Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 stupid~from Group.U4-multimedia design

10:58 PM 0

the course i choose have 200++ students..
it have been divided to 8 groups..
from U1-U8,divided by follow surname..
and I'm in group U4..

and today timetable mark that
today having English language lecture from 9.30-11am
so i went to the class room at 9.30am+
the room only have 2 student..
after few minute come another 3 student..
so 6 of us sitting,walk here and there for 1hour..
still no other student came~even lecturer also didn't came??o.0

so 1 of the 6 went to the office and find the lecture..
see what happen..
then he came back with a very very funny look..and laughing?
**in the mind of other 5student-what he laughing!?SIAO ar!!
so i ask him.."what so funny??and did you found the lecture,what he say??
he reply me"i found him,and he told me that this week language class cancel!!" *he start to laugh again!!

then all of us start to laugh together....hahaha~~
cause we all know that we are so so stupid,wait so long...xD
but cause our stupidness we 6 have know each other~~^^

~~*actually i know Kevin on 25May when i tryin to copy the timetable..
but fail to~!!
then i saw a guy with spec holding his hand phone
taking picture of the timetable of my group..
so i ask him to lend me~~~xD*clever me!!
when i was copying Kevin came and asking if i could lend him copy~
or the guy could just send him the picture..loL~~
ini lagi clever~!!!by the way,the guy with spec is U4 also~~^^

back to here~
after that another guy came in..
also a U4 student..he know this week language cancel d..
that is Jon..

so we chat in the room till 11.15am..
then Trista suggest go for movie..
but i can't go..Shaun mum call him don't know do what so can't go also..
Jason no mood..did not go also...
at the end only Kevin and trista go watch..^^~

this is so funny hor~~!?
big mistake to wake early and go to school,***should be more lazy,don't go school!!

6stupid student end up in a cancel lecture,in a class room..
start to chat in a group and become friends~^^
***this maybe our starting only...we will met more friends!!!



Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FEEDING nyamuk!!!

2:47 AM 0
now I'm sitting at living room online,using my dad laptop~~~~~X(
this all because my dad lie me!!!!!
shit him!!!so bad lie me..
call me go living room online..
cause his love 1=my mum making pork rice dumpling for us..
he want me accompany my mum here..

before i come down i ask my dad laptop Msn update to latest d??
he answer all our computer and laptop also using latest Msn la..
then i came down stair and on laptop and realise i kena tipu jo!!!
ah pa~~u wei le ur lao mai ur lai lui!!! x(
make me use old susah~~
and also sit here feed nyamuk~!!
pity me~!!!!!

actually i got help mum make d~~~
but i make almost 5-8 then putus asa jo...
not that easy as you see...=="
very hard to make,but eat use not more then 1minute can finish it
never mind la...cause that dumpling i sure got eat d~~


now chatting with my ssbb~~finally saw him online jo...
i already did not chat with him few days..^^
cause he busy with his study n exam~~haix
never mind still got 2month+ to go..
he will have 2week holidays!!!^^

baobei~~!!! wo ai ni o=I love U~~miss u !!!
take care your health~~~
study hard~but must rest also...
waiting for you d llbb~~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old post~~

10:15 PM 2

21 May 09~Thursday

me and couple of friend help Ah Jing celebrate her 18th birthday early..
her actual birthday was 28May..
and we meet 1 of our friend..
he give me and Ah Jing each person a gift~~
my was that as the picture..
Ah Jing pendant was a heart shape with a flower of white diamond on the heart~

on that day me and Ah Jing chat many thing about her daughter our 'Xiao BaoBei'
i can see that Ah Jing very sayang her..
and very miss her also~~
in her hand phone got many Ah Jing,xiao baobei and her hubby picture all very funny~~

xiao Baobei is very cute and chubby baby~~
i quite long time did not see her..
cause xiao baobei living with her grandma at Penang..
cause Ah Jing and her hubby have no time to take care her..=(
yesterday xiao baobei came to KL..
so Ah Jing ajak me go yum cha to see xiao baobei,but I'm not free so didn't go..=="
tomorrow she going back to Penang again..
i think must wait till July or August only got chance to see her~~~~=(

when Ah Jing was pregnant,before xiao baobei was born..
Ah Jing have many sad thing happening in her family..
her mum,have cancer..sick till can't walk..
she end up~R.I.P before Ah Jing married ceremony/before xiao baobei born~TT
her useless bro,even his own mother sick and lying at hospital also didn't go visit her...
her uncle(her mother husband) take away whatever thing her mum left for her..
car,house and etc...even her twins sis~~~
both of her twins little sister,don't call her as sis anymore~suddenly hate Ah Jing
maybe cause of her uncle have talk something bad to them..
even Ah Jing bought something give them,they throw all thing away~~~!!
and call her not to come again...

