Friday, May 1, 2009


My Money Fly Away!!!!TT

waiting Reno
My money~no more d..TT

yesterday afternoon my parent came back from work
with my OCBC account money~after cancel the account~
all is Rm1770 =maybe some will think not many..
but for me is many..^^"

but my parent say lend some to Catherine for her Sarawak trip
and some have pay don't know what debt jo~!!!!
RM1770 no more Sad!!!
also don't know can get it back or not...T.T
please~pleaseee~~~~~must give back me..

i need all those money to buy present for Dx
buy thing i need for my studies
new hand phone and also laptop(if my dad don't want buy for me)~~~~
also buy some new clothes...
+menyara my college life...
all my friend say they use many money on college...

now have to wait till my birthday
go open personal account at Public Bank
only know my dad got return or not...
if not now ask sure got nothing~!!!!! X(

so happy~just finish chat with Dx..
today holiday so he can online at afternoon
he sure very suffer at there..
he can't tahan nasty food no sweet and cold drink
there so hot and dry~~no one will like hot
especially him...

he told me he start study a bit d..
but he not very understand..=(
and India weather is so hot and dry than Malaysia..
make him feel more sleepy in class
but he last time normally study also sleep at class~~==!!
**everyone does...^^"

hot weather make him drink many can drink and packet drink..
*****please le..don't drink so many sweet drink..not to often~=)
his line at his room is worse than mine U mobile broadband line..
so every time need to go out to get better line..
but still can't video call or online call..!!!
and his laptop battery can only use about 2hours++
so i think we can see each other when he have free time only for 2hours++
and found better line~~TT

early morning i wake i have no appetite eat
after online chat with Dx
he call me just to talk with~~
after chat with him make got back my appetite^^~

me damn hungry~~~ciaoz
go eat~~~~!!!^^


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