Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FEEDING nyamuk!!!

now I'm sitting at living room online,using my dad laptop~~~~~X(
this all because my dad lie me!!!!!
shit him!!!so bad lie me..
call me go living room online..
cause his love 1=my mum making pork rice dumpling for us..
he want me accompany my mum here..

before i come down i ask my dad laptop Msn update to latest d??
he answer all our computer and laptop also using latest Msn la..
then i came down stair and on laptop and realise i kena tipu jo!!!
ah pa~~u wei le ur lao mai ur lai lui!!! x(
make me use old susah~~
and also sit here feed nyamuk~!!
pity me~!!!!!

actually i got help mum make d~~~
but i make almost 5-8 then putus asa jo...
not that easy as you see...=="
very hard to make,but eat use not more then 1minute can finish it
never mind la...cause that dumpling i sure got eat d~~


now chatting with my ssbb~~finally saw him online jo...
i already did not chat with him few days..^^
cause he busy with his study n exam~~haix
never mind still got 2month+ to go..
he will have 2week holidays!!!^^

baobei~~!!! wo ai ni o=I love U~~miss u !!!
take care your health~~~
study hard~but must rest also...
waiting for you d llbb~~

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