Saturday, June 27, 2009


Old Thingy~~no Time!!!

Jeff~Fei~ -Jeff your pig hand block my Doreamon face d-
Line~`^^ 24June09

recently i was so busy about my homework and assignment~~
so i blog some old old stuff ar..
have recall back what have happen tim....very hard~
mostly people know my memory d la..
a bit short term memory~~~

picture above all is from past Wednesday 24June09..
it was Tarc DML+AMl day!!!
it a day that Bernard have plan to let all DML student meet their AMl senior~^^
it a
multimedia design Time Square watch Transformer~~~!!!
it was excited~so many DML and Aml student at Time Square and Sg Wang..

so that day journey begin from Genting Klang..
cause me n Leon don't know how to go Time Square from Setapak..
so decided to meet at Tarc..
mana tau i go school fetch Shaun suddenly Leon call me and say go Genting Klang Petronas meet=="
so go there about 9.40+am..wait for Ryan..
till 10+++++am..all of us buy some bread,cookie and drink eat break first at Petronas x.x

then start our journey..
reach Time Square..and Ryan find a lorong to park his call=="

so smelly~can't even nafas want die d~~~
so me and Leon decide to find other places..

he also found a parking place..but it was very very small!!!!!!!
so i told them i go Time Square park..
reach Sg Wang i need to make a U turn to go in Time Square basement..
but there only have a traffic ligth can make U turn..
but it not for U turn..
but no choice la..have to~~if not how to go..
so i on right signer while waiting it to turn green...
then it green~when i turn, suddenly from my right side a motor speed up and
BANG! crash to my car!!!
STUPID~!! that malay guy cari mati!!!
then he run away d...TT

he stretch my car
!!!!!STUPID~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I HATE MOTORCYCLE IN MY LIFE!!!!

make me so no mood...
so me,
Evon [mystery lady],
Jason [Dota kaki], Shaun[skeleton guy] and Kevin [funny monkey]
then go Old Town meet
Trista [my pok pok chui],
Jeff [my uncle Lok],Kenny [my Lengzai+ good body], MengZai [blur & nice guy]
Fei [my Doreamon]
and sit there awhile wait them finish their break first and go line up for
so the guys go buy us popcorn..we wait..^^huhuhuhu~~
lady always have benefit!!

while their are buying,i suddenly think they will bought me a coke..that
i DON'T like..
so i when to them told Jeff but don't why..i just can't speak out the word 'COKE'
do you know how i mandarin la.."
wo bu bu bu bu bu bu bu yao coke"==
and the U1 Ryan stand beside me and saw everything..
he follow want i do==" and start to act like me~~

then movie start all of use are separate sit~~
cause it was Bernard plan to make everyone sit with other student..
so we can make new friends....
Transformer 2~~it was
AMAZING anyone that haven watch should watch it..!!
it was so nice...i did not watch Transformer 1..and i don't like it..
but it was
GREAT~~should watch it...don't miss it or you will regret..^^

after movie..everyone was hungry..and nothing do..
so decide to go sing k~~^^
after our lunch we when to Sg Wang sing k~~!!
shuang~~with U3 people..
then after all activities all go home lo....feel so tire!!

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