert and desert''
after he answer my question he added
"you ma write in your blog : I'm yours dessert when you are now in desert"
loL~dam funny lo...he dam clever lo~~xD

Yes~!!!atlast finish blogging~~go sleep
so won't feel hungry!!!!
go dream met

**God please take good care of him~!!!
bless him~~don't let him sick....
+u+u in yours studies~!!
wish you come back soon~~~
waiting you~!!!
**********MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH~!!!!muack~~


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Life~~Horrible!!!

11:53 PM 0
left my sis(Blong),right mine~~!!
mine~~Maggie tambahan telur and meat ball~~^^
Line(me) before start to eat my supper~~~~xD
my noob look~~so UGLY!!!
Blong so kesian~sit on the floor..xD~
not i bully no place to sit~
we sitting in front of the computer..watching Super Trio~WAkaKaka~
finish our meal~~so clean even drink finish the soup~~
Blong~posing..itu bukan kain buruk or scarf~
is her blanket..haha~

me and blong sleep late..around 2++am
that fei po Blong say very hungry so call me accompany her eat something~
so very decided to eat Maggie~~!!!
then we go cook Maggie~~cause is only took us 5minute to cook^^
then we enjoy our meal at the computer table
cause we want sambil makan sambil watch Super Trio ep200

after finish our meal~
Blong when into my parent room to see how is her cabal(online game)..
but the light already off by my dad the room is dark..
so once she switch on the computer screen the bright light will wake my dad
and both of us will kill by my dad~
cause watch and play game til midnight..

so i give Blong a idea..
that is blocking the computer screen and herself using the blanket
actually i was joke..just say for fun~~
but she really did~DAM FUNNY!!!
cause my dad almost wake by the keyboard typing and mouse clicking sound~
Blong immediately use her blanket block the computer light and her body without moving..
so my dad won't notice anything in the dark~~~HAHAHAHHAHA
make me laugh non-stop~~more funny than the Super Trio ep200..


the next day~~~28Apr09-Tuesday-
cause yesterday too late sleep..
make me slept over~~
i promise my supervisor Alex will go office to do product briefing at 10am..
but i wake at 10.30am==!!!
so i called him ask he will be at office till what time..
then i rush to brush my teeth and bath
and rush to office..
reach office he give me BA report and some Purina One document..
i think not many people know what is Purina One~~
is a dog food brand==!!how to sell dog food~!!!Arggggg~~~~!!!!!!

after all the briefing still have before go school fetch Nelson and Nixon
so call my ex-classmate out for......
tff=Tau Fu Fa (English translate=bean curd pudding)
hahahahah~~~simply translate...xD
send message to Herng,LiLi,Ling and also Angie
only Ling reply can,me what time??
Herng car spoil~car masuk wad kecemasan==!!
Angie at hospital~~HA!!!
don't hospital visit auntie~phew -.-!!

so only me and Ling eat TFF~~opss
almost forgot her cute little cousin ah Mei..
i long time didn't see her..she a bit shy talk to me..*sad
awhile later Herng call say car recover d..
can enjoy us TFF~
so we eat till 2.30pm Ling boyfriend ah Chan come fetch her go time square..
so sweet~go dating!!
so jealous,can go dating with boyfriend...
also make me miss Dx so much~~~!!!
after that me and Herng also go home~~
LiLi~reply me at 3pm++ "i just receive your message~"*stun o.O!!
reply after almost 1hrs we finish our TFF..stun or not~??=="

after bath~
take some picture~HAHAHa
me again~~^^v
After bath~actually my favorite juice honey dew milk
but bo HONEY DEW MILK!!!
so drink tomato MILK juice~~~~~~~sedap Sedap!!^^
busy playing CABAL~!!!stupid game..
they never bored playing it......==!!

at night after i finish cook dinner~
Dx call me from India..*so HAPPY!!
telling me that he online-ing..
ask me free to online or not~~~??
i say after i bath..
so i rush to bath..and after bath Nick and Blong is sitting in front of the computer
playing the stupid game CABAL!!!!
i told them let me use 1st..
but they don't want~!!!

so i let them play awhile i go drink my tomato juice~~~!!
after i finish my tomato juice they still not yet finish cabal-ing~~*shit shit
by the time they give me use Dx already offline...==!!*disappoint 99!!
but after awhile Dx online back but just awhile~~~~~~~~~~



can't sleep late when Blong around~~~~
sure become fatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt also botakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
always call me eat maggie~~~~~==!!
control myself to stay away from BLONG~!!!!!!

