Friday, July 31, 2009



press the picture to enlarge it~~^^
it stolen from SARAH blog~!!
my babes..
i found it was so interest~so curi and post it in my blog~~
sharing with everyone~

after read it what you guys or girls think?
post some comment la~~


blaze_jason said...

For what I can say, it is totally bullshit.

If the author qrote this for showing laughter, it is not funny at all. If he/she wrote this is for serious case, he/she has a big problem with his/her mind.

the author is look like a she.

ms. sarah said...

Pencuri ~~~~~~

Carolinelzt said...

jason so gek dong~!!
cause ther author have say his weak point!!!

sarah:: i not curi~~just change ma..u take my i take urself

-JF- said...

Bullshit lo, dun write until girl like angel and guy like evil...everyone got their own personality, try not make these thing as General...

Carolinelzt said...

dont so just a post lo..
+not i write d la..
is a forward message ppl send to my friend n i curi d~~XD