Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boring Day~!!!!

yesterday night at 2am++ i have off my computer..
stop waiting for Dx online..
mana tahu~~~when i offline off computer and prepare to sleep
he miss call me..==!!*doink~
then i miss call back..he call back and scold 9 me~~~*slap*slap
cause before that he told me when he online he will miss call me..
actually i really have forgot bout that~~==!!
cause to happy that you call..forgot everything...*stupid

then chat awhile with him in phone la..
haix~~time difference 2hours very hard ARg~~
my 2am is his 11pm only....WTH!!!!!!
i can't sleep late playing dad scold me d~
if let him know i play till so late he will keep away my modem..*sad

LOL~i today dream i went to India~~dam funny..xD



yesterday night my dad receive a call from one of my grandaunt..
saying that don't know which uncle have pass away~
***wish him rest in peace~=U.U=
so tonight need to prepare dinner early..==!!
so they can go to his funeral..i think~o.0??

my junior bank account at OCBC don't let me bank in my cheque
as i know the manager say that I'm 18 this year
so i should have change my account to personal account~~
**halo~i still got 1week+ only full 18 le.....!!
cause they don't want to give me the account interest~~

my parent when to the bank to cancel my account from OCBC
and thinking of lend some my money to give Catherine[2nd sis]
to go Sarawak with Tommy[her boyfriend]...!!!
to visit his family~~==!!
nononononono~~~!!!my money...please don't do that~~~
that all is my salary....T.T

and also thinking to use my money to pay don't know what what debt~.~!!
now so worry my money~~parent haven came home...
don't know my dad was joking with me or serious
please pleaseee~~~~don't be serious............

kie~need to go cook dinner~~~
my miserable life~~~~T.T
dam lazy~!!!!

after prepare dinner need to think wear what to Barcelona~
I'm out of clothes can anyone sponsor me pretty dress~~~~xD


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