Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sure Tiring~!!!

this Saturday have to go Barcelona..=="
Sarah birthday~~sorry..i no$$ so no present for u luu~~
so only can accompany you go Barcelona lo..
don't say Caroline no heart le..
cause me that day got work d le..need to rush~!!
Sunday also work still go Barcelona with you ar..TOUCH mou!? =)
****Sunday work sure fishing d..!! x(
****Saturday must try get home at 3am!!!if not sure no energy work!!

Sunday is mother's day lo...
wish every mother on the world Happy Mother's Day~~~!!!
mom~sorry no money no present also^^"~
never mind,next year your birthday i try buy bigger present arrr...=)
we 3sister didn't plan anything for this year mother's day..
3 of us also no money!!! x(
but maybe Catherine will buy something from Sarawak?? who know?

but my dad and my uncle plan to celebrate for my grandmother..
on Sunday night 8.30pm at Belakong don't know which restaurant..
that day i work till 8pm!!!have to rush home and bath..-sure TIRING!!!
but it worth if can gather with whole family..
long time didn't gather together..even Chinese New Year also didn't gather~~
hu~Hu~!!excited don't know my aunt with go or not..??
she already get well so fast??o.0"

Monday is my birthday d...
so fast reach May d..^^
after birthday must prepare for school..
start school on 18May..
so nervous~~don't know will have what kind of classmate and room mate..??
better is not nerd =P..better is pou ka,playful,nice and friendly too~~~~~!!?
every first day of school sure don't know need to bring what!?
pencil case? note book? aiya~~!!who care....
first day sure pull Catherine accompany me go~~hu~hu



raine said...

haha... u r gonna stay in hostel when start sch? take k ya.. barcelona.. no call me go meh? adui.. ><

Carolinelzt said...

hahahaah~~~nt hostel la..
my sis n her fren rent a apartment near go thr live lo..^^

sry~i thought u guy wnt go barcelona~so din dx aso dun lik thr^^"

ms. sarah said...

dear..sorry only read your touch .. next time wont put aeroplane de larr..

Carolinelzt said...

knw ur babe rosak..
nvm..nxt time bou fan lo..