Tuesday, April 28, 2009


My Life~~Horrible!!!

left my sis(Blong),right mine~~!!
mine~~Maggie tambahan telur and meat ball~~^^
Line(me) before start to eat my supper~~~~xD
my noob look~~so UGLY!!!
Blong so kesian~sit on the floor..xD~
not i bully her..is no place to sit~
we sitting in front of the computer..watching Super Trio~WAkaKaka~
finish our meal~~so clean even drink finish the soup~~
Blong~posing..itu bukan kain buruk or scarf~
is her blanket..haha~

me and blong sleep late..around 2++am
that fei po Blong say very hungry so call me accompany her eat something~
so very decided to eat Maggie~~!!!
then we go cook Maggie~~cause is only took us 5minute to cook^^
then we enjoy our meal at the computer table
cause we want sambil makan sambil watch Super Trio ep200

after finish our meal~
Blong when into my parent room to see how is her cabal(online game)..
but the light already off by my dad the room is dark..
so once she switch on the computer screen the bright light will wake my dad
and both of us will kill by my dad~
cause watch and play game til midnight..

so i give Blong a idea..
that is blocking the computer screen and herself using the blanket
actually i was joke..just say for fun~~
but she really did~DAM FUNNY!!!
cause my dad almost wake by the keyboard typing and mouse clicking sound~
Blong immediately use her blanket block the computer light and her body without moving..
so my dad won't notice anything in the dark~~~HAHAHAHHAHA
make me laugh non-stop~~more funny than the Super Trio ep200..


the next day~~~28Apr09-Tuesday-
cause yesterday too late sleep..
make me slept over~~
i promise my supervisor Alex will go office to do product briefing at 10am..
but i wake at 10.30am==!!!
so i called him ask he will be at office till what time..
then i rush to brush my teeth and bath
and rush to office..
reach office he give me BA report and some Purina One document..
i think not many people know what is Purina One~~
is a dog food brand==!!how to sell dog food~!!!Arggggg~~~~!!!!!!

after all the briefing still have before go school fetch Nelson and Nixon
so call my ex-classmate out for......
tff=Tau Fu Fa (English translate=bean curd pudding)
hahahahah~~~simply translate...xD
send message to Herng,LiLi,Ling and also Angie
only Ling reply can,me what time??
Herng car spoil~car masuk wad kecemasan==!!
Angie at hospital~~HA!!!
don't worry..at hospital visit auntie~phew -.-!!

so only me and Ling eat TFF~~opss
almost forgot her cute little cousin ah Mei..
i long time didn't see her..she a bit shy talk to me..*sad
awhile later Herng call say car recover d..
can enjoy us TFF~
so we eat till 2.30pm Ling boyfriend ah Chan come fetch her go time square..
so sweet~go dating!!
so jealous,can go dating with boyfriend...
also make me miss Dx so much~~~!!!
after that me and Herng also go home~~
LiLi~reply me at 3pm++ "i just receive your message~"*stun o.O!!
reply after almost 1hrs we finish our TFF..stun or not~??=="

after bath~
take some picture~HAHAHa
me again~~^^v
After bath~actually my favorite juice honey dew milk
but bo HONEY DEW MILK!!!
so drink tomato MILK juice~~~~~~~sedap Sedap!!^^
busy playing CABAL~!!!stupid game..
they never bored playing it......==!!

at night after i finish cook dinner~
Dx call me from India..*so HAPPY!!
telling me that he online-ing..
ask me free to online or not~~~??
i say after i bath..
so i rush to bath..and after bath Nick and Blong is sitting in front of the computer
playing the stupid game CABAL!!!!
i told them let me use 1st..
but they don't want~!!!

so i let them play awhile i go drink my tomato juice~~~!!
after i finish my tomato juice they still not yet finish cabal-ing~~*shit shit
by the time they give me use Dx already offline...==!!*disappoint 99!!
but after awhile Dx online back but just awhile~~~~~~~~~~



can't sleep late when Blong around~~~~
sure become fatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt also botakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
always call me eat maggie~~~~~==!!
control myself to stay away from BLONG~!!!!!!

*** 3stars = serious warning~!!!!!
beware of BLONGzzzzzzzz

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