Tuesday, May 5, 2009



is me~!!
wearing Purina One uniform..before go work..
see my panda eyes~!!shitttt
i did not have enough sleep..
my little cousin sis-Jasmine- came my house overnight..on Saturday night,
then,on Sunday morning around 7am++ she wake up..
maybe normally she wake at that time..
can't believe a little kid can wake so early..
she even fold her blanket nicely~~^^
she wake up and open the room door wake me up~~==!!
then i can't sleep back jo!!!
so ter-force wake early that day...
and go work with my panda eyes~!!!

My 3years old birthday cake~made by my Mom
5of us with my Mom~very very old picture~~^^

my birthday and mother's day is coming~~~~!!!!
don't know want how celebrate mother's day==?
don't know give what to my mum~
cause my money fly away jo~!!
Christina-elder sis- no money also~her wallet left Rm1 gua~~
Catherine-2nd sis- don't know she got money or not..!?
she still at Sarawak,don't know when come back!!! x(
the god have given my mom a very good mother's day gift...
guess what~~!?of cause is me la...Hahaha~~
i born on mother's day of year 1991...hu~hu~

my birthday coming also is after mother's day!!!
shitt~!!hate birthday on weekday..
cause sure everyone busy work and study~!!
don't know got people remember or not..x( !?
since form 1 i never have a nice birthday..
form1-form2...my friend don't even remember my birthday..*sad!!

form3~my senior celebrate my birthday at a western cafe..
but is force by a guy that like me==!!thx~FeiYee
+that time having pasar malam near by...
so they go just terpaksa and after celebrate can go passar malam!!!!!

form4~celebrate with my best gang..at Sg Wang roller court..
they say celebrate only..actually is they wan go play roller..
and know that day my birthday only call me go..Fuck~!!
*u guys really suck le..~!!!

form5 is the best in this 5years~xD
cause i having exam on my birthday..
but at 10may08 my best gang did call me out..
but i don't want like the past..
so rela study at home~!!! xD

this year~thought can celebrate with him~~
but hu~hu~ don't say that la..^^"
so now only wait and see got people call me out or not lo~~

my primary best friend birthday on 10may..
she call me to go Barcelona on 9may~~
to accompany her..cause recently she have a argue with her friend cause of a guy..
so maybe her friend won't celebrate with her..
*don't worry Sarah still got me..^^~

2Sis-my bro in the baby cart~my cousin bro~me trying to run away~~xD
my cousin sis & bro~my 2sis~~me eating~!!
cute ma??guess who?me~don't know how many month~
still is me~~!!little Caroline
me~my dad love take picture for us when we are still kid~
see~i just love to smile~laugh!!it bring happiness

yesterday night~i suddenly think of young memory~~
many many many kid memory~~
and feel quite funny and happy..!!
so take out all the old baby picture to see~~
here is some of my kid picture~~~cute le....
i was a playful kid and like to laugh~~~

so miss kid time~can play don't need to care so much..
no stress,just eat,play and sleep..
just cry than everything my mom will give it to us~~^^
love her~!!


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