Saturday, July 4, 2009


Cario = Mario sis??

what i wear on that day=="

thursday-2 july 09-

that day so early reach school..XD
9.30am English class but i 9.25am reach outside class d..
my friends ask why i so early..*know i normaly late for english class~kay==*
then 9.30am U3 people finish their class..
that KokKent stupid..say i wear like Mario~~~~!!!
he also give me a name Cario==" as Mario sis
all people start to very funny
like that he also can think of it..ZADAO!!

after English class go eat our lucnh..
and decide to go disscussion room to study our HE before test..^^
so rajin le..~?i know..xD
all very good study~~
Shaun so rajin memories all thing..
Kevin also start writing all HE thing out..
Trista memories and write out without paper..
Jason reading HE note..
me reading and memories..

but kerajinan never happen long in our gang=="
after 15minute study HE..many U3 people come in disscussion room also..
friends le..sure all no concentre in study jo..
start play chat lo..

then Shu Shen and Loong come in with their coursemate to study..
whole disscussion room also friends how to study le..
then we discover something from Kevin..kakakakak!!
very funny situation..but can't tell in here~~sorry guys~=P
make all laugh and play till everything we study also fly away luuu...XD

then time for HE test lo..
but most of us also know how to do la..
but not sure can pass or not la..^^"

after school reach home do some volleyball report..
but feel damn go sleep lo..
thought sleep till 7pm call sis wake me..
cause my parent say want come find us and give us some rambutan^^~
but she did not..make me sleep till 9pm=="
my parent 9pm only reach our house..
go pasar malam eat dinner with parent and little bro..
then fo home sleep lo..


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