*** 3stars = serious warning~!!!!!
beware of BLONGzzzzzzzz


Monday, April 27, 2009

The Last day With Dx..TT

1:17 AM 0
Airport taken by Raine
tissue~Saturday night cry at his room~^^"
Dx~pretend sleep
His sleepy look~
all in black~his luggage-that bag dam huge even a human can go in
welcome loongWei~hahahaa
Dx and his mum~auntie Lim very very worry Dx
Dx house living room~~
Dx_Line after he finish prepare
in his room~
his handsome look~
in living room while waiting his family
us again~wit our sleepy look~
Elle watch~
given by Dx~as my birthday present~~THANK
the last picture i taken with him~
can't really smile..
his god sis,Raine~Dx
Dx~PeiWern,Raine sis
Dx~Yen,his sweetie
Dx~LoongWei,his buddy
his pal,Sam~Dx
his gay partner,CheanShen~Dx
his funniest fren,Keat~Dx~CheanShen
Dx~his noob gang buddy
the gal~Dx
by-raine,group picture~
by PeiWern,us again~

Dx plan to go Quarto with me before he go India..
cause people say Quarto is a 4season pub/club
but his mum don't let
so he told his mum that he will fetch me to his house to overnight..
his mum immediately agree..after few second his mum ask again
''is a girl or a boy''~when Dx told me i feel it was funny

so at night he come fetch me..
then go Raine house cause Dx got thing want to give Raine
so Raine can help him give to other that are not free to send him..
then back to his house..
his mum start to tell him many thing bout how to manage his thing
call him to careful and many,you can see how worry is his mum..
then after that he call me go to his room he got something to give me
and he have joke me twice~==!!*slap*slap~
then he give me a box,wrap very nice..
it was Ella watch and it is red colour my favourite colour~*touch^^Thanks
it was my birthday present..cause 2week more was my birthday**T.T
i have give my ring to him..actually is a pair ring his don't know where he lost his..
so i give him my,to let him remember me~!!don't go there simply flirt~

that night i didn't sleep for the whole night
Dx feel very tire so i let him sleep..
i just want to look at him..
if i don't look i will no chance to see him for 2years..
but he only sleep bout 20minute

that night before he sleep..
we have chat many thing..
i also watch the video he make for people he care..
but i only watch the video he give me~infront of him
that video very do touch me..but i does not want let him see i cry again
even chat make me cry non-stop
look at him make me tearing too..T.T

at 5.15am i wake him up to prepare his thing..
and we brush teeth together..
then he wake his family~
so we take some picture in his room~^^

then when down to living room cause loong wei is at his house..
but Loong Wei need to fetch Raine n her sis..
so Dx call loong wei fetch them and meet up at the airport
in the car,on the way to airport,my heart so heavy we holding hand..
make me want to cry~so wish that just a dream
when reach airport he hold my hand without let go..
i know he very very sad to leave Malaysia..
i also very sad that he going to leave me~

then checking in,then his mum say 7.30am he need to go in..
so we rush to McD so he can have his break-1st
loongWei ask Dx Where the other..
Dx answer no more..
i know actually Dx very dissapoint cause his noob gang didn't not show up..
but actually they already reach airport at 6.30am
to give Dx a surprise..
when Dx saw them he is extremely happy and surprise..
so we take some picture infront of McD..
and chat awhile..his parent bought break1st for him..
after his break1st it is time 4 him go pass the gate..
at that time he hug all of his friend,me n his family he started to cry~
n infected us cry together..when he hug me i can't control my tears anymore..

