Friday, June 12, 2009


lately damn busy~!!

HP Pavilion dv2 Series

this is HP Pavilion dv2 Series...
as you guy know this is a quite new product from HP..
and my dad bought it for Catherine..=(
if quite small,slim and not heavy easy to carry~
this cost RM2k++

my dad say he will buy 1 laptop for me also..
but don't know when..=="
never mind la..laptop not cheap
and i must need a good will be very expensive..
as i say before la..I'm in multimedia design ma..
so i need a quite big screen and at least got 3-4GB laptop..

so I'm temporary using Catherine desktop lo..
but very LAG~!!so need to re-format again..
that desktop maybe to old d..many illness d..
don't know it still can tahan till how long...hahahahah!!!!!!

LOVE volleyball~~!!!
volleball my LIFE~
volleyball court~
human muscle


that day was my first day of volleyball practice in Tarc..^^
so excited..can't wait long to play volleyball
cause it been long time i did not touch volleyball..=)

but it was a big disappointed..!!
cause we did not touch the ball as what
i was joking with Shaun and Trista earlier..=="
very very disappointed..x(
cause when the coach reach..he call all member take a piece of paper and a pen
then sit on the floor..and he started to talk many thing..
history and volleyball knowledge..senior this senior that..
*not need i say out,i think many of you guy know la..

i think he talk history almost 30minute+..
then we thought we can play volleyball d..
*ding dong wake up la..
got so good or not..he call us to run 2round 2court..
then warm up la..!!!warm up almost 15minute+

then rest awhile..5minute later he call us to gather and start asking question..
something like"this is what muscle and what this muscle do..
then what can do what can't will hurt here and there..
just like attending a healthy physical class..
after 15minute talk all this and that..
that he told us to write it down..if all to do a ASSIGNMENT!!
now you guys so curious and asking why volleyball practice got assignment le..
i also wanted to know...if you guys know WHY please tell me!!=="

then after all this thing..
we wait so long and finally finish his old man story..
we though can play some game..MANA TAU~
still not yet..he call us make each roll 6people..
and start to do some exercise..
to stretch we can easy do those volleyball action..
it took us 30minute++ again..
then rest 5minute..after 5minute we go back to the line..
and having some space..and he started to teach normal move of volleyball
in this part i was caught by the coach as a example..
bad example!!cause as a ball player we can't keep long finger nails..
that the he pull me out and start to say why can't why can't so cut it..=="
and end up we all sweat and thirsty like hell!!
without touch the ball==!!go end the training
hate it~~~~~~!!!still got assignment...
but quite refreshing after some energetic!!
cause long time did not sweat so much~~^^


lately I'm so busy~!!!
can't blogging d..cause no time..
always online search for assignment thing..
seriously busy~!!many assignment!!
head going to burst!!HELP me!!

so jealous Sarah so free still can always blogging~~=(
pek-cek~~~!!mang jang~~!!bo song!!!
my study material cost me rm150++
so many thing to buy..and expensive..
i'm going to bankrupt any sponsor!? =="

back to my assignment thing..
i currently receive i think 4 assignment..
1st.MR Chow=Conceptual Design~draw using 4black boxes following the theme.
2nd.PN Nik=Introduction To illustration~draw anything that found in our bag
~draw a hand sign any sign but not 'national sign' xD
~draw any thing that you saw in our house..=="
3rd.PN Ina=Hubungan Etnik~do something bout PLKN folio is essay form
4th.MR i don't know=Volleyball Coach~write a report after every time volleyball practice
~it have a test after 10week practice..==""

and this what have to finish it before week5!!!
how can i finish it in already is week3..x(
this is not the only assignment..
still have English language and introduction to art assignment
lecturer haven told us what to do only..=(
*sad *
SAD *Sad~~~

now i haven take picture of my finish assignment work..
when i finish d..i will take picture and upload^^~
and recently i did not take picture d..
no new picture..very boring..
but please always visit my blog wo..
don't stop visit and read my blog~~xD
when i have time i will blog more and more and more!!



today quite stupid day..
LATE to Hubungan Etnik class cause go CIT to print out assignment thing..
then in class I'm asking left and right,front and back people bout the assignment thing
caught by PN Ina I'm talk..=="
this not serious thing..don't mind~!!^^

7pm++ time to dinner..
wait so long just waiting for this time..cause very hungry d..xD
so go eat at down stair hawker stall restaurant 'Old Place'
cause it just after rain..
so the table at the road side have a tent/big big umbrella..
then i was sitting at the most outside sit..
and enjoying my spicy Pan mee~~
happy happy

suddenly the staff there trying to move the tent away cause rain have stop..
before that the tent actually gather plenty of water on it..
and the staff put the tent and the water all POUR on me!@#$
lucky only pour on my right hand n leg..and part of my was all wet..x(
so damn
EMBARRASSING~!!lucky not pour on my head to toes..
it will be more

then i have
no more mood to finish up my spicy pan mee
and only drink finish my leong cah~~!!
then i go back home to change my wet clothe to a clean clothe...
then fetch Kevin and go TBR to buy some study material again..
got home online till now..
and just now suddenly stomach damn pain~!!
don't know it is food poisoning..TT


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