Sunday, April 26, 2009


Another Genting Trip With Dx~

me and Dx when to Genting 2nd time..
that place also is the last place i go with him before he go India
that day also my 1st time drive car go Genting^^
not funny at all!!!so tire..

actually i thought go for midnight movie only..
then Dx want go Genting so end up at Genting lo..
that night Genting so cold~~o.o!!
i wear short pant but lucky got bring jacket..

go there blow wind..but don't want do what..
so i decide to go for movie lo..
so we when to the 1st World cineplex..
see whether got any movie to watch..
lucky got the Sniper
神枪手 but Dx already watch~
but he say 'is okey~i willing to watch again with you'
so after we buy ticket i say hungry and go McD eat lo..
eat till 1.10am we go walk walk and chat~so windy very comfortable..

then we rush back before movie start~
after that i say i quite tire want sleep..
so we when back to the car..
i nap awhile and wake..
then Dx wanted to open the door to blow some cold wind
when he open the door we saw Sam with his girlfriend Fenty..
they go Genting with milo,snack,laptop and speaker
and download the lastest X-men watch in car..
so clever~~^^

i know Dx very tire so call him sleep..
so later he won't so tire
when i look at his sleeping face my tear come out by it own
really can't control the tear~~
then he awake so we when to the toilet and go home..

in the car he cal sleep but i want to see he more..
cause later i still need to drive home..
but also got nap awhile..^^

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