Monday, July 27, 2009



recently my nose messy with me again~!!
stupid sensitive nose!!
make me look like everyday FLU~!!people don't know thought i got H1H1

scroll down u can see some picture..
not new picture some Poppy picture which i just got it for KaiXian~=="

me~Choi [don't sleep lo~!!XD]
me~KaiXian [ always show this hand =="]
Kx~me~Leon [ stupid always pinch me~!!]
cacat la~!!==" *UGLY

end of the Poppy picture section~XD

this is some picture of my Conceptual 3d Assignment~~
this actually was after we done our assignment~
presentation form Zhen Yang group~^^
we are waiting for Sharon in car..and take some stupid picture
seriously only me and Trista was
syok sendiri~~other was hiding or ignore us=="

here we go~~officially introduce my Conceptual group mate~
start from top left~~Caroline[me]~Jess~Sharon
below right~~Evon~Trista~ZhuZi
girl group~~go GO Go~
below was our process doing Christmas tree~~XD
spraying the tree~^^
u guys sure feel weird why we spray it blue..
cause my group mate say nothing special bout the green and white tree=="
so choose a blue colour spray~
after spray~hanging it so it can dry faster..
previous look of our Christmas tree~~=="
let Leon see and he PIJAK me 99~!!!
scroll down to see our Christmas tree 80% finish~~LOL

we add many decoration in it~~all was made by us
we added fan, some present~more decoration and colorful tree 'leave'
without flash and with flash~~

^^~end of our Conceptual~Christmas tree~~

wish won't scolded by CHOW~~
the following section is~~
my old Conceptual assignment and homework~~^^
did not get a good marks~!!

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