Thursday, April 30, 2009


My Day Without u~~


like normally..
i have nothing to do..
wake up~brush teeth~go eat
then walk around~~

today is the 3rd day you live at India
don't know how are you??
i quite worry about you..
also dam miss you!!!
really don't know how is your life right now...
every time i think of you..
my mood will decrease~~=(
the time at there slower than here 2hours..
pass 2 days,i just can't sleep early
worry you will call me at night..^^"
and also cause non-stop thinking of you~
wondering,what time you will sleep

in this 3 days i also online..
so when you online i will saw you
Monday n Tuesday you also got call me and online chat with me...
but today you didn't call me also din online..
make me more worry about you..
not sure what you doing..
don't know what happen to you~TT
maybe cause you are too busy bout your studies thing
or yours phone no more credit..
wish i just think to much~

my phone wallpaper was our picture~~
so when i miss you i will look at it...
my phone will stick with me where ever i go..
worry you will call me and i would not heard..

the watch you give me i not dare to use..
scare i will spoil it..
so i prefer keeping it and see when i miss you~~^^"
the ring~i believe you will take care properly...
and won't lost it..

just now i read your blog..
i read till can't control my tear again..
make me more worry bout you~~
please take extra good care of yours health
don't wish to see you sick..
and please eat~don't come back become thin jo...
wish everything will be alright there..
yours studies won't so stress..

i think you should very miss your bed ba..^^
and also all tasty,sweet and cold dessert here~
your hostel there got refrigerator or not??
you go the market buy some pudding
and put in the refrigerator ma got cold cold d dessert lo..=D

tonight Blong go midnight Movie with boyfriend no people accompany me till late late~haix
must sleep after this Blog...=(
now feel a bit hungry~!!!==
cause didn't eat dinner..
Blong not here no people accompany me eat maggie~~
so forget about maggie thing~~~BLI BLA BLI BLA*****
not hungry not hungry~~~
tomorrow Reno call me go Barcelona..
wish i will happier after tomorrow night..

just awhile i was chatting with Jcool one of my silly friend..
i always confuse of dessert and also desert..
so i ask him..''what the difference between dessert and desert''
after he answer my question he added
"you ma write in your blog : I'm yours dessert when you are now in desert"
loL~dam funny lo...he dam clever lo~~xD

Yes~!!!atlast finish blogging~~go sleep
so won't feel hungry!!!!
go dream met

**God please take good care of him~!!!
bless him~~don't let him sick....
+u+u in yours studies~!!
wish you come back soon~~~
waiting you~!!!
**********MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH~!!!!muack~~


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