that was hard time for her~!!
maybe some people know her,and have seen before she always argue and fight with her mum..
but actually Ah Jing love her mum more than u can see..
now even she say something about her mum,she will beh tahan cry d..=(

wish you a early Birthday o~~!!!
everyday also so pretty..
your xiao baibei will fast fast grow up..
your husband love you more deep & sayang you..
the last is wish your twins sis will accept u back~~~~
if got chance must SLAP sei your step father~!!!!!******


at TAR college NOW!!!!!

1:11 PM 0
So boring~!!!!!
now at Tar College computer lab..x(
nothing to do..
my lecture 3 more hours only start~!

i reach college at 8am++ but my lecture start at 4pm~x(
cause Catherine having class at 8.30am
so ter-force i have to follow her to come at the morning..
if not i have to come here by LRT and bus!!!
reach here nothing do..
so go rented house have a nap...xD
nap about 1hours++..
Keith SMS me..Catherine also..
call me go college fetch her..
Keith want me accompany him go eat~~

so rush to college and gave the car to Catherine..
*is her turn to wait me till 6pm..HAHAHA!!!
then met Keith at canteen..but that fellow say don't want eat jo!!
after few minute saw Jing coming in from the front door..
call them accompany me go photocopy something..

then boring again..cause nothing do..
so i suggest go library,cause got air-con ma!!xD
sambil can wait till 11am go for don't know what library audio visual ar!?
who care!!that thing also very boring..and the room damn cold..
till everyone inside also flu jo~xD

then Jing rush to his lecture..
and Keith me..nothing to do..
so decide to go canteen eat something..
finish eat jo~don't know do what again..
so i decide to come here computer lab..
damn full~~many people at here..
waiting for computer!!
the line not so good~~but still can use..
got people play dota here~zadao!!

still got half hour Jing will finish his lecture..
then they will go home!!!and left me alone at here..
don't know can do what..
now damn sleepy also!!tire..
don't know can do what~!!!

pity Keith no computer to use..
have to wait me outside~XD

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy for Few Day~!! [Old post]

11:55 PM 6
long time didn't online d~^^"
so did not post any new post..sorry~~
Raine ar Raine~~i really busy le..cause school thing make me busy..
so ma fan..
here is the old post post will post also..wait i got time first~xD
oyster ~~

shopping with friend~~
full till want vomit..==

14th May 09~Thursday

that day i go Sg Wang/Time Square with Keith and Herng..
go shopping..and buy not many thing..
just bought a bag that my dad say macam 'sa bao'==!!
2 long sleeve shirt /1 sleeveless jacket /1 macam net punya shirt..xD
i think i use already almost 150++

then they say hungry..
so we go Sunway eat Shogun!!!!
i only take 2picture of the food...
cause the staff don't let..=="
never mind la..the food average la..
Keith belanja me eat,as my birthday good!!
Keith::dun worry i will give u present on your birthday d..kakakakakaka~~~!!!
walao~me n herng full till want vomit..
Keith still eating like a hungry ghost..GENG~!!
after that i forgot what we do...hahah^^"
i think we terus go home gua...o.0"


18May09~without flash*
Tarc orientation day~flash*
which nicer???
My 9years BEst friend!!!Sarah~Mii
Asia One Cafe~
do we look alike~??or who prettier?xD
Belated birthday~~
birthday cake from Sarah~

18th May 09~Monday

that day was Tar College Orientation for 2009/2010 freshie..
that day i almost late=="
damn many people line up for going in the college hall..
i line up at the end of the line...zZ~and end up sitting at the back of the hall=="
it have 3session..
the 1st is science school~
2nd is the mass com school~
3rd is business and account~

i sit in the hall almost 4hours!!!
so boring..i almost fall asleep~~^^"
after the orientation we met our senior course-rep and other senior~
*Nalina*Ten*Robin*Kim...other i forgot the name~kakakak!!
their are funny and nice..
then orientation day end~!!
so happy at last everything end!!!
but i still have to wait Keith..x(
cause i have to fetch him back!!
while I'm waiting for Keith i saw jing..
SHIT him!!
trying pass by me by pretending did not saw me!!
lucky i saw him..hahahaha!!
can't believe will saw him there~~^^