then before he pass the guard he turn back and give me another hug..
that time i really don't want to let go..but it already time..
my tear really can't stop..
then when he at the guard Sam call me to go there..
but i think i should let his family talk with him for the last minute..
althought i really wanted to go there..

then after he pass the guard i have calm down..
just abit moodless~
after Dx pass counter he send me a message ''i love u''
after see Dx pass we all go home..
Yen,Keat,Sam go back by CheanShen car..
Raine,her sis,me go by LoongWei car..
on the way home in the car my brain can't stop thinking bout Dx
whether is he in the he still crying~
and my tear come again..

then i reach home~
i lost all my energy by crying..
so i get home and change my clothe..
and when to bed..try very hard to sleep..
but my mind still worrying Dx..
don't know how is him..
my tear uncontrolable came out again..and i wet my pillow==~!!

then i sleep till 3pm++ afternoon and wake up..
don't know what to do..
when to toilet,brush my teeth,then go eat..
then walk here and there in the house..
don't know what to do..

mind only thinking of Dx..
wondering where is he..
what is he doing??
what time is his going to reach?
can he sleep well in plane and bus..
do he eat anything for lunch and dinner??
many many many thing come out from my brain..
this whole day my mood is dam down..
and my eye is tearful..
just worry bout him..
one of my friend see me so worry so he call me try to call or message Dx
then at bout 1.30am i send him message
don't know is he receive it or not..
after few minute later i receive Dx reply..
atleast he receive my message n i know he fine now..
and i start to blog til now lo~~

very very very miss you,

*****27Apr09_Monday 5:11am******

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Genting Trip With Dx~

7:33 PM 0

me and Dx when to Genting 2nd time..
that place also is the last place i go with him before he go India
that day also my 1st time drive car go Genting^^
not funny at all!!!so tire..

actually i thought go for midnight movie only..
then Dx want go Genting so end up at Genting lo..
that night Genting so cold~~o.o!!
i wear short pant but lucky got bring jacket..

go there blow wind..but don't want do what..
so i decide to go for movie lo..
so we when to the 1st World cineplex..
see whether got any movie to watch..
lucky got the Sniper
神枪手 but Dx already watch~
but he say 'is okey~i willing to watch again with you'
so after we buy ticket i say hungry and go McD eat lo..
eat till 1.10am we go walk walk and chat~so windy very comfortable..

then we rush back before movie start~
after that i say i quite tire want sleep..
so we when back to the car..
i nap awhile and wake..
then Dx wanted to open the door to blow some cold wind
when he open the door we saw Sam with his girlfriend Fenty..
they go Genting with milo,snack,laptop and speaker
and download the lastest X-men watch in car..
so clever~~^^

i know Dx very tire so call him sleep..
so later he won't so tire
when i look at his sleeping face my tear come out by it own
really can't control the tear~~
then he awake so we when to the toilet and go home..

in the car he cal sleep but i want to see he more..
cause later i still need to drive home..
but also got nap awhile..^^

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A day in Sunway+Cheras Look Out Point

6:41 PM 0

me and Dx when to Sunway..
actually wanted 2 ice-skating but i go out late~SORRY!!
so no time no skate..
then we decide 2 watch movie lo..
we watch the Shopaholic quite nice..
that movie make me want to buy many many thing~~~~~~~~
isk~isk~but no money~==!!

so we bought the ticket but still got time before the movie start..
we when to the avenue asia to play the 'ping pong' he always say
result is......draw~!!

Dx wanted to eat Haagen-Dazs so much so we go eat haagen-Dazs before movie..
Yum~YUm~~~~~!!!we order a Flower Blossom got 6flavor ice-cream in it...
NICEE~~~and expensive also==""

then after the movie we go window shopping..
but Dx did bought something to use at India
then feel hungry so we when to a shop cal Snowy to have our dinner..
the meal n desert......speechless~!!!not NICE!!no special at all!!
before we decide to go home we go for movie again~^^
this time watch Friday The 13th..
this movie quite nice..but at the end abit fake..o.0

Then after we leave Sunway i suggest to go Cheras look out point
people cal it as small Genting..
we when there look blow n see see KL view..
bout 2am++ all shop close n light we go home lo..