Thursday, April 16, 2009


Dad Bday~but out wit Dx

14April~my ah Pa bday~~
tat nite actually plan 2 go out wit Dx~~
sudenlly receive a cal frm my ErJie~~
gud news aso BAD la..==!!
remind me tat 2day was AhPA bday~~
SHIT~!!date Dx jo....
hw i plan 2 make dinner n blow his cake as early as possible~

bt plan fail..
cause my parent when bak 2 factory n came bak late...
so i jz rush out lo~~without blowin cake wit my AhPa~~
1st time din celebrate wit him~~^^""SRY

den~Dx hvn eat his dinner..
so i da bao my dinner gv him lo..
n i drive lo..he eat lo..
v plan 2 go kepong 2 eat Bau Bing~
bt both of us duno hw 2 go kepong frm puchong~~
wat cn v do follow sign board..
n v succes reach Dx 4gt whr is de shop..
so v sesat lagi~~
til v find the shop it ad closin..
so knt eat lo..

when i reach the shop only i know that the shop tat he say is wheel mil Bau Bing==!!
near my house gt 1 la..!!so dengan kecewanya v go home lo..

on the way v go Kepong v hv an agruement again~
nvm la..nt a gud memory 2 write..
bt it aso vr gud 2 hv that agruement..
cause vr hard 2 c Dx gt tear le..~xP
n he say somethng tat vr touch~!!!!!
dowan tel u guy what he say~~haha!!
wan u guy sam xi xi..


dxlim said...

huh....i oso got say something touch a??i oso duno o.....

[im]_Lin3LiNe_zt said...

lol~2pid le...

nvm~i noe enuf jo..^^