so me Keith and Jing go home together lo..
reach OUG i go met Ling,Gie and Sor Lou Siong!!!
they eat KFC no wait me..i damn hungry..
15minute after i reach Reno came too..
after 5minute Reno reach Rong came also..!!
*old friend reunion!!hahaa

me and Reno hungry till want die d..
Ling say want go fetch boyfriend d..
so she leave first..then follow by Siong..
cause his mum call..=="
so left me,Reno,Gie, we go Ah Loy Restaurant eat lo..
eat till 9pm!!over the time Sarah date me..
so i fast fast rush back to Puchong..
i use 15minute to reach Asia One cafe..
by the time i reach there i saw Sarah 'FAT MOU' jo...hahaha~~~^^"
SORRY le...!!!

after 30minute i sit down the shop owner bring out a cake..
chocolate cheese cake from Bread Story..yuMmY~!!my favourite..
i damn surprise~Thank 9years Babe!!muack~~~~~
although already pass 1week..
but still will buy me a cake..this what a bestie call!!
my gang ar!!dun say cake la..orang pun tak nampak..isk~isk!!

Sarah say she wanted to change her MyKad cause we already 18..
can throw away the ugly 12years old MyKad~~**agree!!
so we take our MyKad to see any big change so she decide to take a picture of it..hahaha!!
after see the picture any comment bout it~??=)

then we keng kai till 11pm++ only go home..^^
that night i damn happy..
cause didn't think before that we almost 5years didn't see each other
but still got so many thing to chat~!!
she also a Taurus Baby~~her birthday just 1day before my birthday..
that is 10may!!^^close le...




2nd day of orientation..
so boring..
go college sit in a lecture hall..
n choose course-rep,assistant course-rep,treasurer,printing manager..
then senior bring us walk around the school..
that day foot is so so so so pain!!!x(
cause i didn't expect will walk around the school that day..
so i wear a high heel!!!end up my leg macam pig leg la..!!

after walking aroud the school we when back to the lecture hall..
senior told us something bout the course like what we need to use n should have..
about the school..something like all the terrible news bout Wangsa Maju safety..
like most of the people know la..there not so good in safety..
many robbery lo..creepy~so don't go out alone at NIGHT!!!

then everything end about 2pm++
me,Keith & Jing go eat KFC..loL!!!
then go home lo..have a rest or nap..xD

that week from monday to thursday also go college..
to attend useless lecture and activities!!!
*boring orientation day
*painful & sweatness walking around the school=="
*co-curriculum day~~[[even go there also can't register/all have to register online]]x(
*of introduction of college life/basic skill of study!!!
'chui ming sut' something that sure make u fall asleep~zZ

whole week waste me rm50++ petrol money!!
to go there and back home...
then i check my timetable online..
till now my timetable is not on online YET!!!stupid


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Damn HATE it!!!!!

12:35 PM 12
some time really damn hate my parent~~~!!!
they always bising bising..isk~isk!!!
Sunday night my dad ask me
"your college life is going to start did u prepare all your stuff"
then i say
"prepare what??o.0" he say
"you told me you wanted to buy new bag for school use??"

so yesterday night i ask 3 of my friend to accompany me go
Sg Wang and Time Square this morning..
when i wake up this morning my parent when to work already..
so i call my dad ask whether he can give me some money so i can go shopping..
he told me no money~==!!
take money from dad not wrong right~??
*****if you guys got read my blog sure know all my salary i have given to my dad!!!
so now my pocket is empty....*pity

then i call my friend to cancel the plan...TT
change it to say tomorrow only got money..
just now dad came home for lunch,he ask me why you still here..
not going out meh??
***no money how to go out orh~!!ah Pa..=="

then my mom came in and start asking my sis..
why go college need new bag ga...
i didn't see both of your sis bring bag and book to school..
you got so many bag still want to buy new bag..and Bla bla bla~~
***ah Ma~all that bag not mine,kie?
it belong to elder my bag is torn d~ how to use!!

what bullshit is this..
i work so hard and earn money but no freedom to use it..
for what i work so hard!!!
even i want to buy a new hand phone also need permission
HATE this kind of life~!!!!!!

*Caroline you are stupid~~everything control by parent..==!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My 18th Birthday~!!

