Friday, April 24, 2009



on 21Apr09-Tuesday
that night me and Dx when SkyBar
located in 33rd floor of Trader Hotel in KL..
SkyBar voted as Best Malaysia Bar

The bar decoration was nice..
especially the sofa table..
but too bad sofa sit was full with I'm taken plat when we reach..
next time if really wanted to go must make reservation
the place are so nice..
a swimming pool in the middle of the bar
table surrounding the pool..
but drink is very expensive..
even just only a glass of coke cost rm15

but there was a perfect view of KLCC n KL view..
in the bar thy use fan..
cause it already has wind blowing in the bar..
if you are sitting at the sofa place sure feel sleepy~~^^

too bad i didn't get the sofa place~
next time got chance sure make reservation..
but don't know when is the next chance go there..
SkyBar not suitable for those like to dance..
cause there no dance floor..
SkyBar suitable for adult age around 25+
or a nice beautiful view..

detail bout SkyBar can visit their web page..
and blog

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Anonymous said...

Dear Carolinelzt,
Thanks for your nice comments about Sky Bar at Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I really enjoyed your nice photos and I am interested to hear your comments and how you percieve our bar.

We are sorry that you found the cost of a glass of coke to be expensive. We have looked carefully at other similar bars in KL and we found that our price is about normal for a five star hotel and in fact considerably less than many other bars in five star hotels. In some other five star hotel bars in KL you must pay RM50 for a drink before you are allowed to go in, regardless of if it is coke or Champagne, and these bars do not have a view like ours.

If you would like to book a cabana table next time please give us a call at 03 23329888. It is better to call about three days in advance because these tables are in very high demand. There is no cost to book a cabana, no minimum spend required and as I mentioned above we dont charge an entry fee at the door like many other bars, except for on very special nights like New Years Eve.

Dancing is encouraged and we always keep an area of floor without tables just in front of the deejay booth for anyone who wants to dance. You are more likely to see people dancing on Friday or Saturday night as we are a bar rather than a night club or dance club.

If you would like to came back again please give us a call and we will book a nice table for you. Or if there is anything else that we can do to make your next visit more enjoyable please let us know.

Paddy - Sky Bar Manager