Saturday, June 6, 2009


LOST a friend like you no BIG deal~go DIE!!

message i send him~~he don't post out my comment!!stupid
force to send in message..cause he delete me from friend list~!!!
not DARE to post out...still childish play delete people!!
the previous message before arguement start~~
previous message and the message i just post~~
i post it on my own friendster page~~~
that S*H** profile~~!!!*so sorry I'm so angry!!can't stop it.......

to SooWaiKit::

you are SH then i think you are...
damn childish,brainless,idiot,irritating and more~~!!
less a friend like you may make my world more peaceful..
actually i did not think to tell you bout this..
bvt you are to over~*fucker!!
do you know many people actually damn hate you..
you can't feel that some people actually just ignore you~!!
just fu hin you~!!some even don't reply your message~!!
i feel pity to you that you have no friends

and always talk nonsense with me..
ass you~!!
and seriously please get your ass mouth
shut up!!
don't simply say people thing to other stranger that you don't know..
or tell people you just met whatever you think of your so call friend are~!!
you may be just joking,but use brain when talk or do something..

i have help you call many SKSM people to yum cha..
they don't want or can't go what can i do!!
waste my money to call all of them,at the end what i got~
scolded by a idiot ass fucker like you!!
ei~MR benefit i do all this..
and you thought me and Sarah very free ar..
to help you think where to yum cha enough lo!!
you want yum cha call me and Sarah plan d tell you place and time..
wei~!!I'm your dog ar!!
even dog have their prize after doing something for their owner!!

please never call me bring you go clubbing or intro girl to you~!!
i already didn't reject you so direct jo..
still don't smart a bit stop asking d...
if i intro you to my friend they sure scold me..cause you are terrible annoying~!!
and for what i bring you go clubbing..
you don't even know my friends~i will no babysit you at there!!

really make me damn want SLAP you!!
still dare say want make it big big ar..face to face tim~go DIE la!!
please la..waste time only~~you think you can make it how big..
then you slow slow plan how to make it big big la..
i wait you~~!!

lastly~lost a friend like you
no big deal!!
and will live more happy without you annoying me~!!
DIE!!SooWaiKit!!i deleting you in my *computer d~!!
no longer in my friends list!!
THANK for leave my life and give me a peaceful life again~!! xD



dxlim said...

i will help u whack him nicely if he dare come to yor life again...

Carolinelzt said...

but how you whack him le..
whack in call or Msn~~xP