Monday, June 29, 2009

T-shirt sketching

5:04 PM 0
my T-shirt sketching~~^^ [front]
draw at a rough paper~~added colour
nice ma~~???^^

finally sketch something out~~
can show Bernard d..but scare kena reject~!!==
should i sketch another extra??

today skip TTG lecture~!!hahaha
he very pity..cause his lecture really bored~~~==
everyone in his lecture were sleeping included me..^^"
but he is a very nice and gentle guys~~

so early get home d..
don't know do what~~~xD
boring tim....aduii~~~~~~menyusahkan...
class till very late say tire...
early get home say nothing do~x.x

hungry~so cook maggi again..

loL~~~my present to her!!

1:29 AM 0

lol~~since my pok pok chui-Trista- birthday coming so so soon..that is 14July
i decided to post my msn display message as above picture have show..
to view in bigger form press the picture~^^
and i have force Uncle Lok-Jeff- the first,
then Doreamon-Fei- but he rejected~!!=="
follow up,Skeleton King-Shaun-
then the last is blur nice guys-MengZai- he ignore me!! VERY GOOD!!
aduii~~i forgotten my LengZai-Kenny tim..=="

here a early birthday wish to her~!!
Happy Burfday~!!
wish you more pretty and more pok pok chui ar~~~~

Didnt go back~!!

12:39 AM 0

it was so bad lucky on Thursday-25June09- i when to English class
late 30minute!!!
after English class Evon,Jason and Shaun when to my house to finish up our HE assignment..
and end up
miss HE class!!
we met Jane group also miss class because rush HE assignment..

after the HE class we when to ask for replacement class with the next group..
U1 and a broadcast students..and that FEI PO scold us..
and run us out the class..and say don't want to see any assignment..
want to teach her class now!!
STUPID..LCLY!!!hate HER!!!!

then she want us to pass up on Friday~~
but we was busy with our PTPTN thing..
so Jason and Shaun pass it,she reject our work~!!
call us to re-do it..x.x~~

so i did not go back to Puchong this week..==
after PTPTN thing go BADMINTON with..
Fei,Jeff,Kenny,Shaun,Meng and Trista just go see see..==
so shuang~~!!long time did not play badminton d..^^~
after that go yum cha..then go home..
feel so tire~~hu!! after bath..
feel so sleepy wanted to sleep but damn hungry!!
Leon call me go go eat dinner with him..
and chat till
2am!! only go home..
so tire..straight away sleep d..=="



wake up at 12++pm..
receive Leon messages at 11am..ask me go break first..
hahahahha~~i still sleeping..
so terpaksa cook
maggi tambah telur~~~xD

then re-do HE assignment till i think 5pm++
Jeff say go McDonald at night..
excited~~~can eat
ice cream!!^^
wait till 7pm++ Fei haven get home..
force to eat
maggi tambah telur again~~1 day eat 2 bowl of maggi!!
finish maggi do a bit of my homework..wait Fei~~
and receive good news..go McDonald at 12am..huhuhuhuh~

so rush to bath..and they PAK HEI when I'm bathing!!
damn bad..did not wait for me..
i miss very funny moment!!!

then go there Jeff,Kenny and Fei do HE and Shaunn kacau kacau~~xD
1cup of drink..2big packet frech frieds..and a sundae con for ME
sundae cup for Jeff~~!!
uncle lok belanja me ice-cream~
till almost 3am..sleep and tire..go home sleep like pig~~!!



wake up at 12++ almost 1pm..
brush teeth and go prepare to online..
the connection got problem d..x(

don't care..when to down stair buy pork rice~YumMy and TauFuFa~~!!
after finish all..try again my connection..
still can't~TT
so i send Catherine,Shaun,Fei,Kenny,Jeff,KaiXian and Leon
[any1 knw y modem ad plug in n ad connect bt cant on9 msn n open web page]

all reply me except Jeff and Leon..=="
then 3pm+ call Leon he was sleeping..zadao~~!!
he say "after i eat i come help u la.."
so good~!!THANK..

but can't fix..==
we even call to Streamyx use at all!!
waste my phone credit = rm11
so end up we putus asa d..stop making d..
so chit chat at my house awhile..suddenly connected..
YEAH~!!maybe is the streamyx staff refresh my line~~^^

then continue chit chat and he show me some song and funny mail..
also teach me how to use art line pen to hatch+cross hatching~~
till 8pm++ call KaiXian they all go eat dinner~
so go met till 10pm..come home~~
blogging and do add a bit of HE thing again..
cause Monday 3.30pm is


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Old Thingy~~no Time!!!

