Thursday, April 16, 2009


Having Dinner at The Curve

me n Dx when 2 TheCurve 2 have our dinner..
bt v nt very sure hw 2 go TheCurve lo..
so tembak oni lo~~
bt aso reach la...

then find the restaurant lo..
TheApartment~enviroment dam nice le~!!
bt the food okok lo~==
the price~hmm...average la..
it a restaurant n bar..hw cheap cn it be~rite??
bt the enviroment reli reli nice..

afte our dinner~
v decide 2 go othe place 4 desert lo..
so i ask 4 my sis suggestion lo..
she intro me 2 a japanese ice shop if im nt wrong la..
it located inside the buildin..near by cinema
shop is pink in colour..
bt when me reach thr it CLOSE jo again..
again cnt eat yummy desert..jz lik wheel mil bau bing~!!
so v go Thai Express lo..

n order a blended ice mango((tasteless))/a mango juice wit santan((abit 2 sweet))..
==~!! nt gud lo..+the price so dam exp~!!worthless==!!

then finish dinner n desert jo~~
go home lo..
lik v always do...SESAT JALAN LAGI~!!
i thnk v choose a wrong turn..
so v sesat jalan almost 1hrs lo..
n pay many tol lo!!
frm rm1-rm2 aso gt...
i thnk v pay more then 5time==!!!
then v ask the tol worker..she told us 2 take sentul road...
n v reach sentul n frm sentul v drive til sunway oni v found our way home!!

Dx sesat jalan n pay tol til du lan jo~~xD
n say somethng vr vr funny...
say in a gud way is thnk positive~~
bt othe way it look lik kid le..!!dam funny~

**The pic all vr mix..lazy 2 re-do it..^^""


dxlim said...

i thought u will hafal my words out ge??

Carolinelzt said...

u wan meh~~
i hafal out nt funny d..
ned listen on d spot n c ur expression oni funny ma~^^