Saturday, July 25, 2009


Another Day~

another week did not go back Puchong~
wanted to do my Conceptual assignment..
but i not sure my group mate will like it or not if i change something~~=="
never mind la..i just have to done something..
so we no need rush..

still have Pn Nik!!exhausted and bores of it..
i think now relax 1st~XD
later start to work!!!!!!!!
now damn boring..
playing Facebook Bejeweled Blitz and eating my Twisties~~YumMy!!

my mood have become better than yesterday~^^~

today damn successful i only drank a cup of choc oat wit milk and 3 banana..
and now a pack of Twisties~~LOL!!

have nothing to do!!!want die jo=="

today weather so hot=="
i wash clothes and just hang awhile it all dry~0.o
so HOT!!

wanted to go down buy thing d..
but the weather make me don't want=="

look like recently many people was infected by Blogger virus~XD
everyone start blogging..
even some people told me "don't want la!!no time write la,i lazy got what so fun, i won't write d la"
but i still saw they are a blogger now..XD


blaze_jason said...

don't eat twinsties to yan yao ngo lar!

Carolinelzt said...

u sot sot dei ge~~
i dont eat twisties i eat other~~