8:27 PM 0
Jeff~Fei~ -Jeff your pig hand block my Doreamon face d-
Line~`^^ 24June09

recently i was so busy about my homework and assignment~~
so i blog some old old stuff ar..
have recall back what have happen tim....very hard~
mostly people know my memory d la..
a bit short term memory~~~

picture above all is from past Wednesday 24June09..
it was Tarc DML+AMl day!!!
it a day that Bernard have plan to let all DML student meet their AMl senior~^^
it a
multimedia design Time Square watch Transformer~~~!!!
it was excited~so many DML and Aml student at Time Square and Sg Wang..

so that day journey begin from Genting Klang..
cause me n Leon don't know how to go Time Square from Setapak..
so decided to meet at Tarc..
mana tau i go school fetch Shaun suddenly Leon call me and say go Genting Klang Petronas meet=="
so go there about 9.40+am..wait for Ryan..
till 10+++++am..all of us buy some bread,cookie and drink eat break first at Petronas x.x

then start our journey..
reach Time Square..and Ryan find a lorong to park his call=="

so smelly~can't even nafas want die d~~~
so me and Leon decide to find other places..

he also found a parking place..but it was very very small!!!!!!!
so i told them i go Time Square park..
reach Sg Wang i need to make a U turn to go in Time Square basement..
but there only have a traffic ligth can make U turn..
but it not for U turn..
but no choice la..have to~~if not how to go..
so i on right signer while waiting it to turn green...
then it green~when i turn, suddenly from my right side a motor speed up and
BANG! crash to my car!!!
STUPID~!! that malay guy cari mati!!!
then he run away d...TT

he stretch my car
!!!!!STUPID~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I HATE MOTORCYCLE IN MY LIFE!!!!

make me so no mood...
so me,
Evon [mystery lady],
Jason [Dota kaki], Shaun[skeleton guy] and Kevin [funny monkey]
then go Old Town meet
Trista [my pok pok chui],
Jeff [my uncle Lok],Kenny [my Lengzai+ good body], MengZai [blur & nice guy]
Fei [my Doreamon]
and sit there awhile wait them finish their break first and go line up for
so the guys go buy us popcorn..we wait..^^huhuhuhu~~
lady always have benefit!!

while their are buying,i suddenly think they will bought me a coke..that
i DON'T like..
so i when to them told Jeff but don't why..i just can't speak out the word 'COKE'
do you know how i mandarin la.."
wo bu bu bu bu bu bu bu yao coke"==
and the U1 Ryan stand beside me and saw everything..
he follow want i do==" and start to act like me~~

then movie start all of use are separate sit~~
cause it was Bernard plan to make everyone sit with other student..
so we can make new friends....
Transformer 2~~it was
AMAZING anyone that haven watch should watch it..!!
it was so nice...i did not watch Transformer 1..and i don't like it..
but it was
GREAT~~should watch it...don't miss it or you will regret..^^

after movie..everyone was hungry..and nothing do..
so decide to go sing k~~^^
after our lunch we when to Sg Wang sing k~~!!
shuang~~with U3 people..
then after all activities all go home lo....feel so tire!!

Friday, June 26, 2009


3:20 AM 0
recently so busy of my assignment and PTPTN stuff..
that why no time update my blog..
sorry my friends..
and Sarah don't come here LC me ar..=P
know you damn free can always update..=="

i will try my best to find a day to update my blog..
my currently doing what thingy~~^^

don't stop viewing n visit my blog..
continue look at my blog..
wait for my updated blog~~OK?

everyone please BECAREFULL of H1N1..
buy mask if can..
prevent H1N1..don't regret when u caught by H1N1..
wish everything will back to normal!!
everyone pray so H1N1 will go away...

