Monday, June 29, 2009


Didnt go back~!!


it was so bad lucky on Thursday-25June09- i when to English class
late 30minute!!!
after English class Evon,Jason and Shaun when to my house to finish up our HE assignment..
and end up
miss HE class!!
we met Jane group also miss class because rush HE assignment..

after the HE class we when to ask for replacement class with the next group..
U1 and a broadcast students..and that FEI PO scold us..
and run us out the class..and say don't want to see any assignment..
want to teach her class now!!
STUPID..LCLY!!!hate HER!!!!

then she want us to pass up on Friday~~
but we was busy with our PTPTN thing..
so Jason and Shaun pass it,she reject our work~!!
call us to re-do it..x.x~~

so i did not go back to Puchong this week..==
after PTPTN thing go BADMINTON with..
Fei,Jeff,Kenny,Shaun,Meng and Trista just go see see..==
so shuang~~!!long time did not play badminton d..^^~
after that go yum cha..then go home..
feel so tire~~hu!! after bath..
feel so sleepy wanted to sleep but damn hungry!!
Leon call me go go eat dinner with him..
and chat till
2am!! only go home..
so tire..straight away sleep d..=="



wake up at 12++pm..
receive Leon messages at 11am..ask me go break first..
hahahahha~~i still sleeping..
so terpaksa cook
maggi tambah telur~~~xD

then re-do HE assignment till i think 5pm++
Jeff say go McDonald at night..
excited~~~can eat
ice cream!!^^
wait till 7pm++ Fei haven get home..
force to eat
maggi tambah telur again~~1 day eat 2 bowl of maggi!!
finish maggi do a bit of my homework..wait Fei~~
and receive good news..go McDonald at 12am..huhuhuhuh~

so rush to bath..and they PAK HEI when I'm bathing!!
damn bad..did not wait for me..
i miss very funny moment!!!

then go there Jeff,Kenny and Fei do HE and Shaunn kacau kacau~~xD
1cup of drink..2big packet frech frieds..and a sundae con for ME
sundae cup for Jeff~~!!
uncle lok belanja me ice-cream~
till almost 3am..sleep and tire..go home sleep like pig~~!!



wake up at 12++ almost 1pm..
brush teeth and go prepare to online..
the connection got problem d..x(

don't care..when to down stair buy pork rice~YumMy and TauFuFa~~!!
after finish all..try again my connection..
still can't~TT
so i send Catherine,Shaun,Fei,Kenny,Jeff,KaiXian and Leon
[any1 knw y modem ad plug in n ad connect bt cant on9 msn n open web page]

all reply me except Jeff and Leon..=="
then 3pm+ call Leon he was sleeping..zadao~~!!
he say "after i eat i come help u la.."
so good~!!THANK..

but can't fix..==
we even call to Streamyx use at all!!
waste my phone credit = rm11
so end up we putus asa d..stop making d..
so chit chat at my house awhile..suddenly connected..
YEAH~!!maybe is the streamyx staff refresh my line~~^^

then continue chit chat and he show me some song and funny mail..
also teach me how to use art line pen to hatch+cross hatching~~
till 8pm++ call KaiXian they all go eat dinner~
so go met till 10pm..come home~~
blogging and do add a bit of HE thing again..
cause Monday 3.30pm is


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