Friday, June 5, 2009


UnLucky Day~!!

today i was so damn unlucky~!!!
i actually wake up very early to get ready to school..
and well prepare to school..
but i late also!!!
cause that stupid lift have miss my floor twice..
make me wait there bout 15minute..
force to take taxi to school~!!!!!

when i reach school..
my hand phone strip broken~*pek-cek
cause I'm rushing out..i forgot to fill my water bottle..
make me bring out a empty bottle..
so i wanted to fill my bottle before i go in lecture hall..
the 2stupid water machine out of water!!!
the nearest water machine is at the next building~~
end up i didn't fill my bottle..and thirsty like hell!!!

but the lecture end 1hours early can go home sleep..
but my friend suggest go watch movie..
so we go MidValley watch Night At Museum 2~~^^
but reach there the movie was selling fast..
when we reach the counter it already full..
so we watch Fighting..not nice~!!shit~

after the movie it already 4 o'clock..
and our next lecture was 5 o'clock~~wish can reach school on time..
but cause Trista mistaken a road that we not very sure how to go back school..
and have a traffic jam at Ampang!!
we reach school at 4.10pm..
just started..*phew~
before we enter the lecture hall i wanted to fill my empty bottle but Kevin say go in first..
so go in~end up didn't fill my bottle again~!!
thirsty and tire!!cause we run to the lecture hall...=="

after lecture i wanted to fill my bottle~again forgot to!!
this time is because Kevin and Jason fault!!
run so fast i want to past them the paper..
so i go out to the gate to find them..but they go back d!!
forgot fill water AGAIN!!*stupid~~

then wait Catherine and her boyfriend to fetch me..
we go MidValley to watch movie..
watch Monster vs Alien,actually we wanted to watch Night At Museum 2..
but full d~~

so whole day only drink 1 cup of water..
and it wasn't plain honey lemon..
when eat lunch with classmate..x(


this afternoon,when Trista mistaken road and pass by Dx house..
it remind me,bout our sweet sweet memory~~^^
then,at night go MidValley watch movie remind me our first date~
when go home pass by the KTM remind me,
i always go there meet you then you bring me to your house...
really many memory~you already go India for 1month+
i still will cry like it just happen yesterday..^^"

so miss you~!!
recently we both seen busy..
and not many chance to chat in MSN..
i not dare to miss call you~scare kacau you study..
and don't want to waste your phone credit..
Saturday and Sunday i will come back Puchong..
i will try online and miss call you d la..*wish you free to online lo*


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