Tarcian becarefull...
today i already receive plenty of message about
Tarc got around 5 students infected H1N1 d....
so do anything to keep youself safe..
don't let your family worry bout you
don't wish to see more and more victim of H1N1 dead....TT

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture~!!^^ [homework & assignment]

1:21 AM 2
Conceptual Design *assignment 1
Introduction of Illustration
draw something for ice breaking~~
with white pen on a black paper only...
rough sketching
hand~didn't bring sketch book..draw on a drawing paper~
re-draw to my sketch book~~^^
toilet~3rd homework!!
straight line draw using different soft pencil..x.x
start to learn drawing with using a weird holding pencil skill~=="
****dislike it!!very much~!!
cause can't even draw a straight line~~
see picture already know it~
forgot what this called as..
i think is called as drawing point~~~^^"
lecturer what us to draw many time so can draw a straight line..==
started the first image~~~shape
hand~draw by using weird hold pencil skill and drawing point..
very hard~!!!!!!
see the drawing so ugly you will know how hard to draw~~~
look like hotdog~~xD
learn shading..using different soft pencil..x.x
butterfly~~use weird hold pencil skill.drawing point
and shading skill...
ugly~~~not so good in this~~~==

lastly is shading 3D shape..not that easy as you see..TT


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tagged by my bestis=="SARAH

10:05 PM 2
1. Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
hand~only my bb.xiang~

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning ?
wanted to sleep back~SLEEPY

3. Who was the last person / people you took a photo with ?

4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
ermmm~~do i?ya gua

5. Will you ever donate blood ?
sorry~of cause is a NO~I'm so scare the painful and the needle

6. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex ?
ermmm....i think ya

7. Do you want someone to be dead ?
adui~~who will want someone to dead==" NO

8. What does your last text message say ?
tomorrow bring all hubungan etnik thing,we go school discuss..

9. What are you thinking right now ?
how to finish all my assignment while the Internet attract me to online=="

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now ?
ya~~many many

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?
11something~can't remember..cause i sms half way and accidentally fall a sleep~xD

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
OUG pasar malam~x.x

13. Is someone on your mind right now ?
ya~he so busy

14. Who was the last person who text you ?
errr~~~i think is Kai Xian gua..

TEN people to do the quiz ;

1 .Esther
2. XiaoYi
3. MowMow
4. Shaun
5. Simon
6. Raine
7. Wern
8. Joel
9. Justine
10. Nicholas.senior

15. Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
Don't know..

16. Is no.1 a male or a female ?
do male use Esther as name...female la..xD

17. If no.7 and no.1 get together , would it be a good?
Sorry~both are girl..==so is a no

18. What is no.1 studying?
Diploma in business Segi

20.Is no.4 single ?
Yes~~say not going to have a GF now wo..hahaha

21. Say something about no.2.
pretty,adorable~~love cosmetic look alike her sis

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together ?
=="both are girl also~~can't really being together

23. Describe no.9 :
nothing~~don't really know him..xD

24. What will you do if no.6 and no.7 fight ?
no worry~their are real sister,fight won't last long...hahahaha

25. Do you like 8 ?
hmmm~~okok lo

26.then do u like 9?
he my senior~~don't know him well^^"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

New Friends~~

11:20 PM 2
multi-use bag~Rm32
multi-use bag~RM42
wanted to buy bag~~
so i go check out see any new bag on Queen Closet..
Queen Closet is a internet shop..
go check out..
it quite cheap...not to expensive..
i think some of their bag are reasonable price~~
so i saw this to bag was nice~!!
it was a multi use..
i always wanted to buy a multi-use bag..
and very unique lo~~~
i damn like unique thing..especially BAG,SHOE & CLOTHE...
don't know should buy or not..
im worry that it come different than the picture show..==
i like the RM42 most~~~
really thinking of buying that bag~~^^
should buy or not~~!?tell me please~~~~~
and which better??

