Saturday, June 13, 2009


New Friends~~

multi-use bag~Rm32
multi-use bag~RM42
wanted to buy bag~~
so i go check out see any new bag on Queen Closet..
Queen Closet is a internet shop..
go check out..
it quite cheap...not to expensive..
i think some of their bag are reasonable price~~
so i saw this to bag was nice~!!
it was a multi use..
i always wanted to buy a multi-use bag..
and very unique lo~~~
i damn like unique thing..especially BAG,SHOE & CLOTHE...
don't know should buy or not..
im worry that it come different than the picture show..==
i like the RM42 most~~~
really thinking of buying that bag~~^^
should buy or not~~!?tell me please~~~~~
and which better??

50First Date

that day im having lecture at 10am-12pm and another lecture was 5pm-6pm
in between i having 5hours freetime=="
that morning lecture dismiss early..
so i got 5hours++
actually after lecture i plan to go home sleep..
but Trista say she wantes to go Low Yat see computer..
Kevin have plan to go Time Square with CheeseCake-Kek- and other U3 students..
they call me i call Jason go also..
Shaun can't go cause got music class at 2pm..Shaun**Jealous le..!!!
so me,Kek.Kevin & Jason go by Trista car..her boyfriends-Edwin- fetch..^^
reach Time Square bout 12pm..
we go Food & Tea restaurant eat lunch lo..
it was to many people of us..14people not included Trista and Edwin..
we combine 5-6 table till very long..hahah!!
i order a don't what noodle with veg & wantan~quite nice..
and a YinYong cincai..not nice=="i prefer Kim Gary YinYong*nicer la..!!
cause coffee taste to strong~~~~!!
actually quite boring la..~~cause don't know them..^^""
after lunch,all have different suggestion..
this what happen when to many people in a gang=="
some want to go cheongK,some want go shopping..
and some want go watch movie..
then,some decide to go Low Yat don't know do what..
and me,Kek,Kevin & Jason go shopping..
so many thing i wanted to buy~~!!
but i tahan myself not to go ATM!!
so i didn't buy anything on that day~~~=(
so only go window shopping and help Kek in choosing some bag,shoe & clothe..
Kek bought many thing~Kevin bought a very cute bag~~
when i saw he bring to school take a picture and upload..xD
shop till 4pm..go meet up with Trista anf Edwin..
cause want to rush back for the next lecture..
Trista also buy many thing~~~TT**JEALOUS!!!
Jason did not go to the lecture..
cause he rushing back hometown..
so tire d~~sambil copy note sambil fishing..xD
finish lecture go home with Evon by bus..
at Setapak house wait Catherine to fetch me back Puchong..
back Puchong..oline and watch 2 old movie..
50 First Date & Enchanted both movie very nice..^~
**if haven watch should watch~~
make me 6am only sleep~~and wake up at 5pm today~~!!!!


raine said...

i prefer the first pic geh.. nicer than the second one.. hehe

Carolinelzt said...

lol~~ya o..
but i like the first one..
cause very unique~!!special..hahaha
anyway thank for your opinion wo~~
noob raine~~xD