Sunday, May 3, 2009



2nd May 09-Saturday-

yesterday,before i wake up..
my cousin Ah Bing~~
call me..and wake me up jo..T.T
but lucky he did..
if not i sure late to work again..xD

he told me he on his way to my house..
wanted to give me something..
hmmm~~wondering what so important till wake me up in the morning..o.0?
yuen lai~!!is give me!!
2nd early tim..Haha!!
**1st is from my BaoBei Dx~if got read my blog sure know what he give~^^~

i don't think that present was choose by himself~~xD
is very nice...i like it so much~~
and thx,so good send to my house.....xD

his mom(my aunt) birthday on the same day with me-11may-..^^
yesterday,after work i only know that she in hospital..
having a don't know what surgery---cutting out something..?? =(
not so sure what surgery~~~~~~but surely not cancer***CHOI!!!!touch wood
wish her get well soon..and a early wish to her**Happy Burfday!!muackxx

this week i work at tesco promoting Purina One(want to know what is that read my previous Blog)
OMG~~~!!! bei-tahan the smell...
all pet food smell~~make me really no appetite!!*dizzy *vomit
and also boring...whole day standing there feel so sleepy!!!
other workmate work far away~~can't chat!! ><

get home around 9.30pm~
ate my dinner that my dad ta bao for me..
then watch tv..
feel damn lonely~~miss dx..
looking at his picture still having the tear feel==!!
weekend sure no time to online chat with him~~~SRY!!

12am parent and grandparent came back from hospital..
with a guest~~guess who??
my cousin sis..Ah Bing younger sis..
my dad worry letting her,overnight at hospital so bring her to our place..
later my dad will fetch her back~^^~

is time to go work again~~~/.\"
boring~~!!!need to stand 8hours again!!!
never mind think of the benefit after work~~!!!


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