3:55 AM 6
9May09~!!Barcelona night
from Louis & Ah Jing as my birthday gift~

this night Sarah plan to go Barcelona..
to celebrate her birthday..
but cause of don't what what all didn't go!!!!
almost 80% friend FONG FEI KEI~!!!
don't say that stupid memory d~~~~!! x(
nothing special bout Barcelona..
but i quite happy cause my quite long did not see the girl friend came to..
damn miss her le~~thank AhJing..^^
i heard that they sengaja go buy the angpao~~hahaha!!


eat lunch at Gasoline~11may09
didn't take the food picture cause to hungry forgot~^^"
just back from Sunway
My 18th Birthday!!
officially 18!!hahahahahaha~~
recently take picture also not nice d..why le~!!?
waiting Raine~~^^
Tmnet iTalk prepaid~
but don't know how to use!!!!!stupid..anyone know teach me??please..o.0"
birthday card from bbDx
2nd present from bbDx~~Thank!!muaackxx
my love 1~~PIG PIG..
left is a quite big d soft toy pig!! right is a small recorder pig!!

11May09~Monday_Caroline 18th birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
my 18th birthday arr!!so fast~~
finally officially 18 d...hahahah~
that day only got 2 quite sayang me d friend accompany me go out..
thank~u 2 very good know is my birthday call me out..
so i won't alone~~^^

that day go Sunway window shopping awhile feel damn hungry..
so go Gasoline eat~
then finish my lunch go window shopping again and found a bag quite nice..
i quite like it..but quite expensive also..=="
that bag need last also did'nt buy..T.T"
then go find Keith..
cause he at Sunway with his National Service friend..
then we join them watch movie~~The Uninvited
hmmm~that movie quite nice d..^^

after movie don't know want do what so me,AhJing & Reno go home lo..
actually Keith say wan belanja me eat dinner~~as my birthday present
but I'm still full like hell..
he say will belanja next time..^^

at night Raine say wan come find me..
so I wait her..till 12am+
quite sorry le~~paiseh..
make you and Sam come from so far just give me the present..
and sesat tim~~^^"pai seh!!and thank!!!

bdDx~so bad call people do thing..
Raine what Dx give you..
so help him~~hahaha =D
anyway~~Thank!! to Raine & Sam~~^^

that present damn surprise me~!!
and also very touch..
BenDan BaoBei~~thankxxxxxx!!!!muackkkksss~~
so good plan all this present all this thing to me..^^
this time really really speechless jo~~
looking at the birthday card make me feel so touch and tearful..^^"
thank!!!!LOVE u bbDx...muack muck~~muackkkkkkkk!!!
know i love pig so much bought me 1 as present..
i love the most is the little pig recorder..
cause u record birthday wish..
but i press wrong,did not listen anything..=="
but still very Happy u plan such romantic surprise thing!!!
but your hand writing..erm~~ahem ahem**..

and the blog you write~~!!

time start to pass quite fast~~
so wish faster reach August!!!
so i can see u~
when you back~i will celebrate birthday for you..
sui ran on that day your birthday already pass 1month..
but never mind~~^^
me with you,day day also Valentine and Birthday~~right??^^

that night i go buy a Tmnet iTalk prepaid..
stupid can't use le..
try so many time still can't use..
anyone know how to use???
teach me pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will wear the watch and see the time pass
second by second,hour by hour & day by day..
till the day i saw you~^^
when hug the pig pig just like hugging you~

waiting for you here~
your BD
宝贝~Muakzz mUckxx MUACKSSSS~~~!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sure Tiring~!!!

10:00 PM 4
this Saturday have to go Barcelona..=="
Sarah birthday~~sorry..i no$$ so no present for u luu~~
so only can accompany you go Barcelona lo..
don't say Caroline no heart le..
cause me that day got work d le..need to rush~!!
Sunday also work still go Barcelona with you ar..TOUCH mou!? =)
****Sunday work sure fishing d..!! x(
****Saturday must try get home at 3am!!!if not sure no energy work!!

