Saturday, April 25, 2009


A day in Sunway+Cheras Look Out Point

me and Dx when to Sunway..
actually wanted 2 ice-skating but i go out late~SORRY!!
so no time no skate..
then we decide 2 watch movie lo..
we watch the Shopaholic quite nice..
that movie make me want to buy many many thing~~~~~~~~
isk~isk~but no money~==!!

so we bought the ticket but still got time before the movie start..
we when to the avenue asia to play the 'ping pong' he always say
result is......draw~!!

Dx wanted to eat Haagen-Dazs so much so we go eat haagen-Dazs before movie..
Yum~YUm~~~~~!!!we order a Flower Blossom got 6flavor ice-cream in it...
NICEE~~~and expensive also==""

then after the movie we go window shopping..
but Dx did bought something to use at India
then feel hungry so we when to a shop cal Snowy to have our dinner..
the meal n desert......speechless~!!!not NICE!!no special at all!!
before we decide to go home we go for movie again~^^
this time watch Friday The 13th..
this movie quite nice..but at the end abit fake..o.0

Then after we leave Sunway i suggest to go Cheras look out point
people cal it as small Genting..
we when there look blow n see see KL view..
bout 2am++ all shop close n light we go home lo..

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