Monday, June 1, 2009


byeBye my life

after holiday for 6month after my SPM..
i realize the most thing i do on my holidays is eat,sleep and online~!!! [except April]
suck~!!and now i have gain 5KG!! what the ****~~
so sad,don't know how to decrease my weight in a short time~!!
anyone know ar??teacher me please==""
the only way i think before is don't eat..xD
but it won't work..cause i Love to eat..
if don't don't eat,you better take my life away~~!!
i even try before drink digestion tea...every week atleast 3cup..
after 6hours i drank the tea sure will cirit-birit...
actually that work out quite good..
but now i drink also no use d..
maybe cause my stomach use to the tea affect d=="
i also try before doing sport..
now no time for sport d~TT
but college will have 2-3hours per week of co-curiculum activities..
only for 1 sem..==""
aiks~~~!!!so please if anyone out there saw my blog..
please give me some comment~~~
and any good idea to diet in a short time...kie~!?


haix~~~so pity!!!!!
once again class cancel and i came school so early~~~~~~~~~
and end up in CIT again..=="
this time alone...other friend very clever d..
know today langauge class cancel..!!!
i will seldom online..
cause today i officially living at Setapak..
Genting Klang-Sri Pelangi..
don't know should be happy or SAD~!!!
cause i don't want to leave my dearest bed at home~
and i will lose many of my activities at Puchong~!!
first week at here sure no line..
can't online always..
then my dad haven buy me a laptop..
so got line also can't use..==!!
and my timetable have change..
monday,tuesday and friday from early morning got class till 6++pm
wednesday from morning till 12++pm
thursday forgot..only remember got 2 lecture or practical..=="
what kind of life is TIRING~
so BYE-BYe~Blogger,MSN,Facebook and Friendster++++
thats all i can say...*SAD


raine said...

haha.. ting.. i think u can lose weight by having a normal lifestyle.. like eat low-fat breakfast when its the time to eat, eat lunch when its lunch time,
eat dinner when dinner time~
but this only works when u don eat those high calories n fattening food.. for example, ice cream, cakes, fastfood... haha XD

Carolinelzt said...

loL~~now i start living at Setapak d..
1day only eat 2meal..xD
morning and breakfirst/lunch and breakfirst~~
u call me don't eat ice-cream,junk food i will die ga~~!!
don't eat fast easy la..not so in fast food..hahahaha!!!

dxlim said...

y ppl noe class cancel u time muz b smarter la...

Carolinelzt said...

lol~cause i mis-listen jo lo..><"
now clever jo~~ask jo only go^^