50First Date

that day im having lecture at 10am-12pm and another lecture was 5pm-6pm
in between i having 5hours freetime=="
that morning lecture dismiss early..
so i got 5hours++
actually after lecture i plan to go home sleep..
but Trista say she wantes to go Low Yat see computer..
Kevin have plan to go Time Square with CheeseCake-Kek- and other U3 students..
they call me i call Jason go also..
Shaun can't go cause got music class at 2pm..Shaun**Jealous le..!!!
so me,Kek.Kevin & Jason go by Trista car..her boyfriends-Edwin- fetch..^^
reach Time Square bout 12pm..
we go Food & Tea restaurant eat lunch lo..
it was to many people of us..14people not included Trista and Edwin..
we combine 5-6 table till very long..hahah!!
i order a don't what noodle with veg & wantan~quite nice..
and a YinYong cincai..not nice=="i prefer Kim Gary YinYong*nicer la..!!
cause coffee taste to strong~~~~!!
actually quite boring la..~~cause don't know them..^^""
after lunch,all have different suggestion..
this what happen when to many people in a gang=="
some want to go cheongK,some want go shopping..
and some want go watch movie..
then,some decide to go Low Yat don't know do what..
and me,Kek,Kevin & Jason go shopping..
so many thing i wanted to buy~~!!
but i tahan myself not to go ATM!!
so i didn't buy anything on that day~~~=(
so only go window shopping and help Kek in choosing some bag,shoe & clothe..
Kek bought many thing~Kevin bought a very cute bag~~
when i saw he bring to school take a picture and upload..xD
shop till 4pm..go meet up with Trista anf Edwin..
cause want to rush back for the next lecture..
Trista also buy many thing~~~TT**JEALOUS!!!
Jason did not go to the lecture..
cause he rushing back hometown..
so tire d~~sambil copy note sambil fishing..xD
finish lecture go home with Evon by bus..
at Setapak house wait Catherine to fetch me back Puchong..
back Puchong..oline and watch 2 old movie..
50 First Date & Enchanted both movie very nice..^~
**if haven watch should watch~~
make me 6am only sleep~~and wake up at 5pm today~~!!!!


Friday, June 12, 2009

lately damn busy~!!

1:28 AM 0
HP Pavilion dv2 Series

this is HP Pavilion dv2 Series...
as you guy know this is a quite new product from HP..
and my dad bought it for Catherine..=(
if quite small,slim and not heavy easy to carry~
this cost RM2k++

my dad say he will buy 1 laptop for me also..
but don't know when..=="
never mind la..laptop not cheap
and i must need a good will be very expensive..
as i say before la..I'm in multimedia design ma..
so i need a quite big screen and at least got 3-4GB laptop..

so I'm temporary using Catherine desktop lo..
but very LAG~!!so need to re-format again..
that desktop maybe to old d..many illness d..
don't know it still can tahan till how long...hahahahah!!!!!!

LOVE volleyball~~!!!
volleball my LIFE~
volleyball court~
human muscle


that day was my first day of volleyball practice in Tarc..^^
so excited..can't wait long to play volleyball
cause it been long time i did not touch volleyball..=)

but it was a big disappointed..!!
cause we did not touch the ball as what
i was joking with Shaun and Trista earlier..=="
very very disappointed..x(
cause when the coach reach..he call all member take a piece of paper and a pen
then sit on the floor..and he started to talk many thing..
history and volleyball knowledge..senior this senior that..
*not need i say out,i think many of you guy know la..

i think he talk history almost 30minute+..
then we thought we can play volleyball d..
*ding dong wake up la..
got so good or not..he call us to run 2round 2court..
then warm up la..!!!warm up almost 15minute+

then rest awhile..5minute later he call us to gather and start asking question..
something like"this is what muscle and what this muscle do..
then what can do what can't will hurt here and there..
just like attending a healthy physical class..
after 15minute talk all this and that..
that he told us to write it down..if all to do a ASSIGNMENT!!
now you guys so curious and asking why volleyball practice got assignment le..
i also wanted to know...if you guys know WHY please tell me!!=="

then after all this thing..
we wait so long and finally finish his old man story..
we though can play some game..MANA TAU~
still not yet..he call us make each roll 6people..
and start to do some exercise..
to stretch we can easy do those volleyball action..
it took us 30minute++ again..
then rest 5minute..after 5minute we go back to the line..
and having some space..and he started to teach normal move of volleyball
in this part i was caught by the coach as a example..
bad example!!cause as a ball player we can't keep long finger nails..
that the he pull me out and start to say why can't why can't so cut it..=="
and end up we all sweat and thirsty like hell!!
without touch the ball==!!go end the training
hate it~~~~~~!!!still got assignment...
but quite refreshing after some energetic!!
cause long time did not sweat so much~~^^


lately I'm so busy~!!!
can't blogging d..cause no time..
always online search for assignment thing..
seriously busy~!!many assignment!!
head going to burst!!HELP me!!

