Friday, May 1, 2009

Should i Cut Short Hair~~!!!

This Korean movie i haven watch but it look like quite nice o~~??
The gal hair look like very nice~
i wanted to cut that hair but ho~macam very mature o..
and i think she blow her hair..
sure waste many time on her hair before go out~xD
should cut short or not??


With Dx almost 3month~~
2month before he went to India..

almost everyday go out with him....
and i start to learn bad thing from him==!!
i start speak rude~the word he always use
diaoz~ and always plus a '7' front of every word~

this two word have become my slogan n.n"
and also learn his ugly look~~~~!!!
me before i met him,already started like to act stupid look..
now more worse act ugly look..
only receive bad thing...Shit~xD!!!

every time i saw ice-cream or cold dessert sure think of you~~~~!!!!
listen David Dao song also think of you..
so miss you 38-ing & crap-ing wit me..
always pretend like small kid in front me^^~
now i walk till tire or lazy walk also no people carry me jo==!!

so miss you le..!!
i wait u come back carry me le..=D
take care your health~
drink plenty water~!!

don't drink too many sweet thing..

****i become very ngam chan d!!
macam lou tai po jo~~!!



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hahaha~~let me think properly~xD