Sunday is mother's day lo...
wish every mother on the world Happy Mother's Day~~~!!!
mom~sorry no money no present also^^"~
never mind,next year your birthday i try buy bigger present arrr...=)
we 3sister didn't plan anything for this year mother's day..
3 of us also no money!!! x(
but maybe Catherine will buy something from Sarawak?? who know?

but my dad and my uncle plan to celebrate for my grandmother..
on Sunday night 8.30pm at Belakong don't know which restaurant..
that day i work till 8pm!!!have to rush home and bath..-sure TIRING!!!
but it worth if can gather with whole family..
long time didn't gather together..even Chinese New Year also didn't gather~~
hu~Hu~!!excited don't know my aunt with go or not..??
she already get well so fast??o.0"

Monday is my birthday d...
so fast reach May d..^^
after birthday must prepare for school..
start school on 18May..
so nervous~~don't know will have what kind of classmate and room mate..??
better is not nerd =P..better is pou ka,playful,nice and friendly too~~~~~!!?
every first day of school sure don't know need to bring what!?
pencil case? note book? aiya~~!!who care....
first day sure pull Catherine accompany me go~~hu~hu


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


2:31 AM 0

is me~!!
wearing Purina One uniform..before go work..
see my panda eyes~!!shitttt
i did not have enough sleep..
my little cousin sis-Jasmine- came my house overnight..on Saturday night,
then,on Sunday morning around 7am++ she wake up..
maybe normally she wake at that time..
can't believe a little kid can wake so early..
she even fold her blanket nicely~~^^
she wake up and open the room door wake me up~~==!!
then i can't sleep back jo!!!
so ter-force wake early that day...
and go work with my panda eyes~!!!

My 3years old birthday cake~made by my Mom
5of us with my Mom~very very old picture~~^^

my birthday and mother's day is coming~~~~!!!!
don't know want how celebrate mother's day==?
don't know give what to my mum~
cause my money fly away jo~!!
Christina-elder sis- no money also~her wallet left Rm1 gua~~
Catherine-2nd sis- don't know she got money or not..!?
she still at Sarawak,don't know when come back!!! x(
the god have given my mom a very good mother's day gift...
guess what~~!?of cause is me la...Hahaha~~
i born on mother's day of year

my birthday coming also is after mother's day!!!
shitt~!!hate birthday on weekday..
cause sure everyone busy work and study~!!
don't know got people remember or not..x( !?
since form 1 i never have a nice birthday.. friend don't even remember my birthday..*sad!!

form3~my senior celebrate my birthday at a western cafe..
but is force by a guy that like me==!!thx~FeiYee
+that time having pasar malam near by...
so they go just terpaksa and after celebrate can go passar malam!!!!!

form4~celebrate with my best Sg Wang roller court..
they say celebrate only..actually is they wan go play roller..
and know that day my birthday only call me go..Fuck~!!
*u guys really suck le..~!!!

form5 is the best in this 5years~xD
cause i having exam on my birthday..
but at 10may08 my best gang did call me out..
but i don't want like the past..
so rela study at home~!!! xD

this year~thought can celebrate with him~~
but hu~hu~ don't say that la..^^"
so now only wait and see got people call me out or not lo~~

my primary best friend birthday on 10may..
she call me to go Barcelona on 9may~~
to accompany her..cause recently she have a argue with her friend cause of a guy..
so maybe her friend won't celebrate with her..
*don't worry Sarah still got me..^^~

2Sis-my bro in the baby cart~my cousin bro~me trying to run away~~xD
my cousin sis & bro~my 2sis~~me eating~!!
cute ma??guess who?me~don't know how many month~
still is me~~!!little Caroline
me~my dad love take picture for us when we are still kid~
see~i just love to smile~laugh!!it bring happiness

yesterday night~i suddenly think of young memory~~
many many many kid memory~~
and feel quite funny and happy..!!
so take out all the old baby picture to see~~
here is some of my kid picture~~~cute le....
i was a playful kid and like to laugh~~~

so miss kid time~can play don't need to care so much..
no stress,just eat,play and sleep..
just cry than everything my mom will give it to us~~^^
love her~!!



1:41 AM 6
nice ma??
after tide ponytail~~~this look very nice!!

this hair suggest by ChicChoc~~~thankx
i quite like this hair,after tide up...
but too bad need to wait my hair grow longer...
my hair grow very slow...
anyone can teach me how to make my hair longer~ha??
will hair grow like plant??
grow when they have water~~
so hair everyday wash then will grow very fast!!!
hahahah~talk rubbish only~
thank~for your suggestion~ChicChoc

opss~yea..almost forgot
and this video really something that everyone should see...
this is video also ChicChoc send me the link..
is about Britain Got Talent show..
a cute 47years old granny sing~!!!
is serious nice!!never believe a granny so GENG!!
go watch~u may agree what i say...