Thursday, May 28, 2009


6 stupid~from Group.U4-multimedia design


the course i choose have 200++ students..
it have been divided to 8 groups..
from U1-U8,divided by follow surname..
and I'm in group U4..

and today timetable mark that
today having English language lecture from 9.30-11am
so i went to the class room at 9.30am+
the room only have 2 student..
after few minute come another 3 student..
so 6 of us sitting,walk here and there for 1hour..
still no other student came~even lecturer also didn't came??o.0

so 1 of the 6 went to the office and find the lecture..
see what happen..
then he came back with a very very funny look..and laughing?
**in the mind of other 5student-what he laughing!?SIAO ar!!
so i ask him.."what so funny??and did you found the lecture,what he say??
he reply me"i found him,and he told me that this week language class cancel!!" *he start to laugh again!!

then all of us start to laugh together....hahaha~~
cause we all know that we are so so stupid,wait so long...xD
but cause our stupidness we 6 have know each other~~^^

~~*actually i know Kevin on 25May when i tryin to copy the timetable..
but fail to~!!
then i saw a guy with spec holding his hand phone
taking picture of the timetable of my group..
so i ask him to lend me~~~xD*clever me!!
when i was copying Kevin came and asking if i could lend him copy~
or the guy could just send him the picture..loL~~
ini lagi clever~!!!by the way,the guy with spec is U4 also~~^^

back to here~
after that another guy came in..
also a U4 student..he know this week language cancel d..
that is Jon..

so we chat in the room till 11.15am..
then Trista suggest go for movie..
but i can't go..Shaun mum call him don't know do what so can't go also..
Jason no mood..did not go also...
at the end only Kevin and trista go watch..^^~

this is so funny hor~~!?
big mistake to wake early and go to school,***should be more lazy,don't go school!!

6stupid student end up in a cancel lecture,in a class room..
start to chat in a group and become friends~^^
***this maybe our starting only...we will met more friends!!!


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