Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Farewell Dinner for Dx

i haven get the pic yet..
wil post d pic when gt it..
so just normal blog luu~~

actually tat day plan 2 go Jogoya~den change 2 Tenji..
den change again..2 Kaki Corner somewhr at cheras~
a western restaurant..
Dx told his friend will reach at 8pm..
bt late jo bout 30mins lo..
cause come Puchong fetch me..
then go Kepong fetch Rainie..
den go Cheras leisure mall fetch Dao Zhuo..
on the way 2 Kepong traffic jam==!!

then v 8++pm reach Kaki Corner..
eat til 10pm..
after meal all just kengkai lo..
in the restaurant gt a women n a man singing..
Dx say wan cai cheong..==!!
so his fren Evvon,KeKe n Keat ask if thy can let Dx sing 1song..
so Dx sing David Tao d ai hen jian dan lo..
he sing 2 me~!!abit paiseh..bt vr touch la..
all his fren tot i touch til wan cry jo..lol
actually is my len make my eye look lik gt tear..

afte he sing all continue kengkai lo..
then no plan jo..
some say wan go MOS,some say go cheong k
some say go watch movie..
2many ppl many suggestion..==!!
so d ppl wan go MOS jiu go MOS lo..
other all go movie lo..

reach cinema suggestion come again..
suggest watch K-20/Mall Cop/The Uninvited
cause duno wan watch which 1 all go 2 mamak yum yum cha n keng keng kai..
at the end thy buy jo Mall Cop..
some nt vr satisfy wit d decision lo..
so thy want 2 curi curi chg movie..
bt aso din chg dao la..
the Mall Cop stil ok la..nt tat bad la..

after movie Keat bring a cake out n say wan celebrate Dx early bday..
cause on his bday he wil nt be at mlys..
so v go 2 Mcdonald blow his cake lo..
when v open the cake ad hancur melt separuh..
bt stil look vr delicious..aso vr tasty..bt quite sweet~

finish blow n eat cake all dam tire jo..
so go home luu~~
fetch Rainie go home..then me~
then Dx n Dz go Sam hse overnite..

a Nite wit Dx n his fren..
his fren all vr nice,funny,pretty,handsome d..xD
after tat nite i oni noe tat Dx sing is plan jo d..
bt stil vr hapy la..1st time gt a fellow wil do somethng lik tat 2 me..
nt brave aso wnt do so la..^^~


dxlim said...

not 30 minit...its 1 n a half hour...raine oso not live in kepong,its still cheras...

Carolinelzt said...

i tot she live kepong tim...paiseh~
gt so long ar??din realise!!