Saturday, June 20, 2009


Picture~!!^^ [homework & assignment]

Conceptual Design *assignment 1
Introduction of Illustration
draw something for ice breaking~~
with white pen on a black paper only...
rough sketching
hand~didn't bring sketch book..draw on a drawing paper~
re-draw to my sketch book~~^^
toilet~3rd homework!!
straight line draw using different soft pencil..x.x
start to learn drawing with using a weird holding pencil skill~=="
****dislike it!!very much~!!
cause can't even draw a straight line~~
see picture already know it~
forgot what this called as..
i think is called as drawing point~~~^^"
lecturer what us to draw many time so can draw a straight line..==
started the first image~~~shape
hand~draw by using weird hold pencil skill and drawing point..
very hard~!!!!!!
see the drawing so ugly you will know how hard to draw~~~
look like hotdog~~xD
learn shading..using different soft pencil..x.x
butterfly~~use weird hold pencil skill.drawing point
and shading skill...
ugly~~~not so good in this~~~==

lastly is shading 3D shape..not that easy as you see..TT


raine said...

all u draw de oh??very nice lor.. i sure cant draw tat nice... ><
u study wat course liao ar?? why nid draw so many things de??

Carolinelzt said...

lol~really nice or only make me happy d..
multimedia design lo..
all is graphic thing~but multimedia also got relate ma need do lo~~TT