Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old post~~

21 May 09~Thursday

me and couple of friend help Ah Jing celebrate her 18th birthday early..
her actual birthday was 28May..
and we meet 1 of our friend..
he give me and Ah Jing each person a gift~~
my was that as the picture..
Ah Jing pendant was a heart shape with a flower of white diamond on the heart~

on that day me and Ah Jing chat many thing about her daughter our 'Xiao BaoBei'
i can see that Ah Jing very sayang her..
and very miss her also~~
in her hand phone got many Ah Jing,xiao baobei and her hubby picture all very funny~~

xiao Baobei is very cute and chubby baby~~
i quite long time did not see her..
cause xiao baobei living with her grandma at Penang..
cause Ah Jing and her hubby have no time to take care her..=(
yesterday xiao baobei came to KL..
so Ah Jing ajak me go yum cha to see xiao baobei,but I'm not free so didn't go..=="
tomorrow she going back to Penang again..
i think must wait till July or August only got chance to see her~~~~=(

when Ah Jing was pregnant,before xiao baobei was born..
Ah Jing have many sad thing happening in her family..
her mum,have cancer..sick till can't walk..
she end up~R.I.P before Ah Jing married ceremony/before xiao baobei born~TT
her useless bro,even his own mother sick and lying at hospital also didn't go visit her...
her uncle(her mother husband) take away whatever thing her mum left for her..
car,house and etc...even her twins sis~~~
both of her twins little sister,don't call her as sis anymore~suddenly hate Ah Jing
maybe cause of her uncle have talk something bad to them..
even Ah Jing bought something give them,they throw all thing away~~~!!
and call her not to come again...

that was hard time for her~!!
maybe some people know her,and have seen before she always argue and fight with her mum..
but actually Ah Jing love her mum more than u can see..
now even she say something about her mum,she will beh tahan cry d..=(

wish you a early Birthday o~~!!!
everyday also so pretty..
your xiao baibei will fast fast grow up..
your husband love you more deep & sayang you..
the last is wish your twins sis will accept u back~~~~
if got chance must SLAP sei your step father~!!!!!******



dxlim said...

bd...dun always mention ppl sad thing la...

Carolinelzt said...

zz~~where got always o..??
cause i beh tahan ma..
sometime saw them i think they very ho lin~~~!!!
actually im so xin fu d..^^"