Sunday, May 17, 2009


Busy for Few Day~!! [Old post]

long time didn't online d~^^"
so did not post any new post..sorry~~
Raine ar Raine~~i really busy le..cause school thing make me busy..
so ma fan..
here is the old post post will post also..wait i got time first~xD
oyster ~~

shopping with friend~~
full till want vomit..==

14th May 09~Thursday

that day i go Sg Wang/Time Square with Keith and Herng..
go shopping..and buy not many thing..
just bought a bag that my dad say macam 'sa bao'==!!
2 long sleeve shirt /1 sleeveless jacket /1 macam net punya shirt..xD
i think i use already almost 150++

then they say hungry..
so we go Sunway eat Shogun!!!!
i only take 2picture of the food...
cause the staff don't let..=="
never mind la..the food average la..
Keith belanja me eat,as my birthday good!!
Keith::dun worry i will give u present on your birthday d..kakakakakaka~~~!!!
walao~me n herng full till want vomit..
Keith still eating like a hungry ghost..GENG~!!
after that i forgot what we do...hahah^^"
i think we terus go home gua...o.0"


18May09~without flash*
Tarc orientation day~flash*
which nicer???
My 9years BEst friend!!!Sarah~Mii
Asia One Cafe~
do we look alike~??or who prettier?xD
Belated birthday~~
birthday cake from Sarah~

18th May 09~Monday

that day was Tar College Orientation for 2009/2010 freshie..
that day i almost late=="
damn many people line up for going in the college hall..
i line up at the end of the line...zZ~and end up sitting at the back of the hall=="
it have 3session..
the 1st is science school~
2nd is the mass com school~
3rd is business and account~

i sit in the hall almost 4hours!!!
so boring..i almost fall asleep~~^^"
after the orientation we met our senior course-rep and other senior~
*Nalina*Ten*Robin*Kim...other i forgot the name~kakakak!!
their are funny and nice..
then orientation day end~!!
so happy at last everything end!!!
but i still have to wait Keith..x(
cause i have to fetch him back!!
while I'm waiting for Keith i saw jing..
SHIT him!!
trying pass by me by pretending did not saw me!!
lucky i saw him..hahahaha!!
can't believe will saw him there~~^^

so me Keith and Jing go home together lo..
reach OUG i go met Ling,Gie and Sor Lou Siong!!!
they eat KFC no wait me..i damn hungry..
15minute after i reach Reno came too..
after 5minute Reno reach Rong came also..!!
*old friend reunion!!hahaa

me and Reno hungry till want die d..
Ling say want go fetch boyfriend d..
so she leave first..then follow by Siong..
cause his mum call..=="
so left me,Reno,Gie, we go Ah Loy Restaurant eat lo..
eat till 9pm!!over the time Sarah date me..
so i fast fast rush back to Puchong..
i use 15minute to reach Asia One cafe..
by the time i reach there i saw Sarah 'FAT MOU' jo...hahaha~~~^^"
SORRY le...!!!

after 30minute i sit down the shop owner bring out a cake..
chocolate cheese cake from Bread Story..yuMmY~!!my favourite..
i damn surprise~Thank 9years Babe!!muack~~~~~
although already pass 1week..
but still will buy me a cake..this what a bestie call!!
my gang ar!!dun say cake la..orang pun tak nampak..isk~isk!!

Sarah say she wanted to change her MyKad cause we already 18..
can throw away the ugly 12years old MyKad~~**agree!!
so we take our MyKad to see any big change so she decide to take a picture of it..hahaha!!
after see the picture any comment bout it~??=)

then we keng kai till 11pm++ only go home..^^
that night i damn happy..
cause didn't think before that we almost 5years didn't see each other
but still got so many thing to chat~!!
she also a Taurus Baby~~her birthday just 1day before my birthday..
that is 10may!!^^close le...




2nd day of orientation..
so boring..
go college sit in a lecture hall..
n choose course-rep,assistant course-rep,treasurer,printing manager..
then senior bring us walk around the school..
that day foot is so so so so pain!!!x(
cause i didn't expect will walk around the school that day..
so i wear a high heel!!!end up my leg macam pig leg la..!!

after walking aroud the school we when back to the lecture hall..
senior told us something bout the course like what we need to use n should have..
about the school..something like all the terrible news bout Wangsa Maju safety..
like most of the people know la..there not so good in safety..
many robbery lo..creepy~so don't go out alone at NIGHT!!!

then everything end about 2pm++
me,Keith & Jing go eat KFC..loL!!!
then go home lo..have a rest or nap..xD

that week from monday to thursday also go college..
to attend useless lecture and activities!!!
*boring orientation day
*painful & sweatness walking around the school=="
*co-curriculum day~~[[even go there also can't register/all have to register online]]x(
*of introduction of college life/basic skill of study!!!
'chui ming sut' something that sure make u fall asleep~zZ

whole week waste me rm50++ petrol money!!
to go there and back home...
then i check my timetable online..
till now my timetable is not on online YET!!!stupid



YinG said...

Shopping tak ajak!!!!

Carolinelzt said...

lol~~~Ying ar ying~!!
i tak berani ajak u go shopping le..
u buy all branded thing..
i bo lui le..=D
u buy 1 thing already rm1k++ la..
me where got so many $$..==

YinG said... say like time really no people ajak me d!!!


i can buy RM10/shirt also geh!!!

Carolinelzt said...

won't ge...
sure will got people ajak u go d..
really ma!!rm10 u buy o??
rm10 can buy branded ar~~JoKing

dxlim said...

high heels again??dai sei...
go skul oso wan high heels la..

Carolinelzt said...

yorrrr~~cause oni high heel suit that pant..+i thought only sit in hall and listen nonsense ge ma..XP