Tuesday, May 12, 2009


My 18th Birthday~!!

9May09~!!Barcelona night
from Louis & Ah Jing as my birthday gift~

this night Sarah plan to go Barcelona..
to celebrate her birthday..
but cause of don't what what all didn't go!!!!
almost 80% friend FONG FEI KEI~!!!
don't say that stupid memory d~~~~!! x(
nothing special bout Barcelona..
but i quite happy cause my quite long did not see the girl friend came to..
damn miss her le~~thank AhJing..^^
i heard that they sengaja go buy the angpao~~hahaha!!


eat lunch at Gasoline~11may09
didn't take the food picture cause to hungry forgot~^^"
just back from Sunway
My 18th Birthday!!
officially 18!!hahahahahaha~~
recently take picture also not nice d..why le~!!?
waiting Raine~~^^
Tmnet iTalk prepaid~
but don't know how to use!!!!!stupid..anyone know teach me??please..o.0"
birthday card from bbDx
2nd present from bbDx~~Thank!!muaackxx
my love 1~~PIG PIG..
left is a quite big d soft toy pig!! right is a small recorder pig!!

11May09~Monday_Caroline 18th birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
my 18th birthday arr!!so fast~~
finally officially 18 d...hahahah~
that day only got 2 quite sayang me d friend accompany me go out..
thank~u 2 very good know is my birthday call me out..
so i won't alone~~^^

that day go Sunway window shopping awhile feel damn hungry..
so go Gasoline eat~
then finish my lunch go window shopping again and found a bag quite nice..
i quite like it..but quite expensive also..=="
that bag need rm60..at last also did'nt buy..T.T"
then go find Keith..
cause he at Sunway with his National Service friend..
then we join them watch movie~~The Uninvited
hmmm~that movie quite nice d..^^

after movie don't know want do what so me,AhJing & Reno go home lo..
actually Keith say wan belanja me eat dinner~~as my birthday present
but I'm still full like hell..
he say will belanja next time..^^

at night Raine say wan come find me..
so I wait her..till 12am+
quite sorry le~~paiseh..
make you and Sam come from so far just give me the present..
and sesat tim~~^^"pai seh!!and thank!!!

bdDx~so bad call people do thing..
Raine what Dx give you..
so help him~~hahaha =D
anyway~~Thank!! to Raine & Sam~~^^

that present damn surprise me~!!
and also very touch..
BenDan BaoBei~~thankxxxxxx!!!!muackkkksss~~
so good plan all this present all this thing to me..^^
this time really really speechless jo~~
looking at the birthday card make me feel so touch and tearful..^^"
thank!!!!LOVE u bbDx...muack muck~~muackkkkkkkk!!!
know i love pig so much bought me 1 as present..
i love the most is the little pig recorder..
cause u record birthday wish..
but i press wrong,did not listen anything..=="
but still very Happy u plan such romantic surprise thing!!!
but your hand writing..erm~~ahem ahem**..

and the blog you write~~!!

time start to pass quite fast~~
so wish faster reach August!!!
so i can see u~
when you back~i will celebrate birthday for you..
sui ran on that day your birthday already pass 1month..
but never mind~~^^
me with you,day day also Valentine and Birthday~~right??^^

that night i go buy a Tmnet iTalk prepaid..
stupid can't use le..
try so many time still can't use..
anyone know how to use???
teach me pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will wear the watch and see the time pass
second by second,hour by hour & day by day..
till the day i saw you~^^
when hug the pig pig just like hugging you~

waiting for you here~
your BD
宝贝~Muakzz mUckxx MUACKSSSS~~~!!!



raine said...

hehe... ur bao bei dx didnt give me anything lor..should i ask from him when he is back? XD
mmm..sry leh..teach dao u press wrong.. >< if not i think u will cry when listen dao... too touching liao..

Carolinelzt said...

loL~ofcz should ma..no untung u help him do so much..xD
nola..nt u teach dao wrong..my mom read wrong jo^^"
ya o~what his record..he told me oni 8sec..
he say is say 'bao bei~happy birthday and i love u' je orh~o.0"

dxlim said...

walao...i treat her so well till nid count meh??
sbb...i wanna celeb wif u every of yor bday...till u 28,38,48................
^^ ssSSS!!!^^

Carolinelzt said...

loL~hw well u treat her o..bully her izit~~xD

^^~i aso wan celebrate evry yrs of ur bday la..bt cnt aso..u nxt yr 21st jo aso cnt celebrate wit us..TT

dxlim said...

nvm a...wer will canot le??
late 1 month je ma...
u celeb more wif me 21 yrs bou fan lo....^^

Carolinelzt said...

sure will bou fan la..bd!!