Friday, June 26, 2009



recently so busy of my assignment and PTPTN stuff..
that why no time update my blog..
sorry my friends..
and Sarah don't come here LC me ar..=P
know you damn free can always update..=="

i will try my best to find a day to update my blog..
my currently doing what thingy~~^^

don't stop viewing n visit my blog..
continue look at my blog..
wait for my updated blog~~OK?

everyone please BECAREFULL of H1N1..
buy mask if can..
prevent H1N1..don't regret when u caught by H1N1..
wish everything will back to normal!!
everyone pray so H1N1 will go away...

Tarcian becarefull...
today i already receive plenty of message about
Tarc got around 5 students infected H1N1 d....
so do anything to keep youself safe..
don't let your family worry bout you
don't wish to see more and more victim of H1N1 dead....TT

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