Tuesday, April 21, 2009


krazy nite~!!

on 19Apr-Sunday...that night was a crazy night!!!
that night me n Dx plan to go eat desert at mill wheel ice cafe~
when we reach there something terrible happen..
that his car key left in the car..==!!
how terrible..
so he call his mum n ask if there anyway to open the car door without the key..
his mum told him that other proton car key maybe can open it..
so i call my friend bring some of his proton car key n try..
can't open also..
so conclusion is wait his mum for the rescue..==!!

embarrassing~cause the customer and the worker in the shop are looking at us..
by using other kind of key to open the car..
we look like car stealer..Hahahahaha!!!

so after his parent come with the extra car key..
we manage to open the car door..
but the shop is going to close..
so i suggest to order a take away..
and go to puchong puteri hill that people say it can see d puchong view..
but so disappoint..it really a hill but not a very good view..
just some view of housing area==!!

but never mind~
we already bought the mango chocolate ice-blend
so just enjoy the yummy ice-blend~~^^"

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