Tuesday, May 26, 2009


at TAR college NOW!!!!!

So boring~!!!!!
now at Tar College computer lab..x(
nothing to do..
my lecture 3 more hours only start~!

i reach college at 8am++ but my lecture start at 4pm~x(
cause Catherine having class at 8.30am
so ter-force i have to follow her to come at the morning..
if not i have to come here by LRT and bus!!!
reach here nothing do..
so go rented house have a nap...xD
nap about 1hours++..
Keith SMS me..Catherine also..
call me go college fetch her..
Keith want me accompany him go eat~~

so rush to college and gave the car to Catherine..
*is her turn to wait me till 6pm..HAHAHA!!!
then met Keith at canteen..but that fellow say don't want eat jo!!
after few minute saw Jing coming in from the front door..
call them accompany me go photocopy something..

then boring again..cause nothing do..
so i suggest go library,cause got air-con ma!!xD
sambil can wait till 11am go for don't know what library audio visual ar!?
who care!!that thing also very boring..and the room damn cold..
till everyone inside also flu jo~xD

then Jing rush to his lecture..
and Keith me..nothing to do..
so decide to go canteen eat something..
finish eat jo~don't know do what again..
so i decide to come here computer lab..
damn full~~many people at here..
waiting for computer!!
the line not so good~~but still can use..
got people play dota here~zadao!!

still got half hour Jing will finish his lecture..
then they will go home!!!and left me alone at here..
don't know can do what..
now damn sleepy also!!tire..
don't know can do what~!!!

pity Keith no computer to use..
have to wait me outside~XD

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