so jealous Sarah so free still can always blogging~~=(
pek-cek~~~!!mang jang~~!!bo song!!!
my study material cost me rm150++
so many thing to buy..and expensive..
i'm going to bankrupt any sponsor!? =="

back to my assignment thing..
i currently receive i think 4 assignment..
1st.MR Chow=Conceptual Design~draw using 4black boxes following the theme.
2nd.PN Nik=Introduction To illustration~draw anything that found in our bag
~draw a hand sign any sign but not 'national sign' xD
~draw any thing that you saw in our house..=="
3rd.PN Ina=Hubungan Etnik~do something bout PLKN folio is essay form
4th.MR i don't know=Volleyball Coach~write a report after every time volleyball practice
~it have a test after 10week practice..==""

and this what have to finish it before week5!!!
how can i finish it in already is week3..x(
this is not the only assignment..
still have English language and introduction to art assignment
lecturer haven told us what to do only..=(
*sad *
SAD *Sad~~~

now i haven take picture of my finish assignment work..
when i finish d..i will take picture and upload^^~
and recently i did not take picture d..
no new picture..very boring..
but please always visit my blog wo..
don't stop visit and read my blog~~xD
when i have time i will blog more and more and more!!



today quite stupid day..
LATE to Hubungan Etnik class cause go CIT to print out assignment thing..
then in class I'm asking left and right,front and back people bout the assignment thing
caught by PN Ina I'm talk..=="
this not serious thing..don't mind~!!^^

7pm++ time to dinner..
wait so long just waiting for this time..cause very hungry d..xD
so go eat at down stair hawker stall restaurant 'Old Place'
cause it just after rain..
so the table at the road side have a tent/big big umbrella..
then i was sitting at the most outside sit..
and enjoying my spicy Pan mee~~
happy happy

suddenly the staff there trying to move the tent away cause rain have stop..
before that the tent actually gather plenty of water on it..
and the staff put the tent and the water all POUR on me!@#$
lucky only pour on my right hand n leg..and part of my was all wet..x(
so damn
EMBARRASSING~!!lucky not pour on my head to toes..
it will be more

then i have
no more mood to finish up my spicy pan mee
and only drink finish my leong cah~~!!
then i go back home to change my wet clothe to a clean clothe...
then fetch Kevin and go TBR to buy some study material again..
got home online till now..
and just now suddenly stomach damn pain~!!
don't know it is food poisoning..TT


Saturday, June 6, 2009

LOST a friend like you no BIG deal~go DIE!!

9:02 PM 2
message i send him~~he don't post out my comment!!stupid
force to send in message..cause he delete me from friend list~!!!
not DARE to post out...still childish play delete people!!
the previous message before arguement start~~
previous message and the message i just post~~
i post it on my own friendster page~~~
that S*H** profile~~!!!*so sorry I'm so angry!!can't stop it.......

to SooWaiKit::

you are SH then i think you are...
damn childish,brainless,idiot,irritating and more~~!!
less a friend like you may make my world more peaceful..
actually i did not think to tell you bout this..
bvt you are to over~*fucker!!
do you know many people actually damn hate you..
you can't feel that some people actually just ignore you~!!
just fu hin you~!!some even don't reply your message~!!
i feel pity to you that you have no friends

and always talk nonsense with me..
ass you~!!
and seriously please get your ass mouth
shut up!!
don't simply say people thing to other stranger that you don't know..
or tell people you just met whatever you think of your so call friend are~!!
you may be just joking,but use brain when talk or do something..

i have help you call many SKSM people to yum cha..
they don't want or can't go what can i do!!
waste my money to call all of them,at the end what i got~
scolded by a idiot ass fucker like you!!
ei~MR benefit i do all this..
and you thought me and Sarah very free ar..
to help you think where to yum cha enough lo!!
you want yum cha call me and Sarah plan d tell you place and time..
wei~!!I'm your dog ar!!
even dog have their prize after doing something for their owner!!

please never call me bring you go clubbing or intro girl to you~!!
i already didn't reject you so direct jo..
still don't smart a bit stop asking d...
if i intro you to my friend they sure scold me..cause you are terrible annoying~!!
and for what i bring you go clubbing..
you don't even know my friends~i will no babysit you at there!!

really make me damn want SLAP you!!
still dare say want make it big big ar..face to face tim~go DIE la!!
please la..waste time only~~you think you can make it how big..
then you slow slow plan how to make it big big la..
i wait you~~!!

lastly~lost a friend like you
no big deal!!
and will live more happy without you annoying me~!!
DIE!!SooWaiKit!!i deleting you in my *computer d~!!
no longer in my friends list!!
THANK for leave my life and give me a peaceful life again~!! xD


Friday, June 5, 2009

UnLucky Day~!!

10:45 PM 0
today i was so damn unlucky~!!!
i actually wake up very early to get ready to school..
and well prepare to school..
but i late also!!!
cause that stupid lift have miss my floor twice..
make me wait there bout 15minute..
force to take taxi to school~!!!!!

when i reach school..
my hand phone strip broken~*pek-cek
cause I'm rushing out..i forgot to fill my water bottle..
make me bring out a empty bottle..
so i wanted to fill my bottle before i go in lecture hall..
the 2stupid water machine out of water!!!
the nearest water machine is at the next building~~
end up i didn't fill my bottle..and thirsty like hell!!!

but the lecture end 1hours early can go home sleep..
but my friend suggest go watch movie..
so we go MidValley watch Night At Museum 2~~^^
but reach there the movie was selling fast..
when we reach the counter it already full..
so we watch Fighting..not nice~!!shit~

after the movie it already 4 o'clock..
and our next lecture was 5 o'clock~~wish can reach school on time..
but cause Trista mistaken a road that we not very sure how to go back school..
and have a traffic jam at Ampang!!
we reach school at 4.10pm..
just started..*phew~
before we enter the lecture hall i wanted to fill my empty bottle but Kevin say go in first..
so go in~end up didn't fill my bottle again~!!
thirsty and tire!!cause we run to the lecture hall...=="

after lecture i wanted to fill my bottle~again forgot to!!
this time is because Kevin and Jason fault!!
run so fast i want to past them the paper..
so i go out to the gate to find them..but they go back d!!
forgot fill water AGAIN!!*stupid~~

then wait Catherine and her boyfriend to fetch me..
we go MidValley to watch movie..
watch Monster vs Alien,actually we wanted to watch Night At Museum 2..
but full d~~

so whole day only drink 1 cup of water..
and it wasn't plain honey lemon..
when eat lunch with classmate..x(


this afternoon,when Trista mistaken road and pass by Dx house..
it remind me,bout our sweet sweet memory~~^^
then,at night go MidValley watch movie remind me our first date~
when go home pass by the KTM remind me,
i always go there meet you then you bring me to your house...
really many memory~you already go India for 1month+
i still will cry like it just happen yesterday..^^"

so miss you~!!
recently we both seen busy..
and not many chance to chat in MSN..
i not dare to miss call you~scare kacau you study..
and don't want to waste your phone credit..
Saturday and Sunday i will come back Puchong..
i will try online and miss call you d la..*wish you free to online lo*



Monday, June 1, 2009

byeBye my life

11:12 AM 4
after holiday for 6month after my SPM..
i realize the most thing i do on my holidays is eat,sleep and online~!!! [except April]
suck~!!and now i have gain 5KG!! what the ****~~
so sad,don't know how to decrease my weight in a short time~!!
anyone know ar??teacher me please==""
the only way i think before is don't eat..xD
but it won't work..cause i Love to eat..
if don't don't eat,you better take my life away~~!!
i even try before drink digestion tea...every week atleast 3cup..
after 6hours i drank the tea sure will cirit-birit...
actually that work out quite good..
but now i drink also no use d..
maybe cause my stomach use to the tea affect d=="
i also try before doing sport..
now no time for sport d~TT
but college will have 2-3hours per week of co-curiculum activities..
only for 1 sem..==""
aiks~~~!!!so please if anyone out there saw my blog..
please give me some comment~~~
and any good idea to diet in a short time...kie~!?


haix~~~so pity!!!!!
once again class cancel and i came school so early~~~~~~~~~
and end up in CIT again..=="
this time alone...other friend very clever d..
know today langauge class cancel..!!!
i will seldom online..
cause today i officially living at Setapak..
Genting Klang-Sri Pelangi..
don't know should be happy or SAD~!!!
cause i don't want to leave my dearest bed at home~
and i will lose many of my activities at Puchong~!!
first week at here sure no line..
can't online always..
then my dad haven buy me a laptop..
so got line also can't use..==!!
and my timetable have change..
monday,tuesday and friday from early morning got class till 6++pm
wednesday from morning till 12++pm
thursday forgot..only remember got 2 lecture or practical..=="
what kind of life is TIRING~
so BYE-BYe~Blogger,MSN,Facebook and Friendster++++
thats